Montgomery explains the rule change that burned the Patriots


The rule that gave the Jets a field-goal Mulligan on Sunday came from safety concerns.  The man who pushed for the rule against pushing defensive players on the line of scrimmage in field-goal formation has confirmed that he wanted to make those plays safer.

“I actually pulled my hamstring because it root-hogged my legs out from underneath me. I did the splits, and I usually can’t do the splits,” Redskins center Will Montgomery told Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports.  “I’m like, ‘Man, this is BS.’  That was the genesis of the rule change. . . .

“They say just get low pads and low pad wins, but you get low pads and then guys fall on top of you.  You feel like bones are gonna break or you’re going to pull things and I did pull my hamstring.  So you figure, in this whole new era of player safety, a four-on-one is not safe in the NFL.”

Montgomery, as we explained last night, arrived at player meetings with the Competition Committee in February with video evidence to support his concerns.  The Competition Committee agreed, the owners agreed, and the rule was changed.

While questions will linger regarding Patriots coach Bill Belichick’s misinterpretation of the rule — specifically relating to how he came to believe that it applies only to pushes from the “second level” of the defense — the rule says what it says.  And the right call was made.

29 responses to “Montgomery explains the rule change that burned the Patriots

  1. Good to finally see the Patriots on the losing end of a questionable call for once… They made out like bandits last week against the Saints..

  2. I didn’t know the Patriot Way included constant whining that the rule was unfair…oh wait, as a Jets fan…I get to watch Brady and the WRs complain incessantly to the refs every. time. they don’t catch a ball…

  3. For a man who has been proclaimed as some kind of genius BB sure seems to hard time interpreting rules.

  4. The only thing that burned the Patriots is that they were beaten by a superior team on the rise while they are an inferior team on the decline.

  5. BS Call!
    BS Win!!
    Next players will be wearing flags to the the game!
    First call in over 400 field goals, in overtime!
    Is the ref that made the call from NY!
    It is just as bad as banning tag at elementary schools like some have done!

  6. Why did the V.P. of officiating also think – and put in a video on the NFL website – that the push had to come from the second level? Is that not a fair question?

  7. Need I remind everyone that the last time Belichick misinterpreted the rules? It was called Spygate and he ended up with 3 Lombardi’s he didn’t deserve so while its hardly an even trade, he got what is coming to him.

  8. The problem is they didn’t call it on coples on the game tying field goal. They need to be consistent in enforcing it. Why affect the outcome of the game and call it in OT when you haven’t called it all game? Always skeptical of playing the jets in NY.

  9. At first glance, I thought it was a bad call, cause it looked like he just kind of got pushed out of his spot and so he ended up behind the guy next to him as they were trying to block the FG. However, after seeing a couple of the replays, it became noticeable that he moved to his right, put his hand, and then his body behind the guy next to him to help push.

    Obviously, I don’t like the rule right now, but it is one, and when you do that in easy, full view of the ref right behind you, it’s going to get called.

    Not sure if it should be 15 yards, though. Basic physics, if you have all those guys lined up, pushing inwards, they are going to stack at some point, pusing eachother as much as the opposing line. It seems almost like holding by the O-line/D-line. It happens every play/FG so could become a rule that sometimes seems to get called haphazardly rather than consistently.

  10. I’d like to think the NFL wouldn’t make up a new rule because one guy got injured one time by a type of play after decades of football being played. But this is the NFL, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Yeah it was the right call but should that really be the rule? Was it a league-wide problem?

  11. To all the Pats fans that are calling unfair due to the penalty never being called until now: I think we should abolish offensive holding. I’m pretty sure I saw a few holds on that Thursday night NFL Opening Night game back in September that weren’t called by the refs….Yep…If you don’t call a foul every. single. time. it happens than it can’t be considered legit when you actually do call it.

    The Patriots Way when it comes to logic…

  12. BB tried to get cute by trying to hit a gray area with the rule but it bit him in the butt. Also for the Patriot whiners it doesnt matter if it was the first time it was called. If you dont want a ref to determine the outcome play by the rules and you dont have to worry.

  13. On the NFL’s own website referring to this new rule there was a statement “no pushing from the second level” within two hours after the game it was removed from the site. Seems that Belicheck was right in his assessment and you loser Pats hater’s are wrong. Talk about changing the rules after the fact, get it right the first time and coaches that are looking for every advantage they can get don’t get screwed by your incompetence.

  14. anyone here who thinks that the meticulous, button down every detail bill belichick was unclear on the nfl rulebook please raise your hand.

    now, everyone who thinks the meticulous button down every detail bill belichick would devise a tactic to skirt the rule; and upon being caught feign ignorance, please raise your hand.

    as you can see, its unanimous.

  15. I’ll take the loss because we lost and blew several chances. But Jets fans — I just saw a screenshot of your team doing it earlier in the game. It is what it is.

  16. Here’s something all you losers who whine nonsensically about the Pats all the time will love: Montgomery used to be on the Pats roster,long long ago.

  17. Second level or not, he did push the guy in front of him, and therein lies the violation of the rule. Plain and simple. Pats fans can miss me with the whining. Pop in the Tuck Rule game like Francesa said, then see if you can still whine with a straight face, when your whole “dynasty” is built on that game and Spygate.

  18. CKL says: Oct 21, 2013 4:21 PM

    Here’s something all you losers who whine nonsensically about the Pats all the time will love: Montgomery used to be on the Pats roster,long long ago.

    Only whining on here is coming from Pats fans. People merely speaking facts about that team constitutes “whining” to you people.

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