Texans owner impressed by Case Keenum’s play

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The Texans didn’t have to make a decision on embattled quarterback Matt Schaub because of injury.

But the man who signs the checks was clearly pleased with the choice to start former undrafted rookie and local hero Case Keenum, who played well in the team’s 17-16 loss to the Chiefs.

I thought he did a hell of a job,” Texans owner Bob McNair said, via Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle. “He was outstanding. If we’d have given him better protection at the end, I think he’d have gotten us down the field again.

“He showed a lot of poise. I was proud of the way he played.”

Keenum, who starred at the University of Houston, threw for 271 yards and a touchdown, with a passer rating of 110.6. But he was sacked five times and fumbled once, as the undefeated Chiefs kept pressure on him throughout the day.

Of course, the Texans have now lost five straight, which is something McNair’s far less proud of. Injuries to key players (linebacker Brian Cushing was the latest to go down, with a broken leg and knee injury which will cost him another season).

“I’m discouraged we lost,” McNair said. “We played extremely hard against a good club. Give them credit. If we keep playing the way we’d played today, we’ll win a lot of games. . . .

“We don’t have them all on the field. That’s got something to do with it. And some haven’t been playing up to the level they’re playing now. The talent is certainly there, but the ball hasn’t bounced our way yet. It’s hard because we’re better than our record, but you are what your record is. We’ve got to get it going.”

The interesting part will be which quarterback gets them going. As losses mount, it becomes easier and easier to justify seeing if Keenum can do something Schaub was unable to.

10 responses to “Texans owner impressed by Case Keenum’s play

  1. The kid really did look good, he outplayed Alex Smith by a mile.

    I’d give him the rest of the season and sit Schaub, when he’s ready to return.

  2. As a Chiefs fan at Arrowhead, I was impressed by this kid too. Texans maybe be 2-5 now but they are better than their record indicates. This kid shows promise.

  3. The Texans had a good chance to win this game. The first and goal at the one and settling for a FG is all on Kubiak. His play calling sucks. No way they should have had to settle for 3. he is too damn conservative on his play calling. It cost them once again. It’s a shame that they lost because the defense played good enough to,win.

    Kubiak needs to go…but McNair will not,do it..not now,anyway….maybe during the,off season….Itmneds to,happen though….

  4. Thought the kid looked good. He came into a tough environment and played extremely well against a D that’s been playing at a high level. Kids future looks bright. What a difference from this rookie compared to the young QB they faced last week. Keenan looked way better but I guess that’s what happens when you have talent on a team…

  5. How well did First NFL Game Starting Case Keenum play AGAINST KC…???… Let’s look at the statistics at how other QBs did against KC so far this 2013 season (QB rating)

    Gabbert : 30.8. Henne: 68.8….Jacksonville Jaguars…Score 28-2
    Romo: 99.1… Dallas Cowboys…Score 17-16
    Vick: 49.4…. Philadelphia Eagles…Score 26-16
    Eli: 64.8…. New York Giants…Score 31-7
    Fitzpatrick: 57.7…. Tennessee Titans…Score 26-17
    Terrelle Pryor: 45.7….. Oakland Raiders…..Score 24-7

    Case Keenum: 110.6…. Houston Texans…..Score 17-16

    Bottom Line; Case Keenum Played Better then NFL Veteran Tony Romo and it was Keenum’s VERY FIRST NFL START!!!!!!!



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