Giants get first victory easily over hapless Vikings

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Eli Manning completed 23 of 39 passes for 200 yards and a touchdown and didn’t throw an interception for the first time this season as the New York Giants picked up their first victory of the year 23-7 over the Vikings on Monday night.

Meanwhile, the Josh Freeman era in Minnesota is off to a rocky start.

Minnesota didn’t score offensively against a team that entered the game allowing a league-worst 34.8 points per game. Marcus Sherels 86-yard punt return touchdown was the only score of the night for the Vikings. Adrian Peterson carried just 13 times for 28 yards while Freeman threw 53 passes for a team he’s been a part of for less than two weeks.

Needless to say, the result wasn’t pretty for the Vikings.

Freeman completed just 20 of those 53 passes for 190 yards with an interception. His passer rating for the night finished a lowly 40.6.

Josh Brown kicked three field goals for the Giants and Manning connected on a 24-yard touchdown pass to Reuben Randle in the second quarter. Peyton Hillis also added a 1-yard touchdown run in his first game with the Giants as Brandon Jacobs and David Wilson were sidelined with injuries.

Not surprisingly for two teams entering the night with just one combined victory, the game was sloppy. There were five fumbles combined and just 463 yards of combined offense.

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  1. Dear god.

    That was painful.

    So you have Christian Ponder who underthrows, Matt Cassel who throws it to anyone moving, no matter what team they play for. You have Joe Webb, who couldn’t hit the broadside of a Minnesota girl (which is bigger than most barns), and you add Josh Freeman, who threw the ball (on average) 15 yards over the head of every receiver.

    At least you have Adrian Peterson and his 28 yards rushing.

    I believe freeman had more incompletions than Peterson had yards.

    That shariff Floyd shows promise in the kick return game.


  2. What a painful experience it was to watch this stinkeroo of a football game! In particular, Josh Freeman really stunk up MetLife Stadium tonight. I’m roughly 150 miles away (as the crow flies) from East Rutherford, New Jersey and had to hold my nose. Have the Vikings elected Freeman team captain yet?

  3. First off I just want to apologize to every other NFL fan that suffered through that game.

    Anyways Glad to finally get a win.. This team really looked like it might lose every game at some points. I’ve never seen Eli play as conservatively as he did tonight, it was weird to watch.

    Also Freeman’s performance is one of the worst I’ve ever seen from a QB since I started watching football. Truly, truly awful.

  4. If A Rod goes into the MetroDump this Sunday and lights the vikqueens up for 40 or more, Monday morning Frazier is in the unemployment line.

  5. I’m sure Greg Jennings is just glowing with joy about his decision to leave Green Bay and carve a path for himself. QB play really isn’t that important, is it, Greg? You’re right – it was you all along that made Favre and Rodgers look so good

  6. On what universe does it make sense to throw the ball almost 50 times and run it 14 times on a team with Adrian Peterson and QB that signed less than 2 weeks ago? If Bill Musgrave is still employed by the Vikings when I wake up then there is no hope for this franchise. Absolutely pathetic. Coaching is the biggest whole on this team (and there’s a lot of holes).

  7. McNabb, Ponder, Cassel, Freeman. What’s the common denominator out of all of them? Musgrave & the o-line. Two years later and nothing has changed between the two. Bad play calling and two to three defenders instantly in the backfield by time the second foot went down on the drop back.

    Is the NFL really a professional league or just an exclusive league as the Vikes offensive line sure has nothing ‘pro’ about it.

  8. To anyone who is going to question the Vikings for putting in a quarterback who just joined the team and didn’t know the offense or the receivers…

    This isn’t the first time they have had that happen. It’s just Tampa is a bit farther than Hattiesburg.

  9. I really like Freeman and know he is a good QB, but I saw the Vikings running the same plays over outside of the ones Gruden was pointing out. If the playbook was that limited Freeman just shouldn’t be in there tonight.

    The overthrows are a concern, I don’t know if that’s just a timing issue or what but it seems like it should be easiest enough to fix with more practices.

    Finally Schiano is totally finishing in his pants tonight so let me remind you, 0-3 with Freeman, 0-3 without Freeman. Maybe the issue isn’t the QB you piece of Jersey Trash (TM).

