Tom Brady: Losing sucks, especially to the Jets

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is still down this morning, with a night’s rest not doing much to alleviate the pain he feels from losing to the Jets on Sunday. (Even if for Brady, a night’s rest means sleeping on top of a pile of money, with a beautiful lady.)

Nobody feels worse about the loss than me,” Brady said on WEEI. “Losing sucks, and especially to the Jets. I’m going to go out there and try to have my best week this week.”

The Patriots’ loss was set up by an obscure penalty on their field goal block team that gave the Jets another chance at a game-winning field goal, but Brady said no one should pin the blame for the loss on that penalty.

“I didn’t obviously see the play or see what they called. I still really haven’t seen the replay,” Brady said. “But it really shouldn’t have come down to that. We had plenty of other opportunities in the game to score points and really widen the gap that we had on them at halftime. We sputtered in the third quarter and fought back in the fourth quarter and had some chances at the end, got the ball to start overtime. So, there’s nobody to blame but ourselves. It’s a frustrating day. It’s a frustrating day losing. But hopefully we can learn from it and be a lot better this week.”

Despite the loss, Brady knows that the Patriots are still a first-place team.

“We’re 5-2, we’re in a decent position,” he said. “Our whole season’s ahead of us. What we make of our season is still ahead of us. We’re in these games, we’re in it ’til the end, we’ve got chance to win them. It’s not like we’re getting blown out 40-0. We have plenty of opportunities to win.”

Knowing they had an opportunity to beat the Jets, and they let it slip away, stings for Brady and the Patriots.

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  1. as jets fan i hate tom brady BUT he finally lost with some class….he is absolutley right in all of his comments….if you blame the penalty(that was a penalty) then you are just being a sore loser.

  2. The Pats had their chances to put more points up on the board and didn’t. The penalty did not cost them the game.

    And I say that as a Pats fan. Can’t win em all though. This should motivate the team to rip the Dolphins to shreds next week.

  3. @alexb1234 I understand alot of people hate Brady, but will never understand why people think he’s a sore loser. He ALWAYS takes the blame, sure he gets upset about losing, but he also cares more about every game than any player in history. Good game by the Jets, the penalty wasnt what lost the game. It would be great to see a veteran WR join the squad, Dobson cant catch a ball to save his live.

  4. The penalty is not why the Patriots lost to the Jets. Converting 1 of 12 third downs and having the ball for only 23:40 minutes vs. 46:13 are the problems. Plus the Jets rushed for 177 yards and the rookie QB threw for more yards than the HOF QB.

    The NE offense and defense have huge problems that may not be fixable, and the idea that the Patriots can “rip” anybody to shreds this year is absurd. (Where did I hear that silly chatter before? Oh right, before the Jets game on Sunday.)

  5. It is funny how Billy BellyAche didn’t like the penalty on that FG. Just tuck it away for future reference, Bill. Whether you like it or not, you can’t expect to get all the calls your way. Is it a dumb rule?? Yes. BUT, you guys knew the rule, but still committed the penalty. You and the NE fans can whine a river. Boo Hoo.

  6. There’s plenty of blame to go around for this loss: dropped passes,bad throws,no pass protection,swiss cheese defense,etc. Those things are all true,but let’s see the Jets beat the Pats with all of their key players healthy.

  7. I guess the Pats now know how the Saints felt last week after they won because of an obvious holding call that was not called on the winning TD throw.

  8. alexb1234 says:
    Oct 21, 2013 10:46 AM
    as jets fan i hate tom brady BUT he finally lost with some class….he is absolutley right in all of his comments….if you blame the penalty(that was a penalty) then you are just being a sore loser.


    Why do fans have it in their heads that the Pats don’t “lose with class”? Tom Brady has never said the wrong there to the media ever…literally says the right thing every week for 13 years now. Sure, Belichick can be a little grumpy after games, but no Patriots players ever say disparaging things about the other team in the media. Not sure where you guys get that.

