Alex Smith’s fake to nobody stops Texans in their tracks


If there’s one play that sums up the Chiefs’ unlikely 7-0 start, it had to have been quarterback Alex Smith faking a hand-off to no one, and the play working for a touchdown.

The Texans, as you might imagine, were caught off guard, with several defenders standing there like Wile E. Coyote when he realizes he’s gone off the cliff, as Smith ran 5 yards for the touchdown that put the Chiefs ahead just before halftime.

Yeah, we made that play up,” running back Jamaal Charles said with a laugh, via Randy Covitz of the Kansas City Star. “I went the wrong way. I was moving around and all the formations were moving all day, and I just forgot which way to go.

“My mind went blank, and I’m just glad that Alex was able to execute the play and score.”

The score was Smith’s first rushing touchdown of the year, and continued a run of success without fantasy stats. He hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass in three weeks.

But his unconventional running attack, as with all things Chiefs at the moment, is working.

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  1. The Chiefs are finally getting the wins to match the talent on their roster. Seems like after all of the bad luck they’ve been through they’re due for some balls to bounce their way.

    I can see how a totally broken play like that can stop a defense cold. Is it supposed to be a run fake because the ball is out there and the running back isn’t, or was it supposed to be a run and someone was confused? Do you suck up to stop the run and get thrown over, even though it was the worst playaction in the history of the NFL, and end up looking like a fool on the coaching tape? Do you stick with your receiver assignment, even though it was a broken play and there aren’t specific route concepts going on because it should have been a run? The two seconds it takes to make a decision on what to do is plenty of time to lose the angle on stopping Smith.

    Only unbeaten team in the league.
    The most dominate defense the league has seen in over 3 decades.
    An offense that is getting better each week.


    The road to Jersey MUST go thru One Arrowhead Place and the loudest stadium in the country.
    Seattle come get you some in Jersey

  3. Without fantasy stats? Have you seen his points?

    17.14, 23.22, 14.12, 23.22, 8.80, 8.02, 16.00

    That’s all that matters and I am a happy Alex Smith owner. Switch between him & Russel is a good situation.

  4. 14-33 are their opponents record. They will come back to earth once they play an NFL caliber team that also actually has their starting QB playing.

    And yes let’s hear the delusional fans saying “we are only playing who’s on our schedule, what are we supposed to do?”

    Don’t pop off that you are the greatest team assembled, you are a product of your schedule just like all the past worst to first teams who get the benefit of playing the last place schedule.

  5. “If there’s one play that sums up the Chiefs’ unlikely 7-0 start, it had to have been quarterback Alex Smith faking a hand-off to no one, and the play working for a touchdown.”

    Well this backhanded opening line shows they dont watch much Chiefs football on this blog. If there is any play that characterizes the Chiefs season it’s the sack strip to ice the game. Dont talk like the team with a defense on a record setting pace is some kinda fluke. Chiefs are earning their Ws and i think most fans of football resoect what they are doing.

  6. That play was a thing of beauty. I love watching it. The Texans’ defense were faked out of their shorts. It gets better with every replay.

    The other thing … there was a personal foul called against one of the Texans for hitting Smith after he slid. That was a bs call. The defender had committed to the hit before Smith wisely dropped to the turf (to avoid being creamed). There was no way the defender could avoid contact. These ticky-tacky calls are frustrating and take the game out of the hands of the players.

  7. i saw this coming when the chiefs signed childress to be with reid… reid goes and gets smith to be qb he goes and gets his oc that helped lead him to 5 straight nfc championship games and one superbowl chiefs are for real and childress is back to his old ways helping reid look great! go childress go chiefs!

  8. Smarterthanyou I sure hope you’ll bemember your two losses to the Chargers by December. You’ve peaked way to early…. 1 and done in the playoffs.

  9. Even more exciting…After the cowboys win, we can officially say KC has beat a team with a winning record. Let’s let the Chiefs fans have their fun for now. The schedule is only going to get harder for them.

  10. Props to Charles for thinking on his feet and running around Smith and setting a block on his left side! If both players hadn’t kept their composure, that play could’ve been a disaster!

  11. Smarterthanyou:

    Are you serious? Best defense in the last 3 decades? Your projection and perception are a joke. How can you be the best defense in the last 3 decades when you have the 23rd ranked rush defense in the league coming into this week? Your not even the best defense in the league this year. I’d take the Niners and Hawks over the Chiefs defense without hesitation.

    I can’t wait to hear from you come December and January. Oh wait, I am sure you will vanish once Check Down Charlie falls behind and has to lead the team to a win and Andy Reid does what he does best late in the year and in the playoffs. Good luck with all that.

  12. I was really hoping the vikings were going for smith you guys are lucky chiefs you have yourself a great quarter back, good luck in your season

  13. largemouthmallard says:
    Oct 21, 2013 12:03 PM
    Props to Charles for thinking on his feet and running around Smith and setting a block on his left side! If both players hadn’t kept their composure, that play could’ve been a disaster!
    Yes, props to Charles for not knowing where he was supposed to be and what he was supposed to do.

    Big props indeed, SMH.

  14. As an Eagles fan, I am not bitter that Andy’s Chiefs are 7-0. I am happy to see coach Reid back. He has a solid DC and he is catering his O to the strengths of his players. The things he did masterfully with JJ & Chilly. Don’t get ahead of yourselves KC. You won’t get to the next level with Alex Smith and contrary to popular belief Andy is not a QB guru. You won’t be drafting at 2 to get a McNabb. You are more likely to end up with a Kolb or a Foles. Good riddance to Head of Football Operations Andy Reid & welcome back coach Andy. Just sorry you spent the last 4 years demolishing the Eagles in the process of figuring that out.

  15. Is that what your life revolves around Joe, going on other teams sites and talking jibberish cuz your own team has nothing to talk about other than “rebuilding” (for a decade or so)? Funny, even on Raider sites, true Raider fans are telling you to zip it and go away. You should listen to them

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