Von Miller adds 16 pounds of muscle

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Suspended for the last six weeks, Broncos linebacker Von Miller has been working.  Specifically, he’s been working out.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Miller has gained 16 pounds of muscle, driving up his weight from 250 pounds to 266.

At only 250, Miller has racked up 30 sacks in two seasons.  Last year, he finished with a whopping 18.5 sacks.

During Thursday’s edition of Pro Football Talk of NBCSN, Jon Ritchie highlighted Miller’s uncanny ability to swoop low past left tackles, who can barely get their hands on him as he pushes through to the quarterback.

With an extra 16 pounds, maybe he’ll also be able to pull off the Chris Clemons-Bradley Sowell bowling ball move, physically throwing the tackle into the quarterback.

19 responses to “Von Miller adds 16 pounds of muscle

  1. Adding 16 pounds of muscle in six weeks is medically impossible. Especially for a professional athlete who didn’t just start weight training for the first time in his life six weeks ago.

  2. Maybe he’ll be muscle bound like when Chris Hovan had a picture of Brett Farve in his locker.

  3. I could put on 16 pounds sitting on my couch with a bong eating pizza and cheetos for 6 weeks too.

  4. @steelhammer92 and the rest of you doubters- Adding 16 lbs of muscle over 6 weeks without steroids is definitely NOT impossible. Look up Tim Ferris “From Geek To Freak,” and Casey Viator “The Colorado Experiment.”


  5. Don’t submit to test … Get suspended … Say you “never failed a test” … Quit smoking weed … Vigorously work those PEDs out and through our system … For real … You’re welcome, Denver Broncos. Sixteen new pounds of meat, lean and clean …”

    Eleven sacks or a torn hamstring.

  6. Remember when Brian Cushing got busted for the female pregnancy hormone, Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)? Cushing claimed he “works out too hard” and that caused the positive test. Yeah, Von Miller is next.

  7. Considering he has never been suspended or failed a drug test for ped’s, I find it funny everyone on here is accusing him of being on steroids or hgh. That 16 pounds of muscle was added slowly throughout the entire offseason. The guy probably just stopped smoking weed and devoted himself to the weight room. Everyone is just mad he isn’t playing for their team.. Von was extremely difficult to block before, just imagine what a beast he is going to be with more muscle, less body fat, and at the same time keeping his quickness and burst off the edge..

  8. Miller will get 3 sacks tonight !
    he’s gonna be on a tear to make up the suspension to his team mates

  9. I think it’s hysterical that some of you are buying that he was hiding a weed positive test and not a PED positive. And now the guy is bragging about the results and you’re still backing him.

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