Jim Irsay has last laugh on Twitter

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Anyone who thought Colts owner Jim Irsay would take the high road following his team’s victory over Peyton Manning in his return to Lucas Oil Stadium hasn’t paid much attention to Colts owner Jim Irsay.

After inadvertently spicing up the game by explaining that the decision to move on from Manning arose at least in part from a desire to pursue championships over statistics, Irsay opted to attack those in the media who gave his words their plain meaning — a plain meaning that left Broncos coach John Fox livid.  It’s no surprise that Irsay, emboldened by Sunday night’s win and the game ball he received after it, would keep swinging.

“As OWNER,Buck stops with U,” Irsay declared after the 39-33 win.  “In 1997 n January 2012,alone n the room, plotting the vision 4 Greatness! Strategically decades of success follows.”

Later, Irsay threw one final grenade at those who dared point out that the emperor may have been riding down the street, butt naked on a horse.

“Thanks 2 many ignorant n mean spirited media types,only some,certaInly not all;Man you helped FIRE UP our team..you were AWESOME! Thank YOU!” Irsay said.

So let’s get this straight.  Irsay said something stupid, Broncos coach John Fox and “some” in the media reacted, and that “helped FIRE UP” the Colts?

The truth could be that the Colts managed to win despite the best (worst) efforts of their owner to screw everything up.

Meanwhile, Irsay and the Colts will have to sweat out the possibility of a rematch with Manning in January.

“I am kind of in some ways somewhat relieved that this game is over and I feel like hopefully we will have a chance to play these guys again because that would mean we made the playoffs,” Manning told reporters after the game.  “We have a long way to go before then but you can certainly see them being in the postseason for sure and if there is a next time, it may be a little bit easier just because it was somewhat of an emotional week and it can be a little bit draining, I will say that.”

There’s indeed a long way to go, and the Broncos now have to focus on digging out of a one-game hole in their own division.  But last night’s game clearly involved a pair of teams destined for the postseason.  Maybe they’re destined to meet again when they get there.

And maybe the Colts once again will win despite the best (worst) efforts of their owner to screw everything up.

141 responses to “Jim Irsay has last laugh on Twitter

  1. For someone who doesn’t put much stock in all the meaningless regular season victories and Star Wars stats Peyton Manning gave him, Irsay seems pretty happy now.


  2. Put down the Twitter and act like the owner of an NFL team… Not a 16 year old teenager.

  3. if he claims credit for his comments causing a media stir that fired up his team for a win, I hope he also accepts the blame later when future comments cause a media stir the week prior to a loss.

  4. If there was any doubt that Jim Irsay is a world class, self involved, immature, petty heir- to-the-carpetbagging-fortunes-of-his-ancestors douche bag, this idiotic rant should have settled the matter.

    His moronic, low class behavior could make Peyton haters reconsider their attitudes.

  5. Jim Irsay has taken the reigns from Jerry as the biggest douche owner in the NFL. There comes a time when you need to keep you mouth closed and realize that Peyton is the ONLY reason that team is still in Indy. Peyton is the ONLY reason that the Colts has so many playoff appearances. And that “ring” that he is ungrateful for, Peyton helped pave the way for him to have that too. I personally think the owners of these NFL teams should not act like a little 14 year old girl on Twitter. Someone should take his twitter account from him and delete it.

  6. Did anyone see when NBC cut to Irsay’s skybox in the 2nd half? Even through the dark glass, it looked like Irsay was messed.

  7. I love how Irsay thinks he’s a great football mind because his daddy gave him a football team and he chanced into once in a generation talents in Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

  8. Irsay only need find a mirror for a good laugh. This guy is a clown. Keep shining up that ring, it’s probably the only one you’ll get.

  9. God, I do t know who I hate more, the broncos or Irsay. Right now I’m leaning towards the drunk with the twitter account. That was a great game though.

  10. When are you going to oost a story about the most compelling story of Week 7?
    When will you acknowledge the Kansas City Chiefs as the lone unbeaten team left? If it was Denver, ghat wojld have been the first story banged out.

    The Chiefs are real. They were real immediatly after the draft. They were real during OTA’s. They were real in training camp.

