Jets, Patriots head to overtime

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Rob Ryan couldn’t stop Tom Brady from getting a touchdown at the end of the fourth quarter last week, but his twin brother got the job done this week.

The Patriots kicked a 44-yard field goal to tie the game at 27 with 16 seconds to play to send the game to overtime. The Patriots got the ball with 2:10 to play on their own 8-yard line and drove the ball well before stalling after three incompletions. Rob Gronkowski nearly made a remarkable one-handed catch on one of those throws, but couldn’t reel it in and the Jets defense gave Geno Smith a chance to live another day.

The Jets grabbed a 27-21 lead in the third quarter behind an overwhelming defensive performance and two sparkling runs by Smith. Brady has had a rough day, but was able to move the Pats, who are 1-of-11 on third downs, for two field goals in the fourth to finally get the team on the board in the second half.

That means extra football on what’s been an exciting afternoon in New Jersey.

27 responses to “Jets, Patriots head to overtime

  1. Such Collossal Bull****!!!

    That offensive pass interference call on Hill was the worst!!!

    We won this game in regulation!!!

    Shouldn’t be going into overtime!!!!!!!

    Refs kept Patriots in game!!! Must have been a fan…

  2. Refs just directly impacted the results of a game. This has got to be one of the worst seasons I’ve seen for officiating dictating the outcome of a game…and I loathe the Patriots…Loathe!

  3. Once again illustrates that the Pats BIG problem is that Brady has nobody to throw to, and no running game. This is going to hurt them more and more as the season goes on.

    But it still took a total BS call for the Jests to win in OT.

  4. meatsweat says:
    Oct 20, 2013 4:29 PM
    Refs stole it
    Keep on eating that sweaty meat.
    Ah hahahaha

  5. Rob Ryan Rob Ryan hes our man , if he can’t do REX RYAN CAN !!!! (sung by hot cheerleaders)


  6. Wow. I really don’t like the pats, but that personal could on the field goal miss by Folk was reminiscent of the replacement refs. Actually, it was a lot worse. Unbelievable. This game is getting unbearable with all these new BS safety rules. Those officials should be fired.

  7. Absent the call, I thought the Jets played well and the Patriots had a good effort despite their injuries. The Pats offensive line let them down and Brady and his receivers are just not on the same page.

  8. Wow even Dan Dierdorf couldn’t believe that lame duck call in overtime, another reason why the NFL just gets worse and worse every year with new BS penalties that affect the outcome of big division games. Highly unfortunate that a great game was decided by a softy call.

  9. The call was correct according to Mike Pereira. With that being said, if that call went against the Jets I would have lost it.

    Pats fan, you got away with a hold on the last play of the Saints game. The picture is out there. You got a call your way last week and against you this week.

  10. billybenoitlsu says:
    Oct 20, 2013 4:50 PM
    Now the Pats know how the Saints feel from last week regarding the refs…
    Why? Because last week one out of 30 bad or none calls went our way?.

    Aints fans are the biggest crybabies.
    This call was ridiculous. The entire game, as with all games this year, both sides were pusshing on their own players to push the ball carrier one way or another. Yet, the refs choose This play to call it?
    Goodell always favors NY teams in games. Just another crooked rich man.

  11. Whatever Wolfman …Go re-watch the game son.
    Don’t get mad cause the calls didn’t go your way this week. Go watch the film and see if that last play was BS play aginst the Saints. Karma sucks huh ??
    BTW, regarding Goodell favoring teams ????
    Saints got stiffed lastyear with NO evidence of a bounty and Belichick gets caught with a camera and only has to pay 500.000 dollars as a penalty…
    Dude, You know I’m right and your wrong .I don’t care If Saints go to Super Bowl I pray it’s aginst the Pats……

  12. that’s the kind of situation that would tend to cost the jets a game, not help them to a win.
    that said i gotta give kudos to the pats for even making this a game. given their injury situation, the jets shoulda crushed them and didn’t. this is a low expectations season for the jets, so jets fans are not surprised they’re doing a little better than expected. young players are stepping up which is great.
    but they just squeaked out a win against a team without their two d tackles, their middle linebacker and best corner. brady didn’t have a great day and went down a few times but many times had a lot of time to throw and their running game did better than most against the jets now awesome d line.
    a win’s a win but that was weak. jet fans don’t get too excited.

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