Jermichael Finley in ICU, has regained almost all movement

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Packers tight end Jermichael Finley suffered a scary looking injury that left his teammates shaken up as they watched Finley be immobilized and taken out of Lambeau Field on a gurney by medical personnel.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Finley remains in the intensive care unit at an area hospital on Monday, but that tests have come back negative thus far and that Finley has regained almost all movement after not being able to move immediately after taking a hit from Browns safety Tashaun Gipson. Tom Pelissero of USA Today adds that Finley is not expected to require surgery.

Pelissero also reports that the Packers don’t expect to know if or when Finley can return to the field for several weeks. The tight end is expected to remain in ICU while doctors do more tests because it offers the most comfort and 24-hour support.

It’s the second time this season that Finley has been knocked out of a game by a blow to the head and/or neck. The last one caused his five-year-old son to tell him that he didn’t want his father to play football anymore, a sentiment others in the Finley family may share after Sunday’s apparently significant injury.

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  1. Finley could be playing scared, which results in injuries due to tensing and hesitation. He might think of retiring at this point.

  2. I love my Packers. I’m glad to see Finley finally both living up to his potential on the field and acting like a solid citizen off. I even have Finley as my TE on my fantasy team.

    That being said, if he came out this week with a statement that he was retiring from football following this incident I wouldn’t blame him one bit.

  3. From a Bears fan
    Hope you get better soon , then reevaluate your football career. Do what’s best for you and your family.

  4. ‘Almost all movement’? That’s like saying, ‘he can almost walk again’. Leads me to believe it was even more severe than originally perceived. Especially after the positive reports this morning.

  5. That’s good to know, but the mere fact he hasn’t regained ALL movement yet (or that he lost any to begin with) is rather scary.

  6. As a Bears fan you hate to see that to anyone I saw it and just absolutely was hoping for good news. All my best to you Finley.

  7. i read that article about what his son said to him..

    when you realize these players are putting their life on the line with each catch, it really puts things into perspective.

    Finely, coming off of his second major head issue, should really give his son’s words some consideration.

    sending out some prayers for a full recovery .

  8. Not a Packers fan, but prayers for a full recovery. Hate to see that happen to anyone. Best wishes Jermichael.

  9. Time to retire Finley. Not worth it. And nobody would blame you. You’ll take more flack for returning. Think about your son. He needs you for many many years. The Packers can always find a new TE. Your life is more important than a game. You’ll always be a Packer, and will be loved and missed. But I’d rather miss you as a player than as a person.

  10. He has all movement but when he doctor can’t seem to figure out why he keeps dropping everything he gives him for tests…

  11. Why do people feel the need to preface comments with “From a Vikings Fan, or From a Bears Fan”?
    Do you feel proud that you’re able to set aside biases related to a game that you don’t even participate in and behave like a decent human being?! Wow.

  12. I am glad to see so many people that are not Packer fans showing their support to Finley. As a Packers fan myself I hope we get him back, however I would not blame him one bit if he decided there is too much risk to keep playing.

  13. Hold up!! Wasnt there a story posted about Finely stating his son asked him to stop playing football for fear he would get hurt. Its almost like his son was a messenger from the future or something. Wow!!

  14. We need You Out Of Icu And Back On The Field For That 18Game Seasi. Thay You Were endorsing

  15. JMike – get yourself better. Prayers are with you and your family. Will be a big decision coming soon for you. Not one I’d like to be making.

    All the best!

  16. obsessedvikingfan says:
    Oct 21, 2013 12:56 PM
    Scary but legal hit. Anyone who says any different is just a Packer fan.

    Best of luck obsessedvikingfan says:
    Oct 21, 2013 12:56 PM
    Scary but legal hit. Anyone who says any different is just a Packer fan.

    Best of luck to Finley.

    to Finley.


    Nobody said that it was an illegal hit. Thats just sick that you have to start your statement by saying that it was a “Scary but legal hit”.
    You didnt need to throw in the Legal aspect of your statement.

  17. Legal hit my ass. The one guy tackled him and he was locked up on his way to the ground and the second molester dove into the pile helmet first and then pretended it was an accident.

    This is going on a lot, players doing the dirty hit then acting like, oh gee it was an accident that I hit the guy hard as he was heading for the sidelines and would have ran out on his own.

    Seems to me defense men have a new mantra, if the guy is making you look bad, take him out and take you chances with his replacement.

  18. I was watching that live last night. That was a vicious hit. From my biased opinion, as I am a Browns fan, Finley ducked when he knew the hit was coming, just a Gipson adjusted to not strike with his head. As violent as that was, if it had been a helmet to helmet strike, there would have been two gurneys on the field. I hope Finley has a quick and full recovery, as I really hate to see that happen to anyone.

  19. Scary but legal hit. Anyone who says any different is just a Packer fan.

    Or an NFL referee. Gipson was flagged on the play and could hear from the NFL police force later this week.

  20. Thank god he’s not paralyzed. It’s time to hang it up man. You’ve got tons of cash and the rest of your life to live.

    Go be a dad.

  21. I know he loves the game, I know he’s probably devastated, I wish him a speedy recovery first and secondly I hope he makes the best decision for himself and his family.