    Can you FINALLY hear me now!!!!????


  11. Being a loyal Colts fan for over 40 years is not easy with this guy. Take his toys (technology) away from him, please. To the owner: Without Manning, you have no Super Bowl ring, no Super Bowl in your city, no loyal fans, etc. etc. etc. Please SHUT UP!!!

  12. So from the first tweet we learn that all decisions come from him…letting Peyton and Poulian go. And that they had decades of success? Wait I thought they WEREN’T having success because he still had fingers without SB rings on them? So PEYTON and company were a success now?

    This guy hasn’t figured out that the best run franchises don’t have an owner in front of the mic (or twitter) taking shots at the world like a kid picked last for kickball at recess. I have always liked the Colts but I think that might change. Sit in ur press box. Run your team. Draft talent. Let your coach and your success on the field do the talking.

  13. Starting to dislike the Colts due to Irsay. Same way about JJ and the cowgirls. Big boy pants Dan Snyder and the forskins.

  14. So Jim it was your plan all along to build a team solely dependent on one player for five years, lose said player and become the worst team in the league so you can have a shot to do it all over again with Luck in another five years?

  15. On an unrelated note… Jim Irsay jumps to #1 on the “Biggest Douche Bag NFL Owner” list. The #1 spot was previously owned by Jerry Jones. Jones has had an unbelievable streak of 720 straight weeks ranked #1. Says Jerry, “I am proud of my streak. It is one I do not believe will ever be broken and I am proud of this. However, I will do everything in my power to regain the #1 ranking.” 10 minutes after this interview Jerry punched a baby and signed Tim Tebow.

  16. Look man, I know this is a business…This is my warning to the NFL…Please quit trying to keep games close via refs. We’re not stupid as you think. We know you monipulate games for drama, last night was ridiculous. I’m insulted on some of the calls NOT called and the ones that WERE from both sides to create fake drama.

    Its been getting so ridiculous the TV channels have been selective on their replays. I didn’t see one holding call replay last night, hmm. And the more replays they show just show us these refs are incompatent, the rules are ridiculous, or the league is just obsessed that obsessed with ratings to the point of decieving you right on tv.

    Good game but did I actually watch one

  17. It is hard not to respect Jim Irsay, he has worked so hard to get to where he is today.

  18. Honestly, I think Jim Irsay was right. He only repeated what every stinking analyst has said about Manning and those high powered Colts teams that only managed 1 title. Then they kill the messenger who’s only repeating whats been said over and over and attack his past substance abuse problems, even though he’s been clean for several years now. I think I’d take offense to people saying I was drunk too after all that.

  19. He’s right some media types did blow it up bigger than what it should have been. I would say Irsay did a great job of putting the focus on him in stead of his team.

  20. I wonder how long it’s going to be until the very first tabloid magazine is created strictly for the NFL. “Did you hear what so and so said about him??” Like, oh my gawd.

    This is a grown man’s game, where, once a week, the world’s biggest, fastest and strongest atheletes are put on a field and lay everything on the line for the sake of our entertainment.

    Please, to everyone involved in this meaningless trash, leave it out.

    Thank you.

  21. Wow, I guess the writer of this story is one of those people Irsay was talking about #bitterarentwe

    Thats right you pukes, COLTS WIN!!!!! COTLS WIN!!! LET THE IRSAY HATE FOLLOW…..

  22. Seems like people expected the colts to let the broncos walk all over them because of Peyton’s homecoming. Irsay can say what he wants.

  23. “The truth could be that the Colts managed to win despite the best (worst) efforts of their owner to screw everything up.”

    Right on, Mike.

    The NFL needs to take this mofo’s Twitter account away, he’s too dangerous.

  24. There are 14 year old’s who have more self control over their social media accounts than the owner of the Colts.

  25. What an arrogant prick… You literally “Lucked” out and got two of the best draft prospects while running a lame operation otherwise, and then you disrespect it to glorify yourself.

