Chudzinski leaves door open for quarterback change

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Browns coach Rob Chudzinski didn’t want to be pinned down when it came to his quarterback decision, but he left the door open to move on from Brandon Weeden.

We’ll talk as a staff later on this afternoon,” Chudzinski said, via Tony Grossi of “We’ll basically put the guys at all positions who give us the best opportunity to win.”

Asked again if a quarterback change would be considered, Chudzinski replied: “Yeah, at all positions, we’re considering, … looking at that. Typically, that’s what we do every week.”

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the next significant Browns quarterback call will be made next spring, when they draft whomever they draft to go along with Brian Hoyer after he rehabs his torn ACL.

Weeden was bad again yesterday, completing 17-of-42 passes for 149 yards, with a 48.6 passer rating. They haven’t won a game he’s started this year (0-4).

They could always go with veteran Jason Campbell, but they essentially gave a verdict on him when Hoyer leapfrogged him in Week Three.

“It’s difficult to say,” Chudzinski said, when asked if Campbell could create a spark like Hoyer did. “Again, I’m just looking for the guy that gives us the best chance to win – at all positions.”

The Browns had moments of sheer competence when Hoyer was at the helm. They’ve played the kind of defense that makes acceptable quarterback play enough, but it sure doesn’t sound like they’re confident the guy to provide it is on the roster at the moment.

43 responses to “Chudzinski leaves door open for quarterback change

  1. I will take Mickey Mouse if he could help us win the game! I understand that Chud has to be diplomatic about his responses to these questions but it would sit much better with the fans if he would just say “Yeah we are done with the Weeden experiment, you won’t be seeing him any longer”. Enough is enough!

  2. Short term, let’s sign Troy Smith. He is currently playing well in Canada. He is in football shape, good leader, and tough as nails. Put him behind Campbell for a week or so and let him play the rest of the year.
    Long term, draft the right QB in the draft.

    Weeden is a high school QB.

  3. Holmgren and Heckert brain trust – the gift that keeps on giving. Whiff on RG3, take Richardson at #3 who is now stinking it up in Indy, and draft another lemon QB with Weeden. Take heart Browns fans, it’ll take some time to take out this garbage but sunnier days are ahead

  4. I never thought I’d feel sorry for Browns fans, but I do. They’re a QB away from being a respectable NFL team, and have a lot more talent than people expected.

  5. As a Browns fan who has never been a Tebowmaniac — even back to his Florida says — I don’t see how Weeden gives us a better chance to win than the Big Tebowski.

    I know it won’t happen but I kinda wish it would.

  6. Weeden stinks up the joint, Campbell is also bad but i doubt if that bad. Whew, feel sorry for the Brownies..

  7. Weeden is beyond awful and has had several chances… Don’t know who could be next but whoever it is they are worth a shot

  8. while Campbell won’t lead you to the Super Bowl, he is much better than Weeden at this point. Weeden had marginal skills that were highlighted by OSU’s offense and Justin Blackmon’s skills. now he has no confidence and is the worst starter in the NFL…what do you have to lose?

  9. Weeden keep waiting until a receiver is open to throw the ball. There is rarely any throw to where the receiver will be.

  10. Weeden needs to go. The fans and the media have gotten in his head. He has lost confidence. But this isn’t all about Brandon Weeden. Hell these are my Cleveland Browns, graveyard of Quarterbacks.

    The offense cant convert a third down. They couldn’t with Hoyer in the game either.

    The fans in Cleveland LOVE Hoyer–he gave them a spark. So did Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye, Kelly Holmcomb, Todd Philcox, Colt MCoy, Brady Quinn, Jeff Garcia and Thad Lewis.

    The defense cant stop a third down. I don’t think Weeden plays on defense. They over paid for Paul Krugger.

    When Pinkston and Lauvao went down at guard they threw a back up tackle in as a guard. That experiment failed.

    When they traded T-Rich they signed a broken down running back coming off major knee surgery and didn’t find him a back up. Now they are running worse than before.

