Brian Cushing, Jamaal Charles show mutual respect


Texans linebacker Brian Cushing suffered a season-ending injury when Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles blocked him in the knee on Sunday, but Cushing says there are no hard feelings.

Charles directed a tweet to Cushing after the game, offering him a speedy recovery from the torn LCL and broken leg that required Cushing to be taken from the field on a cart. Cushing then replied to that tweet with a tweet of his own, assuring Charles that he knows there was no ill intent on the block and that Charles was just picking up a blitz the way he was supposed to.

Last year, when Cushing suffered a season-ending injury on a low block from behind, it led to a debate around the NFL about what is and is not an acceptable way to block an opponent low. But this year, Cushing doesn’t seem like he has any problem with what Charles did, even if it means another season cut short.

36 responses to “Brian Cushing, Jamaal Charles show mutual respect

  1. Chop blocks should be banned. As should tackles involving the defender’s shoulder pad hitting the knees or below of a ball carrier.

    Arm tackles at or below the knee should still be allowed.

    There have been a lot of rules in place to protect the knees of quarterbacks and defenseless receivers. But how about one that protects defenders?

  2. So the folks from yesterday talking about Charles hit being dirty didn’t know what they were talking about?? Shocking.
    Speedy recovery Cushing.

  3. Thank you Brian, much class after a season ending injury. Anyone saying Charles shot was cheap us either a soccer fan or just plain stupid. And if you mention the shot on Watt, it’s called a chip. When you’re as big and dominant as Watt, it takes 2 regular NfL’ers to block that cat.

    Keep it up KC, what a great story.

  4. This is awesome to see, actually. Respect. Injuries are awful and JC showed tact. Cushing as well.

  5. 250 pounds vs 200, it’s science, you hit Cushing high, you lose. Every LB in the league knows they can get cut going after the QB, great block by Charles. Horrible outcome but completely legal.

    And I thought Texan fans cheered injuries? Or is that just selective?

  6. Darned unfortunate injury. Any person with even an ounce of humanity, even opposing fans, should have some sympathy for the injured players playing the game for our entertainment.

  7. More rules need to be implicated to help protect defenders, as there is for offensive players. It’s getting ridiculous. Screw all that steroid cramp Cushing is one of the best overall defensive players in the league, wish him well.

  8. Rules are rules. It was a legal block.

    LT would have jumped over JCharles untouched.

    MJD would have taken Cushing head on and knocked him back on his keister.

    Six of one…Half dozen of the other.

  9. The “cheap shot” on Watts ribs was not only perfectly legal, it’s what they’re taught to do. Is the offense supposed to let the D put their arms up to block passes? It would have been illegal if Charles went low while Watt was engaged with another blocker. Learn the rules dude

  10. The injury is unfortunate, but it’s all Cushing’s fault. Charles telegraphed that block from a mile away and Cushing was inexplicably fixated on the QB — he never even considered that he’d be blocked, and he put himself at risk.

    Blitzing linebackers have to be aware and get their feet out of the ground, and Cushing simply failed to do so.

  11. I can’t believe this year is over for the Texans already. But it’s easier to be a fan rather than a player when you team is done this early.

  12. There is no way to legislate this particular block out of the game unless you want to :

    1. get quarterbacks killed

    2. get running backs killed

    3. remove fast running backs from the NFL and lose a great deal of excitement

    if you mandate that a 185-220 lb running back has to block abouve the waste against a 250+ lb linebacker or a 330lb DE, good luck with that.

    You can’t have knee jerk reactions to this type of injury becasue the unintended consequences can materially change the game we all love.

  13. It is called a cut block. Chop block is when a player is engaged with another blocker and is usually taken down from the side or behind. Which is illegal already.

    That cut block by Charles was made head on and completely legit…It is the kind of blocker a smaller HB/TEs uses all the time in NFL and its just a freak accident.

    I do feel bad for Cushing who recovered last year and was playing excellent football.

  14. Jamall Charles is a Hell of a Football Player. A True Warrior of the Game. he is not a Cheap Shot artist. Maybe Texans fans would think that since you guys are 2-5. How about your cornerback #25, who delivered a Helmet to Helmet hit on Dexter McCluster??? Looked cheap to me. Of Course, you will disagree.

    Go Chiefs & Jamall Charles!!!

  15. Those types of plays should be done away with diving for the knees to pick a blitzing player. He could have chipped him on the inside shoulder and knock him off track. Suspect play and uncalled for.

  16. 250 pounds vs 200, it’s science, you hit Cushing high, you lose. Every LB in the league knows they can get cut going after the QB, great block by Charles. Horrible outcome but completely legal.

    And I thought Texan fans cheered injuries? Or is that just selective?

    Please don’t lump us in all together. I’m a texans fan and Cush is my favorite player. As much as I like him and hate to see him go down, that was a completely legal block.

  17. vidae1 says:
    Oct 21, 2013 12:22 PM
    Texans fans are so butthurt today.

    And how would you know what butthurt feels like? Only way way you’d know what that was like.

  18. haha so when stevie did it to berry it was horrible and dirty an he deserved his knees blown out but when a chiefs player does it he’s classy cause he sends out a tweet. lmao

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