    Irsay also tweets like a whiney teenager

  26. Wow. This must really be Black Monday for the news media — both of their darlings (Peyton and Brady) lost yesterday.

    A moment of silence, please…

  27. He’s looking straight at you Florio! You and the rest know exactly what he said and what he was talking about. He’d said it several times before and none was negative toward Peyton. And exactly what he said he was trying build is what got a victory Sunday night – a more complete TEAM. They got more contributions from the D and special teams than they typically got during the Manning era. That’s all Irsay said – more balanced teams do better in the playoffs and that’s what they were trying to do this time. But hey, you got your clicks!!! Who cares about integrity!

  28. As classy as Andrew Luck is, Jim Irsay is that much more of a jerk. And he talks a lot of smack for a guy who is not stepping out between the lines…

    I’d like to see Luck do well, but honestly, I’m hoping these two teams meet again and that Manning gets his revenge…

  29. I hope they do meet in the playoffs and I also hope to see this quote from Manning:

    “Thanks for the post game tweets in October Jim. It fired me up, hence the 8 TD’s I threw.”

  30. Douchiest owner in sports. Jurrah is the most incompetent, but Irsay takes the cake in no class.

  31. I used to think Irsay might be different than his dad. But he is a classless buffoon. The Colts played good last night. The Broncos didn’t.

    Irsay should be the head of the Colts, unfortunately he is the other end.

  32. He appeared to be pretty drunk when the camera focused on him in the booth. Something tells me that he’ll have many more nights alone “strategically thinking.”

  33. 1997: “Lets take best unanimously #1 player with our #1 pick.”
    2012: “Lets take unanimously #1 player with #1 pick, replacing previous #1 pick.”

    Dont pull a muscle patting yourself on the back Jim.

  34. Irsay acts like he a genius when all he did was get lucky to have the 1st pick in years with obvious #1 picks. How’s that TRich trade working out, lol

  35. Best way to judge a mans character is how he acts after a win. Jim says all the credit goes to the owner, and essentially calls himself a genius. Not an ounce of class in that gas bag. Pour back another one, Jim.

  36. Couldn’t wait to fire up the media circus again today could you Mr. Florio? Ok our owner uses social media a little more than he probably should. But you always seem to jump on the horse and ride as fast as you can to OVER INFLATE the situation. It was a good game played on the field. Don’t start stoking the flames already.

  37. Well as I mentioned in my earlier post on the subject, this was always about ego and taunting points for amusement’s sake more than anything. That’s why it was so brilliantly genius, because even now after it being perfectly executed and explained it still doesn’t make much sense!

    And it’s this kind of confusing conundrum that will ensnare the next opponent. Fox learned the hard way, he stepped in the quicksand and then compounded the mistake when he chickened out on the first 4th and 1 that he punted away. It was then and there that he lost, yet didn’t really know it. Irsay did though. He’s a mad genius, but at least he’s sniffing around what’s important, and sometimes you just have to posture with strength and stick your opponent into an awkward spot.

    It worked this time! Somehow!

  38. he has a right to be happy and to get back at people in the media and certain internet hacks who took what he said and blew it way out of proportion. he has no reason to apologize for anything he said. he was sick of hearing how wrong he was for letting Manning walk and gave his reasons why. again what did he say that was so wrong? he paid the man plenty of money and got 1 super bowl win. he only pointed out that other teams had won more without a record setting qb he was committing a major part of the salary cap to. and Manning was coming off a year he did not play because of a major injury where he made 28 million for not playing,so he is suppose to pay him another 20 million when they don’t know if can come back or not? for somebody who raised a big fuss when the colts gave him his first big deal(remember the colts paid to much and will not win a super bowl because they do not have the money for other players florio?) you sure changed your view didn’t you?

  39. Irsay was right about the Colts when Manning was on the team. They needed to change their identity. They are a bigger and tougher team. It wasn’t all about Manning but a change. If they were going to make the change they had to move on from manning because he ate up too much cap and prevented them from retooling the roster.

    The media wanted to make it about Manning and Irsay but it wasn’t. It was about Irsay saying that the previous team design wasn’t capable of winning it all more than once and history proves that is correct.

    If you want to be a champion then look at the teams that do it. They usually have really good defenses (or at least defenses that are playing really well come playoff time), they have size on D and can hold up v. the run. They have good QBs and they can run the ball if they have to.

