Testimony starts Monday in Sean Taylor murder case

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Nearly five years and 11 months after intruders shot and killed Redskins safety Sean Taylor in his home, the trial of one of his alleged killers will officially begin.

After spending last week selecting a jury, testimony starts today in the case against 23-year-old Eric Rivera, who faces charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery.  The prosecution will begin calling witnesses after lawyers deliver opening statements on Monday morning.

Via David Ovalle of the Miami Herald, Miami-Dade Police contend that Rivera has confessed “in detail” to the burglary and the shooting.

Ovalle will be live-tweeting from the courtroom, and filing periodic reports to the Herald regarding the proceedings.

Given that Rivera supposedly has confessed to the crime, it’s hard to imagine that a conviction won’t happen.

Except for, you know, Florida.

25 responses to “Testimony starts Monday in Sean Taylor murder case

  1. How can it possibly take almost 6 years for this to go to trial ? Did they not catch the killer until recently ?

  2. That’s some swift justice right there….Oh, and he would very possibly still be alive if he had been allowed to keep a gun in his house, instead of having to defend himself with just a club.

  3. Very sad. I’m an Eagles fan and I’ll never forget him leaving the Eagles Redskins game with an injury. He was all over the Eagles that day and I remember them showing him walking into the tunnel and that was the last time he played. He was killed a week or two later. Life is precious and short. He was a great player.

  4. Good player but Ronnie Lott, Rodney Harrison, Leroy Butler and John Lynch outclassed this guy in every way logicalvoices LOL

    Guy was a very dirty player, but its unfortunate that he died.

  5. Bad things happen to bad people. Sean Taylor was not a good dude. I saw him literally spit in several opposing player’s faces. Totally low class.

  6. harrisonhits2 says:
    Oct 21, 2013 10:48 AM
    How can it possibly take almost 6 years for this to go to trial ? Did they not catch the killer until recently ?

    Nope the killers were arrested a couple weeks later in ’07.

  7. Would have ended his career the greatest safety who ever played, and that is coming from a Giants’ fan. Breaks my heart all over again every time I hear about it.

  8. The dude is 23 and confessed to the crime committed 6 years ago. A thief and murderer at 17 is just sad.

  9. blackandbluedivision says:

    Nope the killers were arrested a couple weeks later in ’07.

    Wow that’s bad. One would think they have a claim to not having received due process at this point. That alone could screw up the chance of convicting them.

  10. How in the world can it take 6 YEARS to get to trial? Lawyers are absolutely ruining this country. That man and his family deserve justice and closure – 6 years of pain.

    What a joke our legal “system” is…..

  11. I dont think people how good this guy was, and really how good he would have been. I am not going to be a homer and say “best ever”, but he had all of the tools to have the potential to be. Dude was 6’3, 230 and the fastest guy on the field. He would go sideline to sideline to pick off a pass then blow someone up in the backfield. He really was special.

    Was hge a dirty player early in his career? Absolutely. Did he have off the field problems early in his career? Absolutely. But as soon as he his daughter was born, he cleaned everything up and became a locker room leader and a community favorite. Still breaks my heart his daughter will never know her father. RIP Sean.

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