Harvin on track to return to practice this week


The Seahawks had an unexpected wrench thrown into their plans for 2013 in August, when receiver Percy Harvin unexpectedly needed hip surgery.

He landed on the physically unable to perform list, and he has yet to return to practice.

This week, as Jay Glazer of FOX has reported, Harvin will.

One he returns to practice, the Seahawks have three weeks to add him to the active roster or shut him down for the season.  He can be added to the 53-man roster even if he’s not ready to play.

We’ve heard that, once he’s ready to play, the Seahawks will use him.  He’s regarded as a game-changer for a team that already has won six of seven games, it’s best start in franchise history.

Chances are he at minimum has circled November 17, when the Vikings come to town.

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  1. Most Viking fans have been claiming they stole from Seattle in getting a late first round pick and 3rd round next year for Percy Harvin. I look forward to seeing how they feel after Harvin playd them here in Seattle.

    The guy is definition of game changer and Wilson and his teammates love the guy. The fan in me wants to see him in Rams game but if it takes another few weeks I know Hawks are good enough to keep rolling.

  2. Headline: Harvin on track to begin practice.
    Translation: Harvin to get injured right when Seahawks need him.

  3. The first major barometer for the Hawks will be on the Monday night game against the Saints. That will be in the …comfortable..confines of The Clink.

    The week after that will be in the somewhat less comfortable environment at Candlestick. That may be the deciding game for who wins the NFC West.

    Total homer that I am, I pick the Seahawks to win them both, of course. The return of Okung, Giacomini and Harvin would make that much, much easier, needless to say.

    Go Hawks.

  4. We liked Harvin in Minnesota, but if the guy wanted out, who cares anymore. There’s nothing more for anybody to prove here. Seattle got a good player and we got good draft picks. They don’t play forever!

  5. thebirdofprey2 says: Oct 20, 2013 12:50 PM

    Most Viking fans have been claiming they stole from Seattle in getting a late first round pick and 3rd round next year for Percy Harvin. I look forward to seeing how they feel after Harvin playd them here in Seattle.


    I look forward to how Seattle fans will feel after a full season with his toxic Me-first attitude.
    Dude is a locker room cancer.

  6. So how much time did you personally spend with him in the locker room, Allday?

    At any rate, the locker room of a team that is engaged in a legit run at theBig Enchilada may make it a little easier for him. Maybe he’ll be less cancerous.

    If not, he’ll be traded and replaced with someone more team oriented. Personally, I think he’ll be happy to be part of a team that has a shot at the playoffs every year for the foreseeable future. And maybe a couple of large enchiladas, if we’re lucky AND good.

  7. Only a matter of time before “Mr. Me First” Percy Harvin creates some kind of selfishly driven behind the scenes controversy in Seattle as he’s done everywhere he’s ever played football. Have fun with that, Seahawks fans. Oh, and guaranteed he’ll wake up with a headache on the morning of 11/17 that keeps him out of action. Watch.

  8. Back to the Viking fans


    There has been zero “me first” attitude. I said the players and coaches love him. He was here building a relationship with Wilson from day one since the trade. When his hip was injured all the WR’s/ DB’s had nothing but great things to say about him and wanted him to healthy.

    If you were good fans following your players, you would know his migraines came from sleep apnea which he has been treated for and that’s no longer a problem.

    He had a problem because he though Christan Ponder was a bad starting QB which he said behind closed doors to management. Looks like your GM/coach and owner are all on that same boat now.

  9. I’m a die hard Viking fan. I can tell the Seattle fans that you got a better deal then we did. Percy is a game changer, period. We still haven’t received the level of performance he brings individually than all (3) first round draft picks we acquired. Xavier Rhodes has been good though.

    There is no doubt, that Seattle got the better end of the deal. However, Percy did not want to be here any longer. The Vikings front office had to make this decision and receive something in return vs. him just walking away from us @EOTY and getting nothing.

    Seattle got a great deal for him. We (Vikings) will watch Seattle/Percy in the playoffs and say “he once played for us”.

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