  22. I would like to see the NFL allow officials to use their judgment on penalizing head shots (some penalties have been ridiculous) and in the interest of real safety, not allow players like Finley and former Detroit, currently unsigned free agent Jahvid Best to play… implement a program to assist football players who have been injured, especially head and neck injuries, to transition out of the game (whether financial, emotional, training, etc.) and bring some sense back to this issue. The fact that Jahvid Best hasn’t been signed by any team is just dodging a bullet but not the solution.

  23. Not sure when “leading with the helmet” started but it has reached a pandemic stage. Players are always taught to run through their target but you seldom see players apply tackling techniques any longer. They just lunge at the other player to make contact. My brother in law played in the NFL and though many fans “thought” he was a dirty player not one player in the league would endorse it.

    Because of the nature of football you will always have injuries to the lower extremities and I don’t think that has changed much over time. However, the head injuries have increased exponentially and I thinks thats because players are always going for the big hit. As was the case here, the second player made no attempt to “wrap” the player up, he just went for contact.

    This is an easy problem to fix. Years ago you had less rules for defensive players and you didn’t see nearly as many head injuries.

    When your head is exposed and a player is lunging head first, nothing good will come of that, especially when you are going to the ground and another defender has you wrapped up. Your a sitting duck!

    Get well soon Finley and definitely re-evaluate your football career. Twice in one year is Twice too many.

  24. Amazing to read some “classless comments” about a potential serious injury to a football player! Do you think of this as a joke? Some people really need to grow up!! I wish him a speedy recovery.

  25. Seeing an injury like that and knowing players like Daryl Stingley and others who never recovered saddens me greatly. It goes without saying that football is dangerous, but my heart goes out to them and their families nonetheless. I know how your life can turn in an instant, how your world can change forever and nothing you do or say can bring it back to the way it was. Some things can’t be fixed. I know because I broke my neck in a diving accident when I was 17. That was in 1965 and I’ve been a quadriplegic and wheelchair user since that day.

    Hope you recover fully, JF.

  26. 6th year in the league and the guy has dealt with a torn meniscus, an ugly staph infection during recovery from that injury, concussions, and now a potentially serious neck injury.

    Just walk away now with 6 years of NFL salary earned. Be around to watch your kid become a man.

    My hunch is that the Packers will be putting Finley on IR and giving him the Nick Collins treatment this winter — that’s not a dig on the team at all, I think they handled the Collins situation perfectly.

    Sterling Sharpe, Mark Chmura, Terrance Murphy, Nick Collins, now Finley. :-/

  27. Retire? Judging by that attitude of some of the posters, all the players in the NFL should retire before they get hurt.

    Finley is probably lucky he wasn’t more severely injured. He is also lucky to have the ability to play a sport at a professional level that most people who play never attain.

    If he feels he is better off not playing, he should quit. If he wants to play, he gets paid to take risks and might think it is worth it. Odds are he will never be in that situation again in his career. If he is cleared to play, I say he should keep playing.

  28. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Since the new Union/Owner agreement and the limit to padded practices, it seems that there have been 5 times more injuries, maybe more than that. Lots of serious injuries are happening since the lack of contact in practice was made a new rule. Coincidence?

  29. If my 5 year old son told me to hang it up then I go back out there and get into another severe injury soon after….yea, it’d be time to hug my son and contemplate retirement.

  30. I know he wanted the new big contract but he definitely needs to understand that there are more important things on the table now. Hope he makes the right decision or that the team makes it for him.

  31. Team allegiances aside, may the good lord look over Mr. Finley and his family during this time of need.

  32. Waiting for the fine the NFL will levy on Suh for this hit. I heard that he talked the Browns’ defender in to it after the game last week. He’s guilty. Somehow.

  33. Terrible injury whatever his decision I will back it

    Now that being said the Packers are doing a disservice to all the players wearing the Green and Gold some injuries happen but the amount and severity that happen to this team is way out of proportion.

    What is wrong with this teams strength and Coordination Coach or is it their medical Staff What is missing in coaching or screening processes with this Team Better find out the problem before some one gets killed on this team It is ridiculous the amount of people out .

  34. I agree. It was not dirty at all. However it just sucks to be losing so many players at this rate.

  35. Anyone who actually watched the play sees that Finley put his head down and lunges forward. That is the exact opposite of what I and anyone who play football was taught growing up. It written on the damn helmet! We were always taught that you can’t tackle what you can’t see. Same goes for offense. It’s an epidemic on both sides of the ball. He is hurt because he put his head down. He’s lucky he’s not paralyzed.

  36. Thank god JF is not paralyzed I was watching the game since im a packers fan and right as i saw that hit i was staring there saying get up Jermicheal Finley please. Then I saw the streacher come out im like my god Finley. Hope for a speedy, clean, healthy recovery hopefully hes back on the field this eason would be a miracle if not just take the recovery into the off-season where you’ll be ready for the opener next season ready to go. And sooner or later listen to your son after the Cincy game and that concussion he wanted you to retire that might be what it will be but its up to your family not you Family is first your self is second friends and team is third. Get well soon JF 🙂 And prayers and hopes for speedy recoveries for all NFL Players especcialy Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews. Stay in the Hospital for a bit before you feel better and can move again which you can just you know what I mean like be able to run and that.

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