    The Colts had one of those and got one ring.

  40. The apple (Jim) didn’t fall far from the turd tree (Bob). People can justify him running his mouth all he wants but the bottom line is show some class. There is no need for the “nyah-nyah” BS.

  41. Browns fans everywhere would like the first round pick for T. Rich. Cleveland needs all the help they can get, and y’all overpaid big time. Fumbled twice, and another game under 50 yards rushing.

  42. WOW, alot of people did not see this coming. The Colts played a very good game and Manning looked like he did in the college playing against the Gators. Just frustrated. I think that Peyton is the classiest player in this era but I need more of him to shut that drunk up.

  43. Here is another T. Rich stat for you Colts fans. He’s played 22 games, rushed for 1,283 yds, 13 TD’s. Break it down, and this is what game averages are:

    Avg – 58 yds per game rushing, .6 Rushing TD’s per game.

    Is that worth a first round pick?

  44. I wonder how many people caught Al Michaels quip last night about the PR people taking away Irsay’s twitter account followed up with, “…among other things.” Al was a little on the punchy side last night. I enjoyed it.

  45. “plotting the vision 4 Greatness!” = tanking an entire year and charging your season ticket holders full price during it.

  46. Colts won this game but same old Colts, just a different QB under center. Defense gave up 33. This was a shootout, pure and simple, much like what would happen if Oregon and Texas A&M played –lots of scoring and no defense. So whether Irsay intended to take a dig at Manning or not, the current team is built the same way it was during the Manning era. The Colts had to transition past Manning when they had a chance to draft Luck, just like GB had to draft Rodgers. Irsay fired Polian for building a team that depended too much on Manning. Maybe he should fire himself for heading down that same path with Luck.

  47. Give credit where credit is due, their rebuild took about 5 minutes. They made all the right moves. Trading for a backup rb doesn’t seem to fall in line with their plan though. That seems like a mistake 5 weeks in.

  48. Was Jim Irsay the kid from the Richard Pryor Movie “The Toy”?!?

    He’s grown into quite the brat…

    What a tool…


  49. It’s crazy, that was a great game and a great win by a scrappy young team. I like watching Luck, he’s got a bright future and I love Chuck. What a great coach.

    That owner though… something about opening up a twitter account and remove all doubt.

  50. So Jim it was your plan all along to build a team solely dependent on one player for five years, lose said player and become the worst team in the league so you can have a shot to do it all over again with Luck in another five years?


    There’s something called a salary cap. Perhaps you might have heard of it. Peyton Manning NEVER took one single penny less than full market value. He went for the max contract every time. You can’t create a well rounded team with depth when so much of your cap space is tied up in one player. Peyton did it to himself. And Peyton’s playoff record/stats are his own fault. Let’s not try and pretend he didn’t have help on his side of the ball. He was surrounded by All Pros on offense and yet he’d still throw picks all over the field. It was just unfortunate for him that he couldn’t face Rex Grossman in every playoff game.

  51. Here is a guy that allowed his team to tank the season for the first pick of the draft. I wouldn’t doubt if Irsay told Vontae Davis to act like an ass on the Dolphins so he could trade for him, because Davis seems to be behaving himself now.

  52. Fact is the Colts slapped around the Pretty in Pink Donkeys last night. The Colts are built for the long haul, they are built to win in the playoffs. Bronco’s? Not so much. But maybe Peyton will break another passing record, so WAHOOO!!!!

  53. Still only 1 game and 1 win, in a long season, if Wayne is out with a torn ACL, as are the reports, Isray’s social media account, could get quiet, in the coming weeks. Bey is fast, but his hands are slow, not a #1

  54. I agree with everyone who posted that Irsay is a total jerk. He is very immature, and a total moron. Someone needs to take his twitter from him, for sure.

    However, that being said, it does not mean that his initial comments about how the team was designed, and Peyton Manning’s inability to win the “big game” (playoffs, SB) were incorrect.

    Irsay was right on the money. I would say, even though it was a regular season game, last night’s game was a pretty “big game,” with all the hoopla and emotion, etc.

