Kubiak: Matt Schaub’s our starting quarterback

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Case Keenum handled his first NFL start fairly well for the Texans on Sunday.

Against a very good Chiefs defense, Keenum completed 15-of-25 passes for 271 yards and a touchdown in a 17-16 loss that dropped the Texans to 2-5 this season. That was good enough for a quarterback rating of 110.6, better than any that Matt Schaub put up in six starts before getting injured in the Week Six loss to the Rams. Coach Gary Kubiak wasn’t moved to make an official change on the depth chart, however.

“Matt’s our starting quarterback,” Kubiak said, via the Houston Chronicle. “Case played this week.”

Kubiak has plenty of time to make a different choice about a starting quarterback before the Texans are next on the field. With a bye in Week Eight, Kubiak has two weeks to see how Schaub is recovering from his leg injury and evaluate whether or not he thinks Keenum gives the team a better chance to win regardless of Schaub’s health.

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  1. So Ponder is the Vikings starter, Weeden is the Brown’s starter, and Schaub is the Texans starter?

  2. Start Case another game and let Shaub get fully healthy and sit some time out. I doubt Keenum is going to pan out in the NFL but it can’t hurt to give him another start under the notion of wanting Shaub healthy. You create no controversy with that.

  3. why do all these coaches live and die by their qb? Frazier is doing the same exact thing and it’s been done a million times before it

    I gained a lot of respect for pete carroll doing what was better for the team and starting russell wilson (it wasn’t that clear-cut as it looks now, at the time)

  4. logicalvoicesays says: Oct 21, 2013 6:44 PM

    Top 5 QBs in Professional Football – Griffin III, Rodgers, Stafford, Dalton and Brees. In that order.

    Dalton isn’t even the best redheaded QB in the Nfl….

  5. Does this make any sense? You have a hurt qb that was playing awful. Truly awful. You have a young guy that comes in on the road in Kansas City and plays great. What is kubiack thinking?!?

  6. His $26M salary for next year says he will not be a Texan unless he returns and leads them to a super bowl victory

  7. I have heard of quarterbacks called coach killers but usually the death inset self inflicted. What part of Keenum’s performance from yesterday could Schaub replicate?

  8. I’ll tell you what he’s thinking.

    Its 2 weeks before the next game, and a week before they have a real practice. They don’t have to declare anything right now.

  9. What a idiot moron…
    Go ahead and seal your fate. Us Texans fans can’t wait until we have a head coach who knows how to use the talent we have down here..

  10. I’m about done with the Texans this season. Keenum has a better QBR in one game than Schaub had in any of his 6 starts, and it wasn’t till Keenum played that Andre Johnson had a catch for more than 20 yards. It’s so plain to see that Keenum is the better decision if they’re still considering the playoffs that Kubiack doesn’t deserve to finish the season if he continues to start Schaub.

  11. Man, I was at that game Sunday and I have to say Keenum had me scared. I thought that kid might just pull off a win against a good defense and a very hostile environment. It was loud as hell and he didn’t flinch. He threw good passes and made good decisions. Kubiak is an idiot if he doesn’t give this kid another chance.

  12. If this pans out to be true, Kubiak needs to go now. No need to wait until off season. Keenum was making quick smart reads, quick release on target and can actually throw the ball past 5 yars down the feild. With a little blocking no telling how well he can do

  13. Here’s Kubiak’s actual statement. As you can see he left the door open to choose Keenum.

    @McClain_on_NFL: Kubiak on QBs “Matt’s our starting QB, but I’m going to evaluate where we R as a team during the bye week.”

  14. The Texans are pretty baffling. They are 2-5, and you could argue, were very close to losing the two games they have won, and thus being 0-7. They were down 28-7 to the Chargers at one point in week one and rallied to win on a last second field goal, and they needed overtime to beat the Titans.

    With all that talent, what a travesty this team has become.

  15. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 21, 2013 6:44 PM
    Top 5 QBs in Professional Football – Griffin III, Rodgers, Stafford, Dalton and Brees. In that order.

    How in the h*** does Stafford and Dalton – forget Bob Griffin – make that list?

  16. I could be completely wrong on this.

    Me thinks this could be a management call on starting Schaub.
    But my take here is the Texans cut Schaub after this season (I believe they have a clause in the contract if they cut him before June next year, they pay him only ~3mil).
    Meanwhile, they let Keenum learn the ropes behind Schaub (lost in his crappy play over the last few games is the fact that he is still a pretty decent QB). Meanwhile, if (and that is a big IF) Schaub recovers his mojo, he could be a good trade bait next season (lot of teams like the Bucs, Vikings are looking for decent QB’s and Schaub fits the bill)

  17. Kubiak isn’t going anywhere. Owner Bob McNair loves the local boy and the stadium is packed every week no matter what the W-L record is.

  18. Christian Ponder, Brandon Weeden, Josh Freeman, and Alex Smith last year were all their teams starting quarterbacks, right up until they weren’t. You don’t really expect a guy to be told he’s being benched via press conference, do you? Does anyone expect a coach to give their opponents two weeks notice on a decision like this?

    If the team is more confident with Keenum at the helm, then it is time to make the change. However, Schaub has done enough for the team that he desrves to be treated respectfully during the transition.

  19. After what Case did, which wasn’t amazing but was enough to get an entire city behind him, Schaub will get destroyed by the hometown crowd if he steps one foot on that field.

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