Shanahan prepares to face a couple of his draft picks

Getty Images

When the Redskins host the Bears on Sunday, coach Mike Shanahan will be trying to stop a couple of players he knows well.

In 2006, Shanahan drafted quarterback Jay Cutler in round one, and receiver Brandon Marshall in round four.

From the very first practice of Marshall’s career, he didn’t look like a fourth-round pick.

“Champ Bailey came up to me after the first minicamp we had and he said, ‘What did this guy do?  How come he lasted to the fourth round?’  That was after the first day of one-on-one,” Shanahan said this week, via the Washington Post.  “[Bailey] said, ‘He had to have done something bad, because there’s no way this guy could last until the fourth round.’  So that’s what our players thought about Brandon the first time they had one-on-one.”

Marshall, whose play tends to rise to actual or perceived occasions, could be determined to show Shanahan that Marshall still has what he had when Shanahan drafted him.

“You’ve got to play well as a group because not one guy is going to shut Brandon Marshall down,” Shanahan said.  “One guy is not going to shut down Cutler.  As a group we have to play like we did against Dallas or maybe even a little bit better.”

We’d vote for a little better, given the outcome of that game.  And three of the other four.