  10. One of the worst games I’ve ever seen, and Josh Freeman is the most inaccurate NFL QB I can ever remember seeing, and that includes Rick Mirer.

    Greg Schiano must be laughing his butt off…

  11. Vikings dropped 3 INT, and I think the Giants dropped 2. These are some bad, bad football teams. Sherels fell down & fumbled with nobody touching him. Shariff Floyd fumbled a kickoff – never thought we’d ever say those words.

    We look like a College B-Team. Crap the Bed for Ted.

  12. Viking’s fans and everyone in Vegas knows that the Viking’s have historically given winless team their first victory. What a pathetic team. Sure wish they weren’t my team. Head office needs to clean house asap!!

  13. I thought freeman would come in and show what he can do. Instead he has the most pathetic performance I’ve seen from an NFL quarterback in awhile. Embarrassing

  14. Dumbest organizations in the league in order: Oakland, NY Jets, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Minnesota, Cleveland if they trade Gordon for a 2 nd rounder

  15. Freeman had no buisness playing so soon. Frazier is a complete idiot for starting him…he needs to be fired immediately. Just a putrid performance all around. The Vikes are a poorly coached, ill prepared team.

  16. The Vikings have entered into this Freeman endeavor with their eyes wide open and focused directly on the prize: They know that playing Freeman now gives them a legitimate shot at getting Johnny Football next year.

  17. I’m just saying, our (Vikings) offensive line is putrid. Freeman was either on the run or on his back the whole game… The o-line deserves an “F”.

  18. That was the WORST NFL game I have ever seen in my life.

    It was like watching Abbott and Costello…I feel like I just lost 3 hours of my life I can’t ever get back!!

    I’m not sure the Giants can count that as a win, it felt more like a surrender.

    I need a drink…

  19. The Vikings made this game very reminiscent of their Wild card snoozder last year with Joe Webb at Q.B.

    I agree with Gruden that Freeman was obviously not ready and should have been pulled.

  20. How in the world does Leslie Frazier and his crew still have their jobs? You should have known PRE season your QB siutation was bad, and made some changes then. But instead, they wait till the middle of the season, bring in a cast off, and rush him to start a spotlight game. The league should be embarassed that this is the product one of their franshises put on the field. Maybe the rest of the Vikings should take a page from Grambling and revolt.
    Couldn’t hurt that circus much.

  21. Peterson is old and past his prime as a fantasy running back. Individual numbers but rarely wins.

    In the last four years the vikings have only 20 wins.

    As a revenue bottom feeder the vikings have to put money into the players salary cap but have little to hire good scouts and talent evaluators.

    If they would move to Los Angeles or Guadalajara they would have enough revenue to compete.

    They will go at least another 50 years without a trophy of any kind if they stay in low revenue Minnesota. 40% of the fans in Minnesota are Packers fans anyway. The NFL should know this. Move the vikings!!

  22. This is the worst Viking team I can ever remember …even from my childhood days. I cannot stand to see that idiotic look on the clueless Frasers face one more game. Please fire this incompetent boob and his equally offensive coordinator! This is beyond pathetic. I weep for you Minnesota.

  23. Three words…. hard to watch, lol. Vikings now have four third string qb’s on the roster. Collect the whole set!

  24. Man that stung.
    It left a mark!

    Face the facts, these coaches couldn’t put together Legos (especially with Spielman’s help).

    Regardless, Skol Vikes!

    We thrive on adversity.

  25. The Vikings trolls can take a seat for the rest of the season.

    They have RB that has skillset and style that hasn’t been seen in decades. He deserves better than this. He is great, but he is still only one person and can only do so much.

    I understand the Vikings were trying to speed up the team building process with 3 1st round picks this year, and they certainly got their fan base excited.

    How did they regress so much from last year?

  26. Was it me or did the entire Viking coaching staff make a strong case on why to be fired with producing such a morbid performance by their players on national TV? No motivation and no killer instinct. Sad to be a Viking fan this season.

  27. Just because the game didn’t satisfy the fantasy lovers with a 50-48 score doesn’t automatically mean it was sloppy. Both front 7s played the run great tonight and forced the qbs into plenty 3rd and longs. For the giants, Eli had no time as usual. As for freeman, not easy to start at qb when you’re on a team for barely a week. Game was full of big hits which was sure a breath of fresh air from watching 2 hand touch score a thons this weekend.

