RGIII: We needed that breakthrough


The Redskins had a rough game on defense and their special teams broke down again, but they were celebrating when the final whistle sounded largely because of the efforts of quarterback Robert Griffin III.

If that felt like a throwback to points in the 2012 season, it’s because Griffin looked a lot like he did as a rookie. He kept the ball on zone read plays and hurt the Bears with his feet, except for the times that he chose to give it up and watch Alfred Morris or Roy Helu do the same. Griffin also made plays through the air and improvised gains on plays that looked like they’d lose yards, leading to a 45-41 victory and a feeling from Griffin after the game that he’d recovered his form after the struggles of the first five games.

“Without a doubt,” Griffin said, via John Keim of ESPN.com. “We had a feeling about this game. I know I did. I talked to the guys before the game about having a breakthrough. We needed that breakthrough.”

The Bears defense is a mess, which was obviously a factor in how well things went for Griffin and the rest of the offense on Sunday and mitigates any attempt to say that all is well in Washington. That was the offense and the Griffin essential to last year’s success, however, and there wasn’t going to be any success this season until and unless it returned.

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  1. Yes sir we absolutely did. RGIII did what you would expect the BEST QB in Football to do and put the offense on his back and dominated. What a running game we have to compliment the pass. Morris and Helu oh man. If they lost last night to the Rookie of the Year runner up , Can you imagine what’s going to happen to Denver this week when they face the Rookie of the Year WINNER? Thank You GOD for making me a Redskins fan!!! We are the most resilient group under the most calm, cool and collective Head Coach and QB since Joe Gibbs and John Elway respectively in Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin the 3rd. There is no doubt in my mind we are going to represent the NFC in the Superbowl next February at Metlife. The only question remaining is who will come out the AFC to lose! #WatchoutDenverherecomesthemightyWashingtonRedskins

  2. Bob III. Allowing 41 points is a “breakthrough?” Your defense hasn’t been “eating fresh” bro

  3. How come Andrew Luck has more rushing TD’s than RG3? I thought he was supposed to be all that? Too much hype if you ask me.

  4. Wait. You mean all the Internet posters were wrong when they said that RGIII was “done for good.” How can that be that so many wise people were so wrong?

  5. Needed what? They have the Broncos next week and I’d surely take the Broncos offense over the Redskins as both their defenses suck.

  6. Griffin finally resembles himself, but the Washington defense is terrible. I didn’t think anyone could give the Eagle defense a run for its money, but they’re neck and neck in the same division.

  7. Negative Nancy. Bears d may be a mess, but with Reed emerging, this offense has a lot more going for it now.

  8. It should be easy to win when the opposing team loses it’s Offensive and Defensive leaders (Cutler and Briggs).

    And they were a Robbie Gould missed FG away from losing….

    Sorry, the Skins are dreadful!!!

  9. 46 Thunder 29 Lightning what an awesome combination. !!!!!!!!! If I were denver I be worried big time. That’s just offense. Defence its 98 and 91 Licking their Chops.!!!!!! There will be NO SHOOT OUT IN THIS GAME. WE ARE NOT THE cowgirls either. !!!!!!!!!!

  10. “thefootballgodssay says:
    Oct 21, 2013 7:33 AM

    Do you really think Washington will only score 3 on one of the NFL’s worst defenses?

  11. At the end of the day, I can appreciate griffin’s comment (and his reasons behind saying those things) regarding the skins’ supposed break through. Hey, whatever makes him feel better. But what I find more amusing, borderline comical that is, is the way that skin fans seem to be celebrating (like they just won a SB) and assumingly handing the skins an automatic win next week, against Denver, no less.

    A team who has only lost 1 game so far, being run over by a 2 win team who’s shown dominance over an underachieving Bears team. WOW, get over yourself guys. I get the whole “Any Given Sunday” but I think you guys already used that last night against the Bears.

    These fans make me laugh. I swear, I read these articles when I need a break from work in the afternoon and need some levity.

    Keep it up skin fans, you are, without a doubt, making this season enjoyable!

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