Four straight wins for 49ers, who handle Titans


The Titans can’t blame this one on backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick — they were just dominated by a better team.

The 49ers withstood a late rally, but it came well after a 31-17 game was decided.

Frank Gore ran for two touchdowns and Colin Kaepernick had 68 yards rushing, as the 49ers built a big lead early and padded it.

It was their fourth straight win after a 1-2 start, and now they’re headed to London to face the Jaguars, a bye week with frequent flier miles.

Tennessee got quarterback Jake Locker back on the field, after Fitzpatrick made a 3-1 start seem like forever ago in two straight losses.

Locker was out there but clearly bothered by the hip injury that sidelined him, limping noticeably at several points. But he threw a pair of fourth-quarter touchdown passes, giving the Titans reason for some degree of hope.

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  1. 49ers dominated the entire game. They look every bit as good as predicted preseason

    Tennessee continues the streak of teams losing the week after playing Seattle. Probably not that much to the streak, but you’d have to wonder if teams aren’t a little more banged up after playing such a physical team, both offensively and defensively.

    Seattle @ San Fran is going to be an incredible game

  2. Good game Titans, in the end your game plan just didn’t execute.

    NINER FAITHFUL we are 5-2 heading to London to face the defeated Jags. Couldn’t be happier, of course there were a lot of opportunities left on the field but the outcome of the game was never in question.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  3. Going into season I felt Seattle was better then San Fran and it sucked to admit. I feel we are closing the gap and r pretty close to even. By dec 8 assuming no significant injuries for ether side should be a great game.

  4. Logical are you hating on my niners? Really? Chump team? Your Washington ER3’S barely beat a team whos qb name is josh mcnown. This ER3 wannabe nonsense is simply you hating. Who on gods green wants to be ER3? Dont worry about Kap, he will be fine and you can even see him in the playoffs while you and ER3 can watch and discuss whybthe NFL has it out for you guys. By the way, get a defense first then maybe you can talk a little more. Smh

  5. My hat’s off to the 49ers. They played well in all facets of the game. Kap was impressive both in and out of the pocket. Dude’s for real.

    As a Titans fan, I couldn’t be prouder of Jake Locker. He’s old school: heart trumps pain.

  6. Makes me laugh how all these ER3 worshippers say everyone is trying to be like ER3. Why? Because Kap is athletic and can run? Or is it because he runs the read option? Newsflash, ER3 didn’t invent the read option or the pistol, if anything Kap was rumning it with the man that created it himself. Stop the hate, he doesn’t need to be ER3 because he’s Kap and that’s just fine with us.

  7. Any surprise the first two comments on a 49ers thread are Seahawks trolls?

    The inferiority complex runs deep up there in the land of no championships. Except for the Sonics of course…

    oh wait

  8. Great game by the Niners. I like to see Hawk fans showing respect in here and not the usual trash both sides throw at each other. Can’t wait until they meet again. Should be a great game.

  9. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 20, 2013 7:45 PM
    Chump team. RGIII Wannabe QB. #YouwillloseinNovember



    Go back to your psyche ward ‘illogic’ ….

  10. Teams are now 0-7 after playing the Seahawks. Not a coincidence. They are getting up for playing the Hawks, getting beat up, and then crashing the next week. Including the Niners. But don’t let reality bother you, SF. Next week after you beat the Jags, let’s hear some more about how great your team is.

    Slight reminder: 29-3.

    Not that close.

  11. logicalvoicesays says: Oct 20, 2013 7:45 PM

    Chump team. RGIII Wannabe QB. #YouwillloseinNovember


    Redskins are 2-4. Who in the world would want to be RG_III_and_out with a gimpy knee?

  12. @ jvseahawk

    Ok, how about Seattle struggling against teams in the first half against teams then having a “performance enhancing” second half? Hubris will catch up to you chumps.

  13. How about a verbal truce until we play again. Both the Hawks and Niners, along with the Saints are the class of the NFC.

    As a huge Niners fan, we must beat the Hawks at home because the odds will be against us in January in Hawkattle.

    We can only afford to lose one more game this season. I see the hawks only losing 2 games (Saints and Niners on the road). My guess is that we will have the same conference records, so we better start running up the scores.

    Go Niners

  14. jvseahawk says:
    Oct 20, 2013 8:35 PM


    Get on board the “give it a rest train”…….the train stops Dec. 8th. I think we all can agree it’ll be a heck of game.

  15. Anyone else have Kaepernick, Gore and the S.F. Def/ST on their fantasy roster? Yeah, I did!

    Kaepernick – 19 points
    Frank Gore – 22 points
    Def/ST – 14 points

    BOOM! Great day to be a 49er Faithful!

  16. Struggling in the first half. Blah, blah, blah. What happens is teams are getting up to play the Hawks and the Seahawks are having to weather the storm until their talent and superiority shows through. Even without our starting tackles, Bruce Irvin, and Percy Harvin, we’re one fluke blocked kick from perfection.