  28. The article title should have read “Giants get first victory easily over the hapless and tasteless Vikings”….

  29. Frazier needs to be Kiffin’d at the airport. That was as indefensible a job of coaching as I’ve ever seen. I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish. It was obvious right away that Freeman was lost. Keeping him in the game does nothing and only serves to embarrass him. So if Frazier actually believed that Josh Freeman was the guy going forward, you’re doing serious damage to him by leaving him out there. The only possible explanation I can think of is that the call to sign Freeman and start him this weekend came from higher up in the organization and Frazier left him out there as a disgruntled protest. Nothing else makes sense. In any situation though, it speaks to incredible incompetence within the Vikings organization.

  30. The distinctive failure of this game lies solely on the shoulders of coach Frazier and the rest of his coaching staff. As a Vikings fan, it was apparent at half time that the Freeman experiment was going haywire. At that time, with the game and division up for grabs, I was calling for Ponder. Hey, the club has sent a message, did the message get received, Ponder?…and they didn’t even give him a chance to reclaim not only a winnable game but some self confidence. 41 years of crying purple tears…but this was by far the worst I’ve seen from any Vikings team to date. The coaching staff needs to go.

  31. Hapless is kind word for the offensive offense with alot of blame going to the coaching staff, no halftime adjustments. The Oline sucked, yeah had overthrows, but Freeman is not alone in line for some of the blame. I’m tired of Fraziers ho hum attitude, I’d be miffed, Mr. Wilf has to take a long look at available coaches. I would like to see Bill Cowher bring his fire to Minn.

  32. Just when I thought the Viking’s performance last week against Carolina was their worst ever, they go and outdo themselves by playing the most pathetic excuse for football on Monday Night.

    Frasier and the gaggle of clowns need to be relieved of their duties — ASAP!

  33. I said it after their loss to the panthers: the Vikings will not win another game this year. They will be blown out every game. Get ready for a fire sale of Viking players. get ready for that number one pick as well. Peterson, Allen, Williams, greenway, Jennings, Simpson, Webb, loadholt. Trade them all this week. Lots of teams would love to have them, and I hear Dallas wants a running back. Jared Allen, greenway, and Kevin Williams would be perfect fits in Seattle. Jennings and Simpson could go to New England or Indianapolis, he’ll even Green Bay. Loadholt to denver. Makes perfect sense to me.

  34. Greg Jennings could be seen mumbling to himself,
    “just a tad more leadership from our quarterback(s)
    would be nice”.

  35. The Vikings are a programmatic non-fit with the rest of the league.

    But hey, Viking fan, at least you are still undefeated in London.
    You know, maybe……..

  36. I cannot figure out the Vikings this year… Last year AP ran all over most of their opponents even when they stacked the box. This year they are throwing the ball all the time and between the last two games AP carried the ball under 30 times.

    Something tells me they are going to blow up the team during the off season and start over with the first, second, or third pick in the draft. Hope they can keep AP… but with his money, he may be gone soon too.

  37. One of the worst all around games I have ever seen. Been there for 2 weeks or not, I don’t understand how the Vikings can put Freeman in at QB moving forward. He is horrible.

  38. If I didn’t love, and I mean love football, I wouldn’t have watched the second half after the first, and it just got worse. I know this is a Captain Obvious statement, but Josh Freeman was not ready to be trying to do what ever it was he was trying to do. Did Nicks catch a pass? Seemed to just miss on everything. Should have been a Halloween game cause that was ugly and scary.

  39. Gee, this was a shocker!…and why the hell is Freeman throwing 50 times in his 1st start against a 27th rank run defense??? Peterson should be asking for a trade and everyone on the Vikes staff should get fired for this loss!!!

  40. “Hapless Vikings” – what else they should expect?
    They have a head coach who can’t coach.
    He is a Rooney rule candidate from the Tony Dungy tree.
    Let’s see – who else is from that tree?
    Raheem Morris – Fired
    Herm Edwards – Fired
    Jim Caldwell – Fired ( He did not take the Colts to the SuperBowl. PManning did. He would have taken a monkey as headcoach to the SuperBowl)
    Jim Marinelley – 0-16 Lions – Fired
    Lowie Smith – Fired (after a decent run)
    Tomlin is doing a decent job

    So, whenever Mr.Dungy says that a coach is a classy guy and will be a great addition to that team – STAY AWAY from hiring that candidate.