    Banner and Lombardi haven’t used the $20m in cap room to sign core players, like Alex Mack. I am betting Mack wants out at year end. Like so many others.

    There is no plan, there is no communication from Lombardi–he doesn’t give interviews.

    This team is a TRAINWRECK.

  11. watch the last pass in the endzone to greg little when weeds threw it behind him… that look on littles face was all you need to understand weeds is deflating the team….cut him and pick up the best 2 FA out there

  12. How about a trade for Mallet or Cousins? I know you’re giving up a high draft pick for unproven QB’s but could they be any worse than the Weeden/Campbell duo you currently have on your roster?

  13. Wow. Hoyer may have actually led them to playoffs. I say start Campbell, Weeden is what we like to call a “sunk cost.” And somehow my professor didn’t accept that as a valid answer on my last test.

  14. They better hurry Tebow is on the lips of many a team right now, especially da rams.
    Matt Flynn was ab idiot to jump on the Bills bandwagon so soon. His agent screwed him.

    I would have told him to wait for something like this to happen and you could be a starter again not a bench sitter. But hey the agent doesn’t get paid unless their is a contract signed.

    If Flynn wasn’t smart enough to figure this out, then we know why he ain’t starting.

  15. As a Josh Gordon and J Cameron owner, I’m hoping Joe Banner (out of disgust over what happened yesterday) is working the phones right now, peddling Gordon, just like he did TRich. Put him with a “good” QB and watch his numbers skyrocket.

  16. Browns fans are in unanimous agreement as far as the 2013 Season goes…..With Weeden…. We Done!

  17. We had four Cleveland fans behind us at the game yesterday at Lambeau, and they wanted Weeden to be injured on every play. Best line: “I hate my parents for making me a Browns fan.”

  18. so many comments here are moronic…whiffed on RG3? 1 good game and he is back eh? Redskins payed way too much for an overhyped qb and thank god we didnt give up the farm….Manziel is a hot mess and nobody will touch him till the 3rd round. Getting rid of Gordon and Cameron is the worst thing they could do…..they have some pieces, just need a couple more. I agree with getting Troy Smith or some other CFL and see what we can salvage then get one in the draft, let him learn while we see what we have with Hoyer and QB TBNL. I thing We draft Taylor Lewan from MI…..another big hog on the OL.

  19. The Cleveland Browns don’t need to concern themselves with the ANGRY fans. The big problem for this team is dealing with the fans that are so overly-frustrated that they no longer CARE.

    Do something. Now.

  20. Sooo disappointing to see WeDone back after watching Hoyer make this team come alive for a couple of weeks. Browns fans need to get used to the idea that this season is over and we’re playing for the draft. I’d personally like to see WeDone cut and ANY free agent signed to share QB duties with Campbell.
    I’d also like to see an empty Factory Of Sadness as long as they play WeDone, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen.
    Not happy; not at all!

  21. Trading a pick to Washington for Cousins would turn their season around immediately. He’s accurate, has a strong arm, makes good decisions and comes with a rookie deal. The first rounder that the Brownies picked up off the Colts will basically be a high second rounder. Trading that pick to Washington, who has to be desperate for a first day pick, and then picking up value players rather than chasing a QB (AGAIN) will put the team into a much better position to win now.

  22. Here’s a breakdown of how 10 passes go for Weeden. He just repeats this over and over:

    1 – Overthrows receiver
    2 – Overthrows receiver
    3 – 1 yard completion
    4 – Throws too hard, receiver drops
    5 – INT
    6 – 2 yard completion
    7 – Overthrows receiver
    8 – Amazing completion, big yards, wow he’s good
    9 – Overthrows receiver
    10 – 2 yard completion

  23. The only people in the world who does not know Weedon is not an xml an is Cleveland’s front office
    He scared out there and eyeballs his target

  24. Trade a third round pick to Houston, for Schaub. Keenum, seems like he will/should be the starter from here on out. Schaub just needs a new start somewhere else.