  9. This is the first season in a long time that the Patriots look like they might be enough off their game to be knocked off the top of the hill. I wouldn’t count on it, though. The Bills QB situation is rough, the Dolphins offensive line still hasn’t figured out how to play football and the Jets are too inconsistent.

    It just goes to show that no matter how good your quarterback is, if he doesn’t have enough weapons to throw to he can only carry the team so far.

  10. Brady is right, but I still don’t understand that penalty. Also, Tom dropped the ball twice in a row, and on the third play he threw a pick-six. I also hate the Jets, but they totaly outplayed us on the second half.

  11. The AFC East is one of the tougher division’s in the league.
    New England-(5-2)

    Patriots beat:Bills and Jets/Lost to Jets
    Jets beat:Bills and Patriots/Lost to Patriots
    Dolphins beat: /Lost to Bills
    Bills beat: Dolphins /Lost to Patriots/Jets

    Patriots still play Dolphins twice and Bills once.
    Jets still play Dolphins twice and Bills once.
    Dolphins play Patriots/Jets twice and Bills once.
    Bills play Patriots/Jets/Dolphins once.

    The Dolphins will get the Patriots this week and lose to them the following time. Bills will get the best of the Jets when they play again and will play the spoiler when they keep the Patriots out of the playoffs in the last game of the season. This is what I think the rest of the season will look like for the AFC East:

    Jets will reach the playoffs, win 1 and lose in the next round.
    Patriots will miss the playoffs due to losing to Buffalo and the Bills and Dolphins will be watching the playoffs from home like usual.

  12. patssox says:
    Oct 21, 2013 10:51 AM
    It’s always rough losing to the clown college that is the Jets.


  13. wth? A call went against the Pats? The refs apparently don’t call holding penalties against their O line or defensive holding on their corners so I guess they had to call something sometime.

  14. The scary thing of it is that the two losses to the Bengals & Jets were that it was more of a case of them beating themselves, not so much that Cincinnati and New York doing so. Take heart Pats fans!

  15. Pats fan here – was angry about the penalty call, but was probably so frustrated because the Jets ‘d’ did a great job frustrating the Pats the whole game. The rule was called how it should have been and the Jets deserved to win that game, no matter how much it kills me to say.

  16. Classy remarks but everyone knows that game can’t come down to that call. It’s a 60 yd kick that didn’t have a prayer. Make that dumb call in the 2nd q, not in ot of a big rivalry game for the first time ever. This gives me no confidence that these games aren’t fixed. And I hate both teams. Just want to see a fair outcome

  17. The only one who seems to be a sore loser about this is BB, I am a jets fan and I have respect for Brady and I usually root for him when hes playing anybody except the jets because once you think about it. Once he leaves the league were gonna miss seeing a player of his caliber on the field every sunday.

  18. Brady and many other of the professionals that are involved in the game are consistent with this message. You can’t point the finger at one play. Games are won or lost over 60 minutes. Even games that go to overtime are usually won or lost in regulation.

    Don’t blame the refs for the call. Credit the Jets for the win.

  19. I think people often times confuse Brady’s response to losses with the response from his wife. Brady is a competitor, but seems very well-polished in how he handles wins and losses. Star pupil from the School of Belichick. Looking forward to seeing his speech in Canton.

  20. Remember if you will that the NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Gronk just got back and looked a bit rusty, Brady didn’t play that well, the other receivers are still rookies, their 3 best defenders are out, two for the season.

    No excuses – everybody is banged up. They lost, but they’re still 5-2.

    Usually around 12 game of the season the serious contenders start to emerge.

  21. No reason to even have that rule come up–56 yard field goal attempt–just stand there…

    Not only issue though, Pats up 21-10 and then come out and Brady throws that awful pick… Offense has to be better….McDaniels doesn’t help…He sucks!

  22. Judging by all the belly laugh photos of Brady when blowing opponents out and how he carries losses on his shoulders, I’d say he’s more of a sore winner than a sore loser…

  23. .


    The NFL Competition Committee and all other governing bodies have stated repeatedly that the so called ” tuck rule ” was properly applied 12 years ago.

