Meriweather could be in line for a suspension


Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather missed 15 games last year due to injury.  He could be missing at least one this year due to suspension.

Last month, a violation of the rule regarding use of the crown of the helmet against Packers running back Eddie Lacy resulted in a $42,000 fine.  This time around, a pair of illegal hits against Bears receivers could get Meriweather a much stiffer penalty.

The first came in the third quarter against Alshon Jeffrey, with Meriweather putting a helmet to Jeffrey’s chest/chin.  The next came in the fourth quarter, with Meriweather launching at Brandon Marshall and hitting him in the head with a forearm.

The decision on Meriweather will be made initially by Merton Hanks, subject to internal confirmation and then appeal to Matt Birk or Ted Cottrell.  If Hanks believed he needed to get the attention of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, Hanks definitely should conclude that he needs to get the attention of Meriweather, especially in light of Meriweather’s Week Two fine.

The broader question will be whether the league office is willing to risk another suspension overturned on appeal, like the scuttled suspension of safety Dashon Goldson.  While Birk and Cottrell are technically independent, the announcement of a suspension on a Monday followed by a reversal on a Wednesday creates the impression that the NFL is wishy-washy, given that most fans presume the league has full control over the process.

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  1. We’ll be fine. This is Brandon’s last season here in DC anyways. We have a great front office and coaching staff and we’ll be fine. We know football, we know talent. #HTTR

  2. I hate that safeties can’t be physical anylonger. They’re the last line of defense and they’re supposed to intimdate recievers coming over the middle of the field. Leave his paycheck alone and let the guy play.

  3. How many players have been injured by Suh this year? 0. And how much has he been fined? Like 200K? Meriwether has been racking up concussions his whole career and nobody says anything. Player Safety? Yeah right.

  4. This dude has been leading with the helmet his entire career. He won’t change. So what will the league do? Give him another fine. Makes sense

  5. I’m a Redskins’ fan and even I think the guy is out of control… There was no reason for him to launch himself out and up like he did. I don’t like the direction the NFL’s rules are going, but Meriweather’s “play” style is indefensible.

    Good win Redskins, but Meriweather has got to go.

  6. How is Meriweather even playing in this league? Cheap violent hits are his M.O., he’s done this his entire career (including when he played for Chicago).

  7. Oh *no*, he hit a guy’s chest with his helmet?!

    Be honest PFT, defense is being outlawed in Roger Goodell’s league of no D. Almost a hundred points got scored in that game!

    Remember when 28-24 was a shootout?

  8. And why do you need to qualify it by saying “Even as a Redskins fan”, what? You admit to erstwhile turning a blind eye to obvious things such as Meriweather being the second coming of Rodney Harrison, and have to tell us that this one time you agree that stated facts about your team (including Bob being overrated) are true?

  9. Well one thing is certain. He’s going to get fined, because we know irregardless if it’s a penalty or a late hit, old turkey neck hanks feels he needs to send a message, and show the players he’s in charge.

  10. The Pats got rid of him for just this reason. Too many stupid and obstinate penalties.

    He is more concerned with making the big hit to get on the bspn highlights than winning the game. Doesn’t care what penalties he gets. He was penalized and I believe also fined for launching more than once as a Pat so he damn well knows that’s an illegal hit.

  11. “Folks, we would like to announce that Brandon Meriweather is today’s General Hospital Critical Brain Injury Unit Player Of The Game!”

  12. harrisonhits2 says:
    Oct 20, 2013 5:46 PM
    The Pats got rid of him for just this reason. Too many stupid and obstinate penalties.
    Yup. I was so glad to see BB trade him for a broken shoelase. Too many game changing penalties and missed tackles.

  13. Mr. Wright 212 says: Oct 20, 2013 5:03 PM

    aoc57 says: Oct 20, 2013 4:39 PM

    Nothing about how good RG3 looks in a W h

    Because the Bears lost more than the Skins won.


    Whatever you need to tell yourself buddy.

  14. I am not losing sleep over the Giants. You don’t get to complain two years after winning a title.

    So as I said, you fools act like being a fan of a team precludes you from acknowledging foul play. As if you couldn’t simply state that it was another bad play by Meriweather, whether you are a Skins fan or not.

  15. If the guy can’t learn how to land a hard hit in a clear fashion, he needs to sit down. His penalties are costing us games. It’s getting old.

  16. In replay, 15 was sinking/ducking and 31 launched, can’t really say it was completely on purpose. All of you need to move out of your parents basements as soon as possible, get jobs, and find a girl.

  17. He should be in line for suspension.

    More of the players should be. Leading with your head is stupid way to play. Forget about the damage that you can do to others, you can really hurt yourself as well.

    Merriweather knocked himself out of a game earlier this year.

    Does anyone remember Dennis Bryd?

  18. Mr. Wright….. go take a freaking nap! The reason people are qualifying their comments is because they want it known that even the team’s fans don’t care for him. And your opinion about RG3 is, indeed, not a fact…

  19. I’m a Redskins fan and this guy needs to be BANNED from football. He is a dirty player and has no place in the NFL – him and Suh and Dirt Mathews should be banned as well. If you want to cleanup the NFL, start with the dirtbags named and then maybe even some of the pittsburgh rusty girlfriend beaters might wise up.

  20. I am no fan of Suh, Schwartz, or most of the Lions, but as much noise that’s made about Suh, Meriweather is worse. He did it in New England, he did it in Chicago, he’s doing it in DC.

    He’s not unlike the NHL’s Raffi Torres. Like Torres, if you line up BM’s greatest hits, they’re all very similar. He’s made no attempts to change the way he plays, so he shouldn’t be allowed in the league.

    If the league really is all about player safety like it says it is (I’m inclined to believe it’s lip service for CYA), Brandon Meriweather is Candidate #1 for a lifetime ban.

  21. Merriweather is a contact hitter and that’s what his position is for and he does it well if taylor was here teams wouldn’t throw down the middle fine if you want those hits werent that dirty I’ve seen worse.

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