Redskins are trying to move Fred Davis


It’s a good thing they didn’t change the name to Fredskins.

Washington tight end Fred Davis, who recently suggested a name based on his name for the only NFL team for which he has played, is being actively shopped, per a league source.

The trade deadline arrives in eight days.

Davis, who signed a one-year deal after spending 2012 under the franchise tag, has appeared in four games with two starts, catching three passes for 25 yards.

Last year, Davis tore an Achilles tendon in the team’s seventh game of the year.

He has a base salary of $1 million.

27 responses to “Redskins are trying to move Fred Davis

  1. 4 games and 2 starts. Boy, I bet he’s glad he passed up the chance for playing time in Buffalo to get more of it with the Redskins!

  2. The Bills should go out and get him and if we add him and we got the patriot TE thing going we will have two good TE’s on the team him and chandler line up opposite side of the line or the same side we got us not only a good outside threat with the WR’S we got but two guys in the middle with Stevie Johnson and not only that it gives us a better advantage in the red zone

  3. He’s actually a real good tight end…It’s just that Jordan Reed is even better.

  4. They should be trying to move Rex Grossman – he’s good for 300 yds, 2 TDS, and between 0-4 picks (o one week, 4 the next, etc.), but he’s better than a lot ofwhats out there (Ponder/Quinn/etc) and someone might give you a 4th or 5th…

  5. Glad he decided not to sign with the Bills. They should stay away from him with a 10 foot pole.

  6. I am offended that you would use the name Redskins as a source for a joke. You should be better than that.

  7. Jordan Reed is a stud, Paulson is the blocking TE, Niles Paul plays special teams.

    Davis is the odd man out. Still a good player, can help a team needing a playmaking TE

  8. Buyer beware. That achilles injury can be a career ender and at the least, Davis has not come back miraculously like so many players in this day and age, so I’d wait out his contract to put him through a full offseason. Reed has been a bright spot that makes him expendable though.

  9. But wait, according to logicalvoices he’s the best tight end in the league…..


  10. The guy is a scrub. Saw him, dhall, and meriweather the day before our Monday night opener against the eagles. Scrub went to the sane bar the day after we got embarrassed at lambeau. He flew in and went straight to a redskins bar. I would of kicked his scrub a$$ out if it was my place.

  11. I think a fresh start would work wonders for him and the Redskins.

    Just hasn’t worked out.

    He was hoping for a breakout season and instead he can’t break into the game day 53.

  12. @muskyhunter2542: why even question that Finley is done for 2013…he is done for his career.

  13. This is what he gets…he thought smoke’n weed and a throwing drinks on girls was just as important as football. Get suspended, get hurt, get a court case= to many distractions = Someone taking your job. When will these guys learn.

    Hes has baggage , and pre-exsisting injury, and poor judgment…idoit! He is a top TE though.

  14. Did anybody read the transcript from his court case last year where he represented himself? Fricken Hilarius!!!! When I read the part when he cross examines the girl I thought I was going to die!!!!!

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