  41. Vikings also have a great record of picking the wrong QB and sticking to them for a very long time instead of cutting the losses and move on.

    Bad QB and a very bad head coach is a very very very bad combination. Vikings are the living proof for that.

  42. It was horrible to even put Freeman in this situation, this coaching staff is a comedy of errors. Leslie should be ashamed of himself, The Vikings would have won with cassel at QB tonight.

  43. I just watched the “Saw,” marathon and thought I would check out the game to ease my anxiety, but having watched the combination, I fully expect to wet my bed tonight.

  44. I’ll bet Greg Jennings hadn’t wished he burned the bridge with the Packers. His QBs went from Favre/ Rodgers with the Packers to Ponder/Cassell/ Freeman with the Vikings all because his ego couldn’t stand that he wasn’t getting every pass.

  45. Freeman didn’t exactly do well with the Bucc’s, perhaps he should have moved to the lower leagues to learn what it’s like in the bigger world, away from college that is. I feel sorry for the Vikings, they used to be a good team.
    But hey, at least Manning can put the first notch in his belt for this year.

  46. That game was brutal, I cant believe i lasted till the 4th quarter, and yeah Eli faced a hapless secondary he could have been picked off three times at least, one a sure pick 6. Freeman there are no words, but what do you expect from a guy that just joined the team.

  47. I tried to tell you to stick with Ponder. Freeman is terrible. He will not get much better. The only thing he does right is throw good deep balls, he couldn’t even do that tonight.

  48. Well at least the Vikings havent brainwashed their players into thinking they’re better than anyone – so they still have that going for them.

  49. This is all Leslie Frazier and his staff. Why play a guy at qb who obviously isn’t ready? Freeman seemed unsure of himself, couldn’t audible, simply did not know the offense. So Frazier decided it was best to throw Freeman to the wolves rather than play Ponder or Cassel. What an idiot. You can’t evaluate a qb who hasn’t been with your team for more than two weeks and doesn’t know the offense.

  50. Gruden mentioned that Ponder should start the second half. I agree even though Ponder is not the QBOTF and you could still put in Josh next week. Ponder gave us the best chance to win in the second half.

    When the goal of developing the QB becomes priority over winning the game then the coaches and GM (if he has encouraged that) need to be gone.

    The BIG problem is that that has been the mixed up priority with the Vikings not just this game, or this year but the whole RS, LF and Ponder era. Ponder should have been pulled in his sub 100 games too.

    Maybe Josh can be the QBOFT, but these coaches and the GM are certainly not.

  51. That game was like a traffic accident, I couldn’t turn away. Two bad teams playing each other badly. There were some good plays, but way more bad ones. A QB who should have sat another week to learn some plays, and another that got lucky the DB missed the pick 6 or the game could have been a whole lot different.

    Next week looks like it might be more of the same. for one side. The Rams will run a guy out there that should probably not be a backup QB, but it is all they have. They are bringing in Quinn, and that will be sad if he starts, but not surprising. You gotta wonder how much of that is from being with the Hawks earlier. I think we see TJ mid 3rd quarter of this one.

  52. this had to be the least watched Monday night game in years I can’t imagine anyone watching after on quarter. Unless your in New York or Minnesota why in the world would you watch these slaps try to play football

  53. The only good things about the game for the Vikes were Jared Allen’s one handed sack and Sherel’s return. The other 59 1/2 minutes were awful.

  54. I’ve have been a Viking fan my entire life(that’s a lot of bleeding). At age 49 I have never seen a mess this bad. It’s not the players, it’s the coaching and organization. Clearly we can see why the owner didn’t extend Leslie. Maybe there’s a plan, but they need to let somebody in on it now.

  55. I’m sure Freeman will perform better as the year goes on and he builds chemistry with the receivers, but man, that was tough to watch. A pathetic display of offense for sure. Meanwhile, the Giants get a nice morale boost en-route to a 4-12 season. It’s tough to see either of these teams sniffing the playoffs this year.

  56. I’ve been a Vikings Fan since I was born and this year is right up there with the Les Steckle year of 1984…boy do we suck!!! 85% of it can be blamed on COACHING! No reason for a future HOF Running Back in his prime to only get 28 Yards. What a joke!

