Thursday night doubleheader definitely not happening

Every week, a strange story emerges.  Every once is a while, the strange story crosses into the realm of the downright freaking bizarre.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the NFL is considering the possibility of periodic Thursday night doubleheaders.  The league quickly said, “No we’re not.”

Then, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said, “Yes we are.”

Again, the NFL said, “No.  We’re not.”

Jones then said, “Maybe we’re not.”

If there was any lingering confusion (and there was, even though there shouldn’t have been), Peter King of reported during Football Night in America that “there is no chance” of a doubleheader.  I then followed King by pointing out that the NFL wouldn’t be able to do it without the consent of the NFLPA, and that the NFLPA has no desire to subject its players to more short-week games.

The union would be willing to consider the possibility only if the league would be willing to adjust the percentage of the pie that the players currently receive.

The far more likely possibility, as King explained, is that a portion of the Thursday night package would be carved away from NFL Network and sold to the highest bidder.  That could happen, as a practical matter, by 2015.

19 responses to “Thursday night doubleheader definitely not happening

  1. How about we just carve the Thursday night game out completely, the product sucks and will only continue to weaken the NFL brand.

  2. With the way players are dropping like flys, bad idea all the way around, along with an 18 game schedule, and the impending move of the Jags to London 🙂

  3. If they’re going to do a night doubleheader, why not Sunday or Monday night? Move the existing game an hour earlier.

  4. Thursday games just need to be abolished entirely. Not everyone can watch them because they have to be on the NFL Network and the short week just sets them up for a heightened risk of injury. Leave the games to Sunday and Monday night.

  5. The league is all about player safety until they see an opportunity to make a dollar.

    You can’t push your own teammate on a field goal attempt, but you can cut block? You can’t hit someone in the head, on accident, but you can take out a knee without problem.

    Start talking about how important player safety is, but see how much revenue Thursday night games and an 18 game schedule will generate and player safety goes out the window.

  6. Why should any one owner have more access or influence on how the league is run? Shouldn’t each owner be viewed as an equal? Why is Jones opinion given so much more weight?

    Every particular team has its own interests, and the Cowboys should have no more say than any other team in the future of the league.

  7. You can say what you want about Jerry Jones and the way he handles the football side of the Cowboys, but the man knows how to make money. When it comes to business I’d value his opinion, and yes, I threw up a little when I said that.

  8. Get rid of Thursday Night Football (excluding Thanksgiving) and Inter-league baseball and all will be right in the sporting world.

  9. Here’s a simple solution to the “short week” argument: Extend the season by one week to 18 weeks. Each team plays one Thursday night game, but they get the weekends before and after off in addition to their regular bye week. Everybody wins because the NFL keeps Thursday night TV revenue, the fans get another nationally televised game each week, and the players get 10 or 11 days off between games instead of 4.

  10. They should stop the Thursday Night Games, they have all been complete garbage games this year and tonight’s isn’t any better!

  11. I stream the thursday game from a european p2p site because i’m not spending extra money on cable for a crappy thrusday night game. I’m happy to watch quality football from my television, and with that american advertising,but something has to change, and until then i’m happy to watch weird european car commercials. At least then i don’t have to listen to Dennis Leary tell me how much manlier i’d be with a ford truck.

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