Michael Robinson set for physical with Seahawks


The Seahawks saw fullback Derrick Coleman hurt his hamstring last Thursday against the Cardinals, leaving them with no healthy players at the position with Spencer Ware still sidelined by a sprained ankle.

They may be bringing in a familiar face to rectify the problem. Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports that Michael Robinson will be taking a physical with the team on Monday that could be a precursor to his return to the team if all goes well.

Robinson spent the last three years with the Seahawks, starting 14 games and scoring three touchdowns as a receiver. He was cut at the end of preseason because the Seahawks had cheaper options than paying Robinson the $2.5 million he was set to make and because Robinson was suffering from an illness he blames on a bad reaction to prescription medicine.

In addition to leading Marshawn Lynch through holes, Robinson played a key role on special teams for the Seahawks and would likely find that in his portfolio again if he returns to the Seahawks fold.

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  1. Cutting MRob was easily one of the least popular final cuts this year, along with Jeremy McGrath. Fans will be happy if he makes it back onto the roster.

  2. Great news for Hawk fans. Coleman who may develop into a solid fullback. With him we run I formation and power run 6-7 times a game and its half the amounts and half as effective as it was when with had Robinson and Lynch.

    Robinson see’s the field like a coach/former QB and Lynch has this trust in him. Seahawks have yet to play their best football and are 6-1.

  3. It is impossible not to like adding MROB back the squad. The guy is the very definition of a football player.

  4. I always liked MRob, but realistically, his being cut was blown way out of proportion by the fan base.

    He is in on less than 30% of the offensive plays, he was going to make $2.5 Million this season, and he had some kind of ‘mystery’ illness during pre-season that no one has really ever explained…

    I think a lot of the ‘fans’ missed the ‘Real Rob Report’ more than anything.

    But you don’t keep a sick, aging, big money player on your roster because he video tapes the other players hanging out in the locker room!

    If he is ready to play, great welcome back!
    If not, thanks for the memories.

    Getting attached to certain players in a ‘team’ sport, like today’s NFL is just setting yourself up for misery.

    Players will come and go, but the team will always go on.

    Go Hawks!

  5. I wonder what that prescription medication was….. 😉

    I’m kidding of course. Calm down. I like Robinson a lot actually and he’ll be a great re-addition to the Seahawks. He is a good back in his own right and makes Seattle more dangerous. I can’t wait until December.

  6. Wow, with all the outpouring of love for this guy, why did he ever get cut in the first place?

  7. Getting him back is great, as he has been a solid FB for us since 2010… Getting him back at a $1.7M discount is even better!!! Him, and Lynch seem to have a good chemistry. Although Lynch has been racking up some very good yardage it seems he is always coming up just shy of 100+ yards this year. I realize some if that has to do with Okung, and the rest of the line being banged up, and playing out of position, but I see some 100+ rushing games in the future with MR back in the mix. Can’t wait to see what this team can do when we get Robinson, Harvin, Okung, Giocomini (although Bowie has looked pretty good), and Wagner back!!! Keep rolling Hawks!

  8. I believe I’m more excited to see him than Percy. Smart player, sees the field like a qb(because he was a college qb) and has mashawns full belief in his lead blocking.

  9. Yeah, I like Jeremy Mc Grath alot too!! Not much of a football player tho. Maybe best supercross rider of all time … Sean ?? Enjoy your comments greatly ,Trollhammer, just had to pull ya up on this one!!

  10. He is a class act and great teammate. He already understands and works well in the system. Glad to hear and hope he passes his physical. This will be a good move and one that helps the Hawks.

  11. I’m sure he’ll pass his physical, unless he’s been crashed on his couch inhaling twinkies since he was released, which I doubt.

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