    You saw the result.

  55. Irsay would be living in a trailer listening to Glenn Beck all day long if he hadn’t had the complete luck of being born into wealth.

  56. Good win for the Colts. As a Denver fan I am disappointed but you can’t win them all. Too many mistakes (turnovers/penalties) on the road against a good football team. Can’t blame the offivciating as there were poor calls for both teams. Denver’s offensive line got exposed by a good Indy front. Missing your starting center and both left and right tackles I’m surrprised it hasn’t been more of a factor. My biggest issue as a Denver fan was why Ronnie Hillman was on the field given the game situation. Knowshon has been clutch all year I’m not sure why Fox decided to get cute with personel at that point in the game. Even with that said theres no telling that they would have been able to win the game even with a TD on that drive. Looking forward to a bounce-back game against the Skins next week.

  57. Pretty much said by all the commentators, but has to be said again.
    Put a lid on it Mr Irsay, your tweets are embarrassing to teenagers (since so many people compare your tweets to teens tweeting)

  58. So let’s get this straight. Irsay said something stupid, Broncos coach John Fox and “some” in the media reacted, and that “helped FIRE UP” the Colts?

    This is just your typical classless remedy for being wrong. It’s how our world works, and it’s everywhere you look these days.

  59. One thing Irsay won’t have to do if he meets Manning in January is sweat, Mannings 9-11 and 8 one and done playoff record proves that. That was the whole purpose of his tweets in the first place.

  60. I’ve never watched a reality tv show but if you put him and Dan Snyder in a house together it would be so funny. Then maybe Shad Kahn for some comic relief guest appearances. Solid gold.

  61. Man on man…Can coach Pagano sit down the owner and tell him to shut down his twitter and grow up?

    They won that game despite Jim Irsay giving bulletin board material to the opposing team. Colts are a gritty team but their owner rubs everyone the wrong way.

  62. Genius move by Irsay. Got into Peyton’s head. Peyton went into “playoff mode” and came up snake eyes just like he always does.

    Bravo, Irsay… Bravo.

  63. Irsay is a complete embarrasment, but he knows Peyton.

    He knew the key to beating the Broncos is to spend the whole week talking about how great Peyton is and he’d choke.

    Just like each January.

  64. Irsay was right about certain media types. The “media types” that hammered this story to death, who went on and on about how stupid it was to make Manning mad and how he was gonna hang 50 on the Colts, disrespected the “other ” 53 men that play football for the Colts. The media made it sound like the Colts just didn’t have any say on how this game was gonna be played, that Manning and the Broncos could just impose thier will against any team. Becauce of course why no one could beat the Broncos. You see this is what happens when certain media types fall in love with a certain player and ignore the obvious deficiencies that that player and his team has. Irsay was right, certain media types did fire up his team and gave them a reason to play hard after being disrespected and basically were told that they were nothing but an afterthought. Say what you will about Irsay but never and I repeat NEVER tell an NFL team that they don’t matter especially when they are plaing in front of thier home field and fans.

  65. Don’t make the poor little rich boy go into more of a hissy fit – he’ll pack up the team and move it to LA at midnight.

  66. Irsay, like Jones should shut up and own, not comment like a whiny teenager. And truth be told, without the fumble at the two yard line by the Denver RB, the game is 40 – 39 Denver.

    I hope there’s a rematch and Manning lights up the Colts.

  67. As a Colts fan, Irsay was the reason I started twitter. Every other day he has contests for tickets, colts memorabilia, cash, etc. He Also keeps me refreshing my twitter every ten minutes in situations we are in right now expecting a move to replace #87 because we all know Jimmy will spill the beans first.
    I do Admit about 10% of his tweets are embarrassing…..usually thoughs coming after 1 am.

    And to all those saying a rematch in the playoffs…..I welcome that thought with Mannings history and I know seasons just at the half way point but Colts=2 seed, broncos=5 seed. See you at LOS in January.

  68. indyibew481 says: Oct 22, 2013 11:19 AM

    As a Colts fan, Irsay was the reason I started twitter.


    You started twitter?


    Did you work with Al Gore or did you do it on your own?

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