Brandon Meriweather suspended two games


Reports after Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather had two more illegal hits on Sunday against the Bears indicated that Meriweather could face a suspension for frequently breaking the league’s rules.

Those reports have proven prescient. The league has announced in a statement that Meriweather has been suspended two games ” for repeat violations this season of NFL safety rules prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players.”

The penalty can be appealed within three days and an expedited hearing would be heard with either Ted Cottrell or Matt Birk in time to clarify Meriweather’s status for Week Eight. Birk reportedly heard Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldon’s appeal of a one-game suspension for similar offenses earlier this season and overturned the penalty.

Meriweather was previously fined $42,000 for a hit using the top of the helmet against Packers running back Eddie Lacy in the second week of the season.

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  1. 2 games is the least he should of gotten, and I am a Skins fan.

    Merriweather is a dirty player. I will be happy when he no longer is a Washington Redskin.

  2. Goldon’s hit was a little questionable and not as blatant as Meriweather’s. I don’t think his appeal will do anything. As it shouldnt he is doing exactly what they want to avoid.

  3. I wonder how Marshall and Jeffery will feel when their players asscociation files a grievance over the 2 game suspension.

  4. I have been waiting for this news to break all day. Meriweather is looking to end peoples’ careers with the way he’s playing.

    Bring back leather helmets and tackling.

  5. I understand that this is a “life time achievement award” but the good on Sunday weren’t that blatant, well alter the first one wasn’t. On the first hit he hit Marshall after Marshall got two feet down (no longer defenseless) and he lead with his shoulder hitting Marshall in his chest. The hit was hard and their helmets collided. The second hit was just late.

  6. I’m a ‘skins fan and this sucks. He deserved the suspension but that still hurts the team. He does help a defense that is allows way to many points. To bad he can’t learn from fines.

  7. Logicalvoice being upset only proves he knows less than john snow about his own team.

    That secondary will miss fewer tackles w that headhunter out. Not that they have a chance of staying within 21 of the broncos though.

    Rg3eet von miller. Guy can easily chase you down this season w the brace

  8. Earned and deserved. Long overdue. That said, I would propose an alternative way to repeat deal with repeat offenders: We won’t fine or suspend you – we’ll just take away your own helmet. You wanna play that way – fine – play without a helmet. If they decline, they are suspended without pay.

  9. I remember this clowns short stint with the Bears, it seemed he never even attempted to tackle anyone. His hands were always at his side or behind him has he thrusted his head at the defender. Lovie Smith didn’t put up with that crap and they got ride of him after a season. I think alot of the new safety rules suck, but this dude is one of the reasons they made them. He should be suspended for the year.

  10. It’s too bad logical doesn’t know the first thing about football. If he could at least recognize that this clown doesn’t belong in the NFL like his fellow Redskin fans (and everyone else) does, at least he wouldn’t be quite so annoying.

  11. Honest question: Does Shanahan, and/or the team residing in Washington bear any responsibility? Wacking ($) the owners would cement my doubts that the league is seriously interested in reducing head injures and not focusing on limiting future legal expenses.

  12. As he should be. people love to make Suh out to be the dirtiest players. he has never hurt anyone though. Merriweather makes it a point to target players head and has hurt many people in his career. If anyone should be suspended for dirty play, it is definitely Merriweather. His teams fans won’t even defend this clown.

  13. He doesn’t help when he’s on the field, and because he’s so reckless he is rarely on the field. Don’t know why they didn’t just ban him.

  14. Merriweather is reckless in his hits and the suspension is warranted.

    What is not warrented is the fact that the league refuses to suspend guys like Suh or others who try to hurt their opponents.

    It’s this uneven application of the rules that is the problem, not the rules themselves.

  15. As a Skins fan I wish they would have suspended him the whole season. It’s like he’s trying to be Sean Taylor or something. He followed behind Taylor in college in Miami and then he comes to the Skins a few years later. The only thing is he ISN’T ANYTHING CLOSE to what Taylor was. Taylor would get it your face and hit hard but it always seemed like he would go for the mid section or chest. Taylor would actually make tackles and big plays. A once in an era Safety and seeing Meriweather play like a scrub really makes me miss ST. I’m surprised Meriweather hasn’t hurt himself yet considering how fragile he’s been in the past.

  16. Even as a Skins fan I can easily admit that Merriweather is absolutely a dirty player and in a vacuum, I am totally okay with this suspension fitting the crime. However, as you look outside this vacuum for precedent on how these types of acts have been handled in the past, it does not equal to the punishment handled to other habitual offenders.

    Not saying the league is out to “get” the Redskins but some consistency in this aspect (and many others) would go a long way into cleaning up this type of activity in my opinion.

  17. It will be reduced to 1 game, maybe just a fine. After Goldson’s appeal was granted, this was set.

  18. Stricken by the Goodell agenda yet again.

    Maybe the PC police are correct, honoring native warriors by the paint used on their faces may be turning the players into that savage image they all seem to understand so well.

    Hey Roger, tell me what you would have done with Night Train or Ronnie Lott? I bet those calls would have been made long distance if at all!


    I remember when those hits were marketed heavily on VHS as big hit highlights. The irony of it all……..

  19. Well, that’s something, but given that Meriweather is a serial offender and has been for years, 8 games would’ve been more on the mark.

  20. primetime0552 says: Oct 21, 2013 6:42 PM
    As he should be. people love to make Suh out to be the dirtiest players. he has never hurt anyone though.”

    Suh hasn’t hurt anyone, but not through a lack of trying to hurt people. The fines are called PREVENTION. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and then suspensions are warranted. You don’t wait until someone’s hurt to take action.

  21. You think meriweather is stupid now, just wait until his self-inflicted Alzheimer’s kicks in

  22. Look at this new generation of whiny fan that actually thinks a player should be suspended for a football hit.

    You can’t target anything on a guy who runs a 4.3 while catching a ball that’s traveling 25.4 yards per second when you yourself run in the 4.3 range. You nerds ever step foot on the field? I get the feeling you imagine Brandon Meriweather in your head as a Disney villain cunningly planning his next act. Society is going downhill and you clowns are just another symptom.

  23. Should be a lifetime ban – he doesn’t play football – he seeks to hurt people – as a Redskin fan, I loathe this jerk.

  24. illogical voice iii is in da house…he has returned after winning a ball game. He will disappear again as peyton and company kill the skins 51-7.



  25. Thought Matt Birk went into far-far-far right politics after he retired, that must not have worked out… good luck getting an objective decision from that lunatic, he’s had a few too many concussions himself I think.

  26. Good. He’s going to end up seriously injuring himself or someone else if he doesn’t stop this nonsense. He needs to learn.

  27. That hit on the Bears WR in the endzone was perfectly Legal… Meriweather jarred the ball loose and prevented a TD! What the hell is so wrong about that? That’s a great football play. Unreal…

  28. …If Meriweather doesn’t make that hit it’s a Bears TD… anyone else see the play? Great play and looked totally fine to me. Gotta put a skirt on the WR’s now just like QB’s.

  29. Just watched the second “illegal hit” Meriweather made on a Bears WR… another great football play and totally legal hit. He lead with his shoulder pads and hit the WR in the chest and football area trying to jar the ball loose. Unreal again… Just because a hit “looks” vicious doesn’t mean it’s Illegal. It’s called football and playing physical Defense. Please…

  30. He gets suspended but suh might as well kill someone and get away with it then he still won’t be suspended

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