Titans release error-prone return man Darius Reynuad


The Titans don’t have much margin for error, so they can’t afford to give points away.

As a result, they’re making moves. According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, Titans return man Darius Reynaud has been released.

Reynaud’s latest was muffing a punt that was recovered in the end zone for a touchdown by the 49ers yesterday. He also returned (?) the opening kickoff of the season back into the end zone for a safety, setting the stage for problems to come.

Asked yesterday about his future, Reynaud said he’d put things “in God’s hands,” but Mike Munchak didn’t wait for the Almighty.

12 responses to “Titans release error-prone return man Darius Reynuad

  1. Forget the higher power and learn how to do your job, God is to busy to waste time on you. Bill

  2. Who will be the Titans primary kick returner now ? (With Marc Mariani on season ending injury reserve.) Darius Reynaud didn’t look to have the same level speed he had in 2012.
    –Titans Fan Dan

  3. Darius Rynaud is merely the most obvious symptom of our special teams trouble, but he is not the primary problem. I can’t believe the media isn’t talking about this: The Tennesssee Titans had good to stellar special teams for more than a decade… What changed? This past January, they fired Special Teams Coach Alan Lowry who’d been in charge since the late ’90s. WHY?

    The Music City Miracle may be his most famous play, but it’s hardly what made him great.

  4. Glad to see him get released. He was a very good returner last year, but he made mental mistakes this year. Stepping into the end zone, returning from 7 yards deep, letting punts bounce instead of catching them, etc.

    My recollection is that what I really liked about him last year is that he would catch kickoffs at full speed – running under the ball instead of a standing catch. This year it seemed like he was flatfooted, then decided to run, often from too deep into end zone, and then got stopped short, or inducing a penalty on his so-so return.

    Then yesterday, they played him at WR some. He dropped a ball early that killed the drive.

    Definitely agree that it is time for a change.

  5. Agree on Britt. He was a monster receiver for about a game and a half before he got hurt. Looked like the second coming of Michael Irvin.

    Now he’s just a monster. Cut him and get him out of the state. Assuming there are no warrants.

  6. The Packers lack of a kick or punt returner on the roster other than the injured R. Cobb. Makes a lot a sense to bring thus guy in, BUT as any knowledgeable foitball fan knows Teddy T will do no such thing.

    I said bring him in. . . not that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread or that he’ll be a savior, but why not bring him and tak e a look?

  7. I know this sounds crazy but why not let cj get some return action? He still has speed and can make big plays but for some reason him and the o line cant get on same page. I wouldn’t have him a full time return but just in a while and make him earn that contract!

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