Players proposed rule prohibiting pushing of teammates during field goal tries

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So where did the rule come from prohibiting defensive players from pushing teammates on the line of scrimmage during field goal attempts?

Per a league source, players proposed the change during the annual February meeting with the Competition Committee to identify possible rule changes.  Specifically, Redskins center Will Montgomery brought with him video examples of situations in which players were being pushed along the line during field goal attempts, causing possible injury.

The Competition Committee listened, became persuaded, and recommended the rule change.  The owners voted in March to adopt it.

The source, who confirmed that it was the right call, also explained that Patriots coach Bill Belichick should not have been under the impression that only pushing from the second level was prohibited.  As it was explained during visits to every team before the season, any pushing of players on the line of scrimmage — including pushing from other players on the line of scrimmage — constitutes a violation.

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  1. Also another way to screw up that play is you can be like Stephen Tulloch and not rush the middle to go for a block on a game winning FG because you want to stay home just in case it’s a fake. Looked like that was the spot where we needed the rush the most, right where Tulloch could have been.

  2. I’ve never had a problem with pushing in the second level. It’s when you get to level 7 that it really becomes an issue

  3. I love how every time the Patriots lose, commenters make it seems like it’s the end of the world; and suddenly the spy gate stuff finally has some relevancy. If that was a call on the Jets, you people would be all over the Pats and how “Goodell loves the Patriots” shut it up, haters.

  4. Yeah but I think what Belichick is getting at is that when a rule is enforced that doesn’t work out in his favor, he doesn’t like it. Those kind of obscure rules shouldn’t apply to him when the game is on the line in overtime. He likes the phantom calls against the other team. Where were those?

  5. It feels good to watch BB squirm. Maybe he can offer some of his own footage of the play if it shows something else.

  6. Can we be honest?

    Most fans are mad because they didn’t know the rule.

    Yes, it’s a lousy thing to change a game’s outcome, but teams were apprised of the rule before the season, and the ref called it correctly.

  7. What I don’t understand is Jones looked like he was stunting to a gap that was supposed to be cleared by the guy next to him. The Jets did a good job of not allowing that space to be totally cleared. At that point, what was Jones supposed to do, just stop playing or try to get between the Pats players, which is what it looked like he was doing.

    With the way field goal defense tries to collapse the line, doesn’t this happen on just about every single field goal try.

  8. Pretty fishy that Bill didn’t instruct his special teams coach to teach ST players about this rule after getting a memo AND a visit from the league.

    The Butt Bumble will live on for a while.

  9. nyyjetsknicks says: Oct 20, 2013 6:23 PM

    Pats fans: It’s called the tuck rule! Look it up. It’s in the rule book for a reason!

    Pats fans: Today’s call was the worse call ever!


    Pats fans generally know the difference between “worse” and “worst”.

    Massachusetts has a pretty good educational system.

  10. The right call…sorry Patsies…you losers weren’t complaining last week when the Saints were being cheated that benefitted you….which were legitimately bad or non calls….jets, jest, jets….love it….

    Karma and The Who Dat Nation

  11. So when trying to block a field goal if someone is in your way you must stop playing. That makes perfect sense. Anyone else but the jets and us be upset but the joke is always on them. Even today they are still the jets that was their Super Bowl.

  12. Anyone that doesnt think that the Pats coach that play in practice and were aware that it is an infraction is beyond naive. it’s a shame that Jones had to fall on the sword for something that he was coached to do. “It was my mistake and nobody else’s. I just have to man up to it and fix it next time.” Come on smh. That statement screams that he was instructed to do it on the sidelines right before the play.

  13. As a Pats fan I am quite happy to say this call had absolutely nothing to do with who won or lost this game.

    The Pats had several chances to score additional points up to and including their last field goal instead of TD that they failed to take advantage of.

    That’s why they lost, period. That and the Jets played well this week.

  14. Interesting thing is:
    The first time the tuck rule was called, it was early in that 2001 season. It was called against the Pats and guess who they were playing.

    Yup, the jests.

  15. The push on the play in question was designed. It was either another attempt of shadiness or simply another case where BB simply was not aware of the rule.

  16. Interesting thing is: The first time the tuck rule was called, it was early in that 2001 season. It was called against the Pats and guess who they were playing.
    Yup, the jests.


    Umm…okay…so there’s just NO standards for accuracy around here, eh?

  17. Good to see you guys were at the practices and on the sidelines to know this play was designed and called. With insight like that into one if the most secretive franchises how are you guys not reporting for Espn instead of posting for free

  18. hahaha New England fans are so dumb. Cant even spell JETS. They should rename them the Dirtbikes. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  19. A Sports website in Boston is reporting that the NFL changed the wording of the rule on their website AFTER the game. The website says they have the proof. WOW!

  20. Anyone who watches that play, sees he moves immediately to his right, puts both hands on the lineman in front of him, and starts pushing. It was a designed play, or it was something jones had done in college, because it wasn’t a stunt. Also it kills me how all of these fans are wondering why hasn’t it been called before? Perhaps the other teams coaches simply did a better job of identifying the rule to their teams than BB did with his? I’m sure the nerds at the networks are scouring game film right now to try and find a play where another team has done this? But unless they can show another team doing this, it’s all just hot air complaining that this is first time a teams been caught doing it. I have no evidence to prove no other team has done this, and you have no evidence it has happened. And please stop referring to running backs and linemen shoving, this rule relates to kicks only.

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