  57. Watched the first three quarters of this and I have seen more talent and coordination in the Lingerie League. Finally the real victor became apparent: Greg Schiano’s reputation. He looks like a visionary genius for unloading Josh Freeman. Getting nothing for him is already looking like the deal of the century.

  58. Different quarterback, same results.
    Frazier stands with his arms folded not saying a word. Freeman is seen laughing after throwing a pick. And we get to watch it again on Sunday night against the Packers.

    I hope Ziggy has had enough.

  59. Cut Josh Freeman now….he’s not better than Ponder or Cassel…

    It’s hard to swallow but Ponder is actually an upgrade on Freeman…

    The entire Vikings team on offense just looks horrible since the signing of Freeman…coincidence ? I think not

    It is a bad move for the team overall…

  60. Where are all the AWESOME Vikings fans now? Remember when Greg Jennings said he was “brainwashed” in Green Bay because they dared to say they were the top of the division…well Greg…embrace the suck of 1-5 and going nowhere. We do miss your sisters tweets about Rodgers though…good luck with Josh Freeman though, I’m she’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  61. Look at the bright side Viking fans, AP only needs to average 198.9 yards a game to reach his personal goal of 2500 yards in a season. At his current yards per carry, he only needs to carry the ball 45 times a game the rest of the year, which is probably what they should do anyway with that trio of QB Rejects they have.

  62. Been a lifelong Vikings fan and even I have to admit this was a BAD football game. From both teams.

    The best team didn’t win… It was the team that sucked the least that won.

  63. The use of the word,”Hapless” in the headline will make a certain visitor to this site very happy, its like PFT is stealing his thunder.

    The only question that the coaching staff needs to answer when picking their starting qB is, “Who gives us the best chance to win?”

    I could care less about Freeman’s height, arm, or mobility, with only two weeks in the Viking system, he clearly wasn’t ready to start.

    As bad as it sounds, the Vikings need to start Ponder next week. The coaching staff might fear that they are the butt of jokes but in reality, its too late for that. Just look at their record.

  64. ESPN aired an interview AP last night and asked if staying in MN his entire career but not getting to a SB was acceptable. His answer? “No it’s not”.

    The Cowboys wrestled away a dynasty from the Vikings for Herschel Walker. Maybe the Vikings can return the favor.

  65. As a Viking fan that was hard to watch. This team has regressed since last year even with more talent. How can you not look at coaching as a culprit. I like Frazier but the team makes no adjustments and seems so unprepared. I feel confident next year will bring a new coaching staff and a new 1st round QB selection. I think they should keep Spielman however, the last few drafts have been pretty good.

  66. What is there to say? What happened to the O line? Did they forget how to block? Loadholt got his big contract and he doesn’t care anymore. And that secondary! This team might be worse than the 2011 team.

  67. The Vikings set Freeman up to fail and fail he did. They should have pulled the plug on that experiment and tried to win the game but putting someone in at qb who actually knows the plays.

  68. These Thursday night and Monday night games are atrocious to watch and not easy on the eyes. Either have better matchups on Monday night or just do away with it. It isn’t the marquee matchups anymore it used to be. As for Thursday night, a human body can’t be ready to play another game in just 4 days.

  69. All week long people were talking up Josh Freeman, saying things like “Yeah, he’s pretty good, but he can’t play defense for MN”. Our defense kept us in the game last night. They did their job. I never liked the Freeman signing to begin with, but man, that guy is a JOKE! Its hilarious we payed him 2 million dollars.

  70. EPIC. FAIL.

    For all that is holy…..can we do something? Block? Kick? Pass? Catch? Fire someone?

    Someone seriously needs to be fired after last night, because this “team” is a complete embarrassment. Good thing you had an extra day to prepare, right Leslie? Not too mention the extra week to prepare for Carolina! This is just sick, and it is quite clear the amount of incompetence spewing from Winter Park!

    Frazier…..the turkey timer has popped, and your done. Quit now before you get someone hurt. Don’t play for pride, cause there’s none left ( can you seriously say there is after the last 2 weeks?).

