Terrell Suggs: We’re at a state of emergency


The Ravens have lost three of their last four games and stand at 3-4 heading into their bye week, a state of affairs that is not being met with a shrug of the shoulders by linebacker Terrell Suggs.

Suggs deemed himself “very concerned” with the team’s play over the last few weeks and called the bye week “time for all of us to take a good look at ourselves.” Suggs wouldn’t get into specifics beyond making it clear that every phase of the game needs work for Baltimore to get back on the winning side.

“That’s definitely something in-house,” Suggs said, via Clifton Brown of CSNBaltimore.com “I’m not going to give something out for my opponents to say, ‘Let’s see if they correct it.’ We know what we gotta fix — special teams, offense, defense. We’re at a state of emergency now.”

Sunday’s game was the fourth straight Ravens game decided by a field goal or less and many of the reasons the Ravens have lost three of those games were on display against Pittsburgh. The offense couldn’t make plays to keep drives alive, leading to punts or field goals instead of touchdowns. The defense didn’t give up touchdowns, but they weren’t able to stop the run or get off the field on third downs.

Those aren’t traits that lead to good things, which is why Suggs is sounding an alarm in Baltimore.

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  1. The Ravens were sooooooo lucky that Rahim Moore made about a dozen and half mental and physical mistakes on their hail mary play – or they’d have been relegated to fart-in-the-wind status.

    It also didn’t hurt the Ravens that they got a pick-6 against Denver on an atrocious no-call mug job that everyone but the zebras saw.

  2. As a steeler fan I have to say that was a great game. I’m not going to say my team was way better because they were not. All in all great hard fought game and we will see you guys again in a few weeks

  3. @pittsburghfan71 says: Oct 20, 2013 10:32 PM

    “As a steeler fan I have to say…”

    Are you sure you’re a Steeler fan? You spelled everything right, and didn’t refer to the seventies?

  4. 3 of our 4 losses were by 3 points or less. Also take into account how poorly we played and coached both last week and this week and still had chances to win. If the Steelers are feeling good at 2-4, with a tough schedule ahead of them, why should we be worried at 3-4 with some easy to mediocre opponents coming up?

    I’m not panicking… We’re still the Ravens, we have a culture of winning, we’ll get it done.

  5. I am upset that the Ravens lost. On the bright side, though, at least the couple of trolls who like to make fun of the Redskins at every opportunity are being quiet now.

  6. I’d be concerned too if I loss to a “Basement Dweller” (The term ravens fans love to use) for the 2nd time in a row. See you again on Thanksgiving

  7. they are what the last 4 games? uh oh let me cue it like the ratbird fans did about the steelers…knock knock….whos there? owen. owen who? 0-4….there see how stupid you ratbird fans sounded??? time to panic ratbirds. I love your “state of emergency” this year you will be on the couch watching the steelers in the playoffs! Enjoy!!! hahahahha

  8. Suggs is right. Defending Super Bowl teams usually have complacency issues the next season. Add the fact that each team marks the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS on their calendars, there are no easy games for them.

    There are some glaring issues that the Ravens have to address. And, sorry Suggs, they aren’t secrets. Most notably, the lines on both sides of the ball have to figure out how to improve the run. On offense, the line has to be able to block – plain and simple. On defense, the line needs to penetrate more often and not get pushed over at the lines. They also need to tackle better. As bad as the Ravens have been recently, there is still time to fix the mistakes. Whether they do though, is anyone’s guess.

  9. I played Suggs’ comments backwards, and
    it said “Here we go”.

    The comeback is on. Black and gold.


  10. I’m glad someone is saying it, can’t win games at the pace we’re gonna need, playing this way. Not running the ball or stopping the run.

    Good game by the steelers yesterday. See you on thanksgiving night. I hope we are both still in it by then.

    Ravens fan in Green Bay

  11. 1. Flacco sucks.

    2. HARBAUGH, stop trying to put your stamp on the game and let the defense at least have a chance. They are the ones who have been carrying you. Stop with these trick plays and onside kicks and everything else.

    3. Why was the kickoff even returnable? There is no excuse for the steelers even being able to Return that last kickoff. The ravens even had an extra 5 yards so it should have been an automatic touchback.

    HARBAUGH is horrible and so is flacco

  12. As a Steeler fan I’m happy for the win, especially a division rival, but just can’t got over that sinking feeling that I watched the same team play itself last night, and it wasn’t all that good.

    Both teams had productive-but-clumsy offenses, and bend-but-don’t-takeaway defenses.

    Reminded me of a generation ago when we played the Browns; and the games then were also low scoring but it was not due to a desire to win, but a desire to beat the **** out of the opponent.

    Ugly game. Ugly win, and an ugly loss as well!

  13. like i said world chumps.!!!!!!! what a Joke of a team lead by a special team hc. 6-10 at best.!!!!!!!!!

  14. Haloti Ngata, Lardarius Webb and Ray Rice got their money and now they’re seriously underperforming.

    All those of you criticizing Flacco, he and Torrey Smith are the only reason the Ravens are even IN games.

  15. 3 of the Ravens 4 losses are by 3 points, or less. Last year, they won those games. They just have to find a way to win these close games, or, it’s going to be a disappointing season.

  16. Of the 4pm games, I watched this game but then I got bored. The Ravens-steelers isn’t the same. It was different. I switched the Browns-packers and fell asleep..it was awful. I think Suggs is right but he should have said that after his QB threw passes to the Bills.

    Looks like the Bengals are going to runaway with the Division title

  17. “We know what we gotta fix — special teams, offense, defense.”
    Sizzle, you forgot to list coaching and management.

  18. As a Ravens fan I have to say I feel like they just aren’t in it to win it. This is a mental issue the Ravens are going through. I think the physicality will return once the mental issues are corrected.
    We’ve lost 3 games by 3 points. Only Denver took us to task.
    Looking forward we have a very winnable schedule, but that won’t matter if the team isn’t all in.

  19. First Suggs should focus on getting rid of that gut he’s developed. I see he’s on the McKinnie/Pierce diet regiment.

  20. Didn’t even see Elvis..except for those penalties he was racking up..Suggs got his one sack in..as expected
    .Ngata was a no show..McClain..did he even play? That horrible O-Line of Pittsburgh kept those guys on mute.. OK that my last post untill the next game.

  21. “Terrell Suggs: We’re at a state of emergency”

    Maybe if they paid Flacco a little more money they’d…nevermind.

  22. State of emergency?
    Is that anything like Mike Tomlin unleashing hell?
    No, it’s more like telling the media after a wk 1 embarrassing blowout that you want a rematch. Suggs’ act is almost as worn out as his team. But I guess that’s one way to try to stay relevent.

  23. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:
    Oct 20, 2013 10:22 PM
    The Ravens were sooooooo lucky that Rahim Moore made about a dozen and half mental and physical mistakes on their hail mary play – or they’d have been relegated to fart-in-the-wind status.

    It also didn’t hurt the Ravens that they got a pick-6 against Denver on an atrocious no-call mug job that everyone but the zebras saw.
    The Broncos had two special teams touchdowns and an entire quarter of overtime to score one field goal but still couldn’t get it done! Enough with the excuses already. You’ve cried me a river, now build me a bridge and GET OVER IT

  24. first off nobody should listen to a grown man who calls him self t sizzle. second. what is with t fizzle doing saying he went to play with balls university or whatever. i know i know ike taylor started it with swagger, but he is atleast the first to do it. maybe suggs should say where he really went special education at hamilton high school.

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