Geno Smith: Rex’s compliment for Brady motivated me

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While talking about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s ability last week, Jets coach Rex Ryan said that he’d “take their quarterback and we’ll see how many wins I’d have.”

It was clearly meant as a compliment for Brady as opposed to a slight of his own quarterback, something Geno Smith said he understood after the Jets beat the Patriots 30-27 in overtime. Smith said watching Brady play was like “poetry in motion,” but received another message beyond Ryan’s respect for Brady from the coach’s comment as well.

“But I was definitely motivated,” Smith said, via Ian O’Connor of “You want to get to [Brady’s] level. You want to reach that status, but even Brady will tell you that it takes time, that you can’t do it all in one year. So I didn’t take it in a way that [Ryan] was saying it against me, or at me. I took it in a proper way, and as a competitor I used it as motivation.”

Smith threw an ugly interception early in the game that Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan returned for a touchdown, but he didn’t let it sink his game any more than he’s let bad performances one week carry into the next. Smith wound up 17-of-33 for 233 yards and both ran and threw for touchdowns on the way to the win. The Jets also converted 11-of-21 opportunities on third down, a huge factor in their victory over a Patriots team that converted just one of their 11 chances in the same situation.

Things may not go as well against the Bengals next week, which would be a reminder that Smith’s a rookie with much to learn at the NFL level. Sunday was a reminder that the student has a lot of the kind of innate ability that may wind up giving Ryan more years with the Jets to see how many wins he can pile up with Smith leading the offense.

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  1. Geno continue to study and learn your craft. Try to stay out of media bc the haters only have negative comments to add. You made me happy by beating Tammy Brady & Betty Belichick.

  2. “Smith is a gimmick, overhyped product of the system lacking the football savvy, work habits and focus to cement a starting job and could drain energy from a QB room. Will be overdrafted and struggle to produce against NFL defensive complexities.”

    -Nolan Nawrocki, ProFootballWeekly 4/1/13

  3. If Smith can find consistency and play like he did yesterday and like he did in Atlanta a couple weeks ago, and the Jets get a better weapon or two in there, this team has a bright future when coupled with their impressive defense. Inconsistency comes with inexperience and youth and progresses with time. As much as it pains me to say it about the Jets they are on the right track.

    The youth movement is taking over the AFC east- Buffalo, Miami and New York all have some solid pieces in place to build towards winning teams within the next couple of years.

  4. jetsarestacked says:

    good morning ampats and other patriot fans. how you guys doing today? taste it!


    Taste what? The only thing that sucks is we lost on a technicality (that the NFL realized and scrambled to change the rulebook after the game).

    If we lost fair and square, hey, I’d tell you that your team did a nice job. But they didn’t. See you in the postseason. Maybe.

  5. Ha Ha Ha truetrue85……GIFT CALL !!!!! The CHEATRES tried to CHEAT again and got called for it again…………..HA HA HA…………The patriot way………..JUST CHEAT!!!!!

    J E T S JETS JETS JETS…………..

  6. HAHAHAHAHA Listen to these CRYBABIES! hahaha Jets won bc of a gift? LMAO. I guess Brady didnt throw a pick 6, go 22-45 passing and get sacked 4 times hahahaha OK GUY! lol

  7. Still only mentions of the refs costing the Patriots the game… No mentions of Thomas Brady not sniffing the red zone twice in three weeks

  8. All you patriots fans do is complain. Yeah you guys lost on a penalty if the jets did the same thing you guys would be bragging you won too. So just shut it and face the fact geno smith played better than tom brady.

  9. @truetrue85 yeah ignore the fact that brady didn’t throw a touchdown but he managed to throw a pick 6 and that gronkowski dropped a wide open pass and that your defense couldn’t stop chris ivory or that your offensive line couldn’t protect brady. yeah all of that didn’t win the jets the game just the refs right ? what an idiot

  10. rushmatic whines:


    You benefitted by the Tuck Rule. By taping, by manipulating the flex schedule when Kraft cried to Goodell your team had a flight home and not enough time.

    You didn’t lose by bad luck, you lost by a rule.

    Funny, nobody brings up the Jets lost their two best players last year, Holmes and Revis.
    You lost some by injury and homicide.

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