  71. vikes defense played good last night overall. its even more evident that our coaching staff has no clue how to prepare a gameplan. our fans got exactly what they deserve an embarrissing loss. vikes fans wanted this because ponder was the reason they lost early in the season and they just had to have a new qb. f… the fans! ponder isnt great but he is capable of being a good qb… lets see what ponder has bc freeman was never the answer

  72. Clearly the worst I think I’ve ever seen my team look. At the half it would have made sense to put Ponder in the game and see what he could do. At least then you can change some plays at the LOS and possibly make something happen. Our offense barely scraped together 100 yards total, and the only bright spot of the night was negated when the same guy dropped a guaranteed pick 6 then fumbled the ensuing punt at our own 3 yard line.

    Freeman has better pocket presence, but that was embarrassing. He only knew 3 of Bill’s 6 plays, which makes a limited offense even worse. Might as well line up and try to run the Wing T if that’s what we are going to trot on the field every week. The fact that Frazier and Musgrave let that happen is embarrassing, and SURELY there has to be a coaching change ASAP.

    Also, our antiquated 1980s Tampa 2 needs to go bye bye. Nearly every series our defense is out there and forcing a 3rd & 7ish. The linebackers drop back 25 yards apparently, and checkdowns destroy us. At this point, it’s time to trade every veteran on the roster that’s worth any sort of draft pick and just rebuild and hope we get Bridgewater. We’re Jaguars bad

  73. Why, why, why, why, WHY….would you have a QB who just got to your team throw 50+ times in their first game?

    ESPECIALLY when you have the best RB in football?!?

  74. I don’t think I have ever seen a more pitiful display of football in all my years of watching. Freeman should have been yanked in the second quarter. Pour coaching!

  75. Glad the Browns didn’t pick up Freeman. We’d have lost to the Packers just as badly, if not worse.

  76. Another terrible unwatchable MNF game. I cannot remember when they had a good game on Monday night. Ever since the show Playmakers, the NFL has been sticking it to ESPN.

  77. Growing up, MNF was always the best game of the week, now it is clearly Sunday night, especially with the flex schedule at the end of the season. MNF is typically one of the worst games.

  78. Neither team was impressive. I turned the game off at half time. I guess Freeman went 20 for 50 something for less than 2 bucks. I think Freeman has lost the will to play the game. He was better as a rookie. Of course the foodtball media will make excuses about how he is learning a system and whatever, but it is still football. If you can’t throw a football to another person and at least get it close to where they are standing, you don’t have what it takes to be a QB in the NFL.

  79. I can’t believe I watched 75% of that game. I should have watched the amount that was Freeman’s completion percentage and turned it off before half time.

  80. kmarty009 says: Oct 22, 2013 12:10 AM

    I’m just saying, our (Vikings) offensive line is putrid. Freeman was either on the run or on his back the whole game… The o-line deserves an “F”.

    Who are you, Freeman’s mother? You did notice that on the many occasions Freeman had to throw he overshot his target by twelve feet?

  81. Hmmmmm, Where is the in depth on the old game this is more of a blog posting than an article.

    The vikings looked like a team that just woke up. AP out of the back field had no pop, honestly if the hamstring was bothering him put in TG. There was a check down where AP got into the open but couldnt make the cut back, something is wrong with him.

    Cassel and our new QB seem to have more arm than they know what to do with. Freeman threw everything high, showed horrible decision making (Giving his receivers a ticket for a sure injury/concussion), and couldnt make easy throws. Why is he the answer again?

    I dunno there is too much wrong in Minnesota for anyone to have a good shot. First drive should have been 7 pts for the Giants if manning doesnt over throw the receiver who was wide open. AP hasnt had much opportunity this year as we alway seem to be down 7 or more. The QB job seems to be the only thing we cycle through (Not the offensive line, or defense).

    Seems like the LF era is coming to an end in minnesota. Wonder who we get next, and I wonder if we will go after another used quarterback again?

  82. As a 49ers fan who languished under the Mike Singletary era…………………………he may not be the HC in Minnesota but goodness that Minnesota team is eerily reminiscent of those teams coached under Singletary.

    How is Minnesota THIS bad? It’s almost inconceivable to think that “to suck” at this juncture would be an IMPROVEMENT.

  83. 1: Whoever thought to sign Peyton Hillis should be given a raise, he was the only player that looked like he belonged in the NFL.

    2: The Vikings don’t have a qb. Just sign Tim Tebow and run the wishbone… at least you won’t have 54 incompletions every game.

