Chris Long ejected, but Rams climbing back into it


The Panthers and Rams are playing something more closely resembling a good roller derby at the moment.

Tempers are flaring on both sides, as the Panthers lead 20-12 in the third quarter.

Rams defensive end Chris Long was ejected after a major scrum that began with Panthers left tackle Jordan Gross and Rans defensive end Robert Quinn. Long appeared to throw a punch during the scrum in the middle of the field, after some jawing with with receiver Steve Smith (who was pulling people out of the pile at one point).

On the next possession, the Panthers had to settle for a field goal, when fullback Mike Tolbert was called for a personal foul after being stopped on a third-and-goal at the 1.

When the Rams got the ball back, they didn’t wait to punch back, with a 73-yard completion to Brian Quick setting up Zac Stacy’s 4-yard touchdown catch.

For two teams very much trying to establish identities, the fourth quarter is going to be an interesting one.