Peyton hopes to have a chance to show his appreciation to Indy

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In most weeks, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning obsesses over his focus on the football game to be played.  This week is as different as any week of Peyton’s career ever had been, and he realizes that.

“I hope in the game that I can have a moment there to show how appreciative I am of the support that I had when I was playing here [in Indianapolis],” Manning tells NBC’s Bob Costas in an interview to be broadcast during Football Night in America (7:00 p.m. ET).  “It’s a great place to play football, great fans.  It’d be so much easier though if all you had to do was come out and wave and smile, but unfortunately, I’ve got to figure out how to dodge Robert Mathis all night and try complete a few passes.”

It’s still clear that, if Peyton had his way, he’d never have to dodge Mathis — unless Mathis ended up playing for another team.  (Which likely would have happened if the Colts hadn’t dumped Peyton.)

It’s also clear that the Colts will ensure that fans have a full chance to show their appreciation for Manning.  Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via SportsBusiness Daily) Colts employees “actually did a lot of game planning,” looking at “how other athletes have come back to other cities and the one comeback that it focused in on was Wayne Gretzky’s return to Edmonton.”

As Gretzky told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, Gretzky got a four-minute ovation in Edmonton, 25 years ago last night.

“The Colts wanted to see how to handle that tonight and they’re going to let that ovation go on and on,” Schefter said.

It likely won’t be as long as the Week One weather delay in Denver, but it could be long enough to distract Manning and disrupt his meticulous pre-game planning.

It’s hard to think that even the guy who’s only happy unless he’s unhappy about something would be unhappy about that.

7 responses to “Peyton hopes to have a chance to show his appreciation to Indy

  1. Once Denver hits 50 points and Manning is pulled from the game because it is so out of hand, they can cheer and cheer and cheer. Hopefully Irsay doesn’t retreat from the camera’s lens at that point.

  2. Bronco super fan here.. but all you people claiming this is gonna be a blow out are crazy. Have you not seen how pathetic Denver’s secondary is? And they haven’t even faced a talent as big as Luck yet.’
    Manning better score 50, because if he doesnt, the Colts win.

  3. enough of the colts dumped peyton b.s.! what were they supposed to do? pay him another 20 million dollars for not playing? they did not know if he would be able to play again plus even if had stayed they could not have afforded to sign anybody else with the money he was owed. did not see him volunteer to take a pay cut to stay did you? he signed for the same amount he would have made with the colts so let’s not make it seem like he took a cut to play foe a contender. if he had stayed with the colts maybe they finish .500 last season. stop trying to make Irsay look like the bad guy here it worked out well for both of them. and what did he say that was so insulting and controversial? that he rather would have had more superbowl trophies than records? yeah real stupid to say that winning trumps records. he merely pointed out the facts, he paid his stars big money and got 1 trophy. he wants more what a horrible person.

  4. anybody who cheers when he throws a td pass should be beaten up by real colts fans! he is a nice guy and a great qb but he plays for denver now not indy! save the applause for the pre game not for what he does against your team.

  5. Colts fan first, Peyton fan second.

    Also, Irsay may be a drunk, but I think it was useful that he put himself into the center of the drama this week. By doing so, he kept the media off Andrew Luck. Without the media bouncing back and forth between Irsay, Fox, Polian, and Steve Young… they may have actually had time to hype the fact that this is one of the bigger games in Luck’s career.

    He gets to be the spectator up until game time.

  6. Well Peyton did not beat the Colts. The ovations and signs and emotions distracted him. He got emotional when he first got there and all the fans and signs focused on him.

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