  84. Worse game I have watched – as much as I hate the goofiness of the Pro-bowl, this was 10 times worse. NY won, but they really have nothing to brag about that win. Hell both teams need to go back to basics and learn football strategies.

  85. I agree with the postings of those that thought it was too soon for Josh to be starting. He was set up to fail . I just hope his confidence has not been completely destroyed and he will be able to improve after having some time to really practice with his receivers. I think his supporting cast let him down too. He looked bad because he was put in a bad situation.

  86. This game is the perfect example of how important a good offensive line is. On both sides of this game the o-line did not get the job done. When Peterson is limited to that few yards you know something is wrong.

  87. Just when I thought it was as bad as it could get, filthy shows up.

    What a hapless, tasteless individual.


  88. Halfway through the game I muted the TV and started playing “Entry of the Gladiators” (the circus song). Made the game far more enjoyable to watch.

    That game was one butt-fumble away from being the worst primetime performance I’ve ever seen.

  89. The curse is the NYG’s biggest opponent…didn’t they know the city which host the Super bowl that team usually has a bad year…guess the Giants were more appealing then the Jets since the Jets usually suck anyway lol

    Personally as a REDSKINS fan i’m loving it this is payback MARA for your involvement in the cap penalty BS the league imposed on the REDSKINS!

  90. The overthrows are a concern, I don’t know if that’s just a timing issue or what but it seems like it should be easiest enough to fix with more practices.


    Let me get this right. Your a Bucs fan and you are making excuses for Freeman’s over throws?

    Have you even watched a Bucs game over the last 5 years? Over throws is what Josh is best at…. this game that is so “awful” is a typical Freeman game. With the exception of a meaningless late score that he is usually good for.

  91. 1) We got the 2nd and 3rd worst teams in football in a nationwide (if not worldwide) showcase game. Something is very wrong with the NFL right now.

    2) Just because the NFL has been pushing Favre back into the narrative the last week or so…

    I wonder how many Viking fans now realize they made a deal with the devil. Since that magical 10-1 start to the 2009 season, the Vikings are 23-38-1 in all games played since. How worth it was it to push a little bit more into the playoffs than the year before (Minnesota DID win the division and make the playoffs the year before they got Favre) only to be here now? In the end, 2008 and 2009 landed Division Champ Banners and nothing else. No hardware, no entries into the annals of NFL history. Remember Favre was part of getting Childress canned, and Favre played up Frazier and there was going to be the “proper” opening up of the game. The Viking Franchise is still living with the impact of Favre coming to town, raking in $20M, and changing the guard of the control of the team, all for one extra playoff paycheck for the players and not much extra for the fans other than a kick to the kiwis.

  92. Oh my, I dont know what they’re saying in the Giants locker room but that was some sad lookin football right there. The Giants just managed to suck less than the Vikings last night. The funniest part was when one of the broadcasters just casually said what he was thinking and remarked “these are just two bad football teams”. yikes

  93. Not having seen the Giants play, didn’t take too darn long to figure out exactly whats wrong with this team -not including its best running backs are hurt, its that stinking O line or lack of.

    I mean common, the Vikes blizted on every down because the tape showed them the O line was horrific and they could easily get to Manning.

    It also shows that when either Manning, has all day to throw, they are pretty good and when they work behind a stinkin O line they are average at best, at least Eli is. T times he looked clueless and threw clueless.

  94. The annoucers as I explained to my wife never use expletives like horrible, lousy, sucks, they always use excuses: little practice time, not familiar, no protection.
    Hey your a QB, you got a guy wide open, how much practice time do you need to throw the ball to that wide open guy. Is there a special play that says, ok on this play throw it to the wide open guy.

    Throwing a football is throwing a football, practice or no practice. This guy is getting 9 million this year and threw 33 incompletions.

    The Vikes sure couldn’t wait for Ponder to get injured to replace him could they.

  95. Probably going to start hearing Pederson bitching how he can’t break that all time rushing record if they don’t give him the ball more. Hey they gave him the ball and he sucked.
    I also notice how he hides behind people a lot until there is an opening.
    Jim Brown ran over people to get openings.