  25. smh all these weeden haters
    i still think he can be servicable nfl QB ala trent dilfer with a better arm
    arent we all tired of giving up soo soon on a QB cause of a couple bad games?? sheesh

  26. Yes, Hoyer DID provide a spark, but the reality is, he hasn’t lasted on a team because he isn’t that good. If he wouldn’t have been injured, he would have NEVER survived the season playing like he did.

    And, even if he did survive the season, it would have been ANOTHER Matt Flynn situation. You would have had to give him a big contract extension, and he would have sucked again next year, and you would have been set back even further.

    The reality is (and I am a Steelers fan, so I would NEVER be nice just to be nice) you DO have some great talent on your team. You still need to add more pieces.

    Yes, QB is important, and the 2014 NFL Draft is full of potential franchise QB’s. Though your three wins have most likely kept you from getting Bridgewater, there is still first round talent.

    That is a start, but I would be trading Gordon for what ever I could get for him (year suspension looming).

    You already got an extra draft pick from the Steelers (3rd) and Colts (1st and 4th), so trading players like Gordon could give you:

    2 – Firsts
    2 – Seconds
    2 – Thirds
    2 – Fourths

    That would be 8 potential starters you could get next year.

    Only problem is? Will you picks look more like Thomas / Hayden or Brandon Weeden?

  27. This is the best thing to happen to the browns… Chud is looking like a genius at this moment. They want weeden to start every game so he can fail miserable. Top 5 pick in 2014 draft

  28. Having seen Weeden for only one full game, I can’t say how good or bad he is. But his receivers didn’t exactly cover themselves with glory yesterday either. They should have caught at least five passes that they didn’t.

  29. For Joe and Mike, you have known you needed help at the QB position since last year, now in week 7 what are you going to do, starters are going down all over the league, now it’s too late. Heck even Colt or Thaddy Lew would be an upgrade. Weeden still waits for receivers to get open instead of throwing to where they will be open by the time the ball gets there it’s too late.

  30. Rick Spielman is a Magician says:Oct 21, 2013 1:31 PM

    That was some of the worst quarterbacking I’ve ever seen, and I’m a Viking fan!


    Well, not exactly fair to judge his performance against the Packers defense. He did about as well as you could expect any QB to perform. Now, had he played that way against your vikes, well, now that would say something…

  31. At this point browns fans do not really care who plays Qb. as long as it’s not Weeden. Bring in Tebow, at least the Novelty of him will keep fans interested for a few weeks, and he really cannot be any worse than Weeds. I am convinced Bannerd, and Lombaturd, are undermining the season to assure top 5 pick in draft. Problem is the stadium will be empty from here on out unless they give fans something to get excited about. One fan here tired of waiting until next year.

  32. When they show replay’s of his passes, he needs his WR’s to be Tecmo bowl in order for him to pull the trigger.. He had plenty of open WR’s yesterday but didn’t want to throw it, he has no confidence..

  33. @blantoncollier “The defense cant stop a third down. I don’t think Weeden plays on defense.”

    The defense kept the Browns in till the 4th quarter, the offense didn’t do anything to help them out. Weeden cannot sustain drives. And when he finally has more the 5 plays in a drive the result is a FG attempt. Browns would be better off if he did play defense.

    Cleveland Browns Possessions/plays:
    1 – 3 and out
    2 – 3 and out, penalty gave 1st
    2a – 4 and INT
    3 – 3 and out, fake punt gets 1st down.
    3a – 3 and out again
    4 – 14 plays, FG
    5 – 3 and out
    6 – 7 plays, FG
    7 – 13, turn over on downs
    8 – 7 plays turned over on downs. Penalty gives them extra play TD
    9 – 11 plays turn over on downs

  34. We’ve seen a lot of bad qb play in the past decade, This team actually has some talent. I understand them losing isn’t all one players fault but weeden looks absolutely clueless. Im a diehard browns fan and have watched some pretty pitiful teams. I don’t know how much more I can handle watching this awful player. He’s not your future,bench him and move on before you lose the whole team.

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