    Meanwhile, two times the Niners have feasted on teams we’ve pretty much broken.

    Enjoy our scraps. In December, yes, it’ll be time for another reality check for you guys.

    As for letting it rest, no thanks. If you had won 29-3, all we Hawks fans would hear is your boasting. Hell, we hear it now even with the beat down.

  17. Struggling to remember the last time the Seahawks won at the stick though I’m sure some of you remember it well. It’s also next to impossible to beat the same team three times in a row so I think sf will be favored and likely win dec 8. Though all that really matters is who wins last

  18. Teams are now 0-7 after playing the Seahawks. Not a coincidence

    You’re right, it’s no coincidence, it’s PED’s

  19. @jvseahawk

    A little smack talk is cool, but the way you talk about football and act on this message board is amateur. Do you teams get up to play the Seahawks? Definitely. But teams also get up to play against him Harbaugh and a team that went to the super bowl last year.

    As for your one blocked kick away from perfection line; again amateur. I guess you dont count DeAngelo Williams’ fumble inside the 15 and Matt Schuab’s awful pass in that perfection toss do you?

  20. Hope Jake didn’t do further damage playing this game. Titans are headed in the right direction. Solid W but can we seriously get rid of Kyle Williams now? He is garbage

  21. “also get up to play against him Harbaugh and a team”

    Talk about amateur. Try taking the marbles out of your mouth before you talk about who’s a professional.

    The fact is the Seahawks made the plays that won them those games. I didn’t say that Indy didn’t. They did but, it was still only one play from a win for the Hawks. Unlike when SF played in Seattle– or when that same Indy team rolled you Niners at the Dipstick.

  22. Funny how you turd Hawk fans don’t recognize how close you came to losing a couple road games due to a fumble and a horrendous pick six. It goes both ways you perennial losers. I retract my previous post.

  23. Again, those plays didn’t just happen. Someone made them happen– in both cases, Richard Sherman.

    Most times fortune favors the strong.

    Close to losing is still better, though, than 29-3.

  24. msclemons67 says:
    Oct 20, 2013 8:22 PM
    Any surprise the first two comments on a 49ers thread are Seahawks trolls?
    Just a Seahawks fan who appreciates good football ms. I wouldn’t read too much into it!

  25. all five years SF won the Super Bowl there was a blow out loss to someone, in fact almost every team that has won it all has had a bad loss. Enjoy your meaningless 29-3 win. Obviously the highlight of your franchise. Maybe take a pic of the final score and put it in your empty trophy case. lol some of you crack me up.

  26. jvseahawk says: Oct 20, 2013 9:51 PM

    Struggling in the first half. Blah, blah, blah. What happens is teams are getting up to play the Hawks and the Seahawks are having to weather the storm until their talent and superiority shows through. Even without our starting tackles, Bruce Irvin, and Percy Harvin, we’re one fluke blocked kick from perfection.


    Actually, your one Schaub bonehead play from being 5-2. See how that works?

  27. Speaking of scraps, who did the pedhawks just beat on Thursday night? Who did the Cardinals play the weekend before that? jvseahawk?? This is a for you. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for your answer.

  28. I still find it funny when I look for a Niner Tshirts they have quest for 6 and then when I happen upon the pedhawks section, the shirts say quest for 1.

  29. Who’s got it better than us??? Well, the Seahawks do, they’re up a game on you, and they’ll have Harvin when they visit you on December 8.. Don’t worry, we’ll represent the NFC properly in the Super Bowl while the 49ers are watching from their couches.

  30. It’s very unlikely the Hawks needed help from the Niners. The Hawks were never blown out two games in a row.

    Hey, it’s all good until Old Man Gore breaks down at he end of the season because he has to run the ball so often to make up for the fact your QB can’t really hold his own.

  31. I dont know why the fans of both these teams get into such lame arguments. They are both great teams who have a combines FIVE Super Bowl wins….

    Yeah the hawks have never been blown out twice in a row when there overall record is below 500

  32. I liked a lot of what I saw this Sunday.
    Kap seems to be throwing it with a bit more confidence than earlier in the season and I think he has t get some credit for it.
    Not taking anything away from Boldin or Davis, because they are both doing everything they can to help out and perform great when called upon. But this is where it stops with receiving positions giving any help to Kap.
    Still, this was a team that was clearly affected by playing Seattle the week before, and the Niners almost let them get back into it. I’m glad defensive players noticed it and I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again, because the offense couldn’t get anything going in the 4th.
    There’s a huge difference in how this team is playing as a whole when it is hungry as opposed to when it’s not. And I like the hungry look a million times more!

  33. @jvseahawk- If your team ever wins anything meaningful then you can come back and talk with the grown ups. The only thing you have to brag about in your entire pathic existence is beating the 9ers twice? Is that it? So we should say you’ve already won your superbowl? If it gives you pride to say you beat up on the team that actually went to the superbowl, by all means live it up guy.

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