  96. They shouldn’t even have let Musgrave get on the bus.

    I don’t care what the Giants are doing to stop Peterson. You are starting a QB who has been on the team for less than 2 weeks. You DON’T throw the ball 50 times when you have the best RB in football on your roster.

    Even if the Giants had 11 in the box, don’t you think AP left, AP right, AP up the middle would have worn them down eventually and maybe opened up some play action passes that even Josh “Most Inaccurate Passer Possibly In The History Of The NFL” Freeman could have completed?

    Possibly the worst game I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Do either of these teams play Jacksonville? If not, I’m not sure either wins another game all year.

  97. savethisname says:
    Oct 22, 2013 9:16 AM
    This game is the perfect example of how important a good offensive line is. On both sides of this game the o-line did not get the job done. When Peterson is limited to that few yards you know something is wrong.

    Really? It’s the offensive line and NOT the fact that AP got THIRTEEN carries in what was a one score game for most of the night?

    What that game was was a perfect example of how important a semi-competent offensive coordinator is.

  98. justintuckrule says:
    Oct 22, 2013 12:17 AM
    Just because the game didn’t satisfy the fantasy lovers with a 50-48 score doesn’t automatically mean it was sloppy. Both front 7s played the run great tonight and forced the qbs into plenty 3rd and longs.

    Please tell me you’re joking. The Vikings ran the ball 14 times all night. That would explain the 3rd and longs. Not too hard to “play the run great” when the other team isn’t, um………..trying to run the ball at all.

  99. When I heard the Vikings picked up Freeman, I knew they were going to regret it.

    When I watched the game until halftime, I knew I would regret it.

    I just wonder if ESPN was able to convince half of its viewers to come back after the half time show?

    If Giants fans actually count that notch on their belt as a win, they are in trouble. Eli the most highly compensated QB in the game must have had the same agent as Prince Fielder did, that’s all I can say.

  100. That was, without a doubt, one of the ugliest Giants game I have ever seen. They were able to “eke” out a win by making one less mistake. It is and will be a long season for both teams.

    With that being said, I really did not understand the Vikes objective at QB. Freeman’s throws, if they weren’t errant and nowhere near a receiver wearing a purple helmet, were downright dangerous, and his teammates knew that. I understand the whole getting him into the mix sooner rather than later, but maybe, just maybe, last night wasn’t the night for it.

    He put his recever’s in a lot of dangerous positions. I’m sorry, I have to go with Chucky last night when he was calling for putting in the other QB that suited up for the Vikes.

  101. Worst pro football game ever played on monday nite football. Everyone involved should donate their paycheck to charity. Fire fraiser! And speilman too!

  102. contra74 says:
    Oct 22, 2013 9:25 AM
    filthymcnasty1 says:
    Oct 21, 2013 10:41 PM
    Marcus Sherels giveth.

    Marcus Sherels taketh away.

    tokyosandblaster says:
    Oct 21, 2013 10:42 PM
    Marcus Sherels giveth, and Marcus Sherels giveth away.
    Wow – On the Vikings article ‘Marcus Sherels…’ Did you forget what screen name you were using? Same post by 2 ‘different people’? Gigs up!


    Because I corrected him?

    Man, you really have nothing left.

  103. kimbo71006 says: Oct 22, 2013 12:12 AM

    That was the WORST NFL game I have ever seen in my life.

    It was like watching Abbott and Costello…I feel like I just lost 3 hours of my life I can’t ever get back!!

    I’m not sure the Giants can count that as a win, it felt more like a surrender.

    I need a drink…
    Hey! I love Abbott and Costello. They make many people laugh. Wait a minute… I see your point.

  104. Wow.

    Maybe the Vikings should consider trading with another team for a QB that hasn’t been fired.

    Several teams are rolling deep with good QB rosters. Any good/servicable QB would make better choices…even on short notice playing time.

  105. Any other Vikings fans miss Chilly? We ran him out on a rail and now Ponder too. Ponder would have won this game easily tonight.


    I said this year after year after year that people bashed on Chilly. I said, “You spoiled Vikings fans will miss him when he’s gone.”

    And here we are.

    He won 6 games, then 8, then 10, then 12. One bad year after that and he’s out? People need to learn what the word PATIENCE means.

    A coach doesn’t have to be a best friend to a player. Parcells wasn’t. Belichick wasn’t. Chilly wasn’t popular but the results spoke for themselves.

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