    Yesterday’s penalty was a proper application of the rules also.

    Brady is spot on when he says the Patriots had many other opportunities to take the game out of the ref’s hands, but failed to get the job done.


  24. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 21, 2013 10:53 AM
    Zero Superbowls since Spygate. #Cheater

    Actually 2 Super Bowls since spygate and an AFC Championship Game. All with a bad defense and comign within a drop by Samuel and drop by Welker from winning 5 rings. #BlindObsessedHater

  25. At this juncture, the loss of Wes Welker is, of course, water under the bridge. Still, I can’t help but wonder about the extent to which the loss of Brady’s former trusty “security blanket” accounts for New England’s unimpressive third down conversion rate this year. What really “sucks” here is the idea of Welker understandably walking away from the New England Patriots.

  26. Hey Brady is a great quaterback..any time my team the Jets beat the Patriots I will celebrate because it rarely happens. I don’t get the Brady whining reputation. I only remember Mrs. Brady(cant spell her last name) whining about Welker’s non-catch in the Super Bowl against the Giants. So be it..I think the majority of fans who rip him are just the same time if he was under center on your team you would be doing cartwheels..

  27. im a Jets fan and I dont hate Brady. I respect him and ki da like him a little. hes good, he knows what winnings all about and says all the right things. I dont hate the Pats I think theyre a great team who the Jets should beat and one day too will be respected. Everytime we beat them its a great accomplishment

  28. Brady is a class act. The Patriots are not in a bad position but they are not getting better every week and that is a concern. Their strengths (quarterback, offensive line, the middle of their defense) have either not stepped up or have been decimated by injuries. They need Shane Vereen catching balls out of the backfield, Collie to step up if Amendola is out for an extended period, Edelman to run more slants and inside screens, Gronk to run the seem and occupy two or three defenders, and a rush to get to the opposing quarterback. They have not played well with a lead this year and that gives opponents hope that they can beat them. If they had beat the Jets after that performance on Sunday Rex would have just given up hope. No, the Pats did not deserve to win but its never good to see an official give either team the win.

  29. Tom should relax, the Jets ran for 177, control the clock, so the dolphins will do the same, forgetabout, they will pass the ball when they should run, and run when they should pass, our OC is the 12th man for the Pats, book it, and you will win. Bill

  30. I for one am happy for the jets. beating the patriots is as close as they will ever come to a super bowl. its hard not to feel bad for them. I get the same sad feelings looking at there debacle of a franchise as I do when I see those starving children commercials on tv….

  31. With the amount of tears Brady sheds each season, he would be the ideal spokesperson to hawk tissues after his retirement. I can just see it now. “these tissues were strong enough to wipe my tears away after division losses, Superbowl losses, roughing the passer, and any and all penalties”

  32. sanitytrek says:
    Oct 21, 2013 12:35 PM
    … Shut up Brady you Cry Baby!!

    Tom crying? I heard the whole interview. Didn’t complain once about the OT call. Said Pats shouldn’t have been in that situation. He also said the Jets played great. So where’s the crying?

  33. ““Losing sucks, and especially to the Jets. I’m going to go out there and try to have my best week this week.””

    Let me translate. “Rather than be conciliatory to a team that pretty much fought and outplayed you, i’d much rather whine it sucks. Maybe thats why when a team punches you in the mouth, you just sit on the ground. ”

    A true champion gives respect and acknowledges that it just wasn’t their day – perhaps your refusal to accept it is a karma that has bound you to playoff and SB exits since 2004.

  34. tatum064 says:
    Oct 21, 2013 1:00 PM
    Let me translate. “Rather than be conciliatory to a team …

    He was. If you listen to entire audio he gave credit to the Jets D a few minutes before that statement.

  35. Say what you want about the Patriots but you have to like that they keep trying to improve. They’ve got new players at key positions and they work them into the system. They should be admired.

  36. Wow. Pats fanboys out in full force today. Tom didn’t have the decency or the class to be able to shake the opposing teams hands after the game which is why he’s a baby. This was after week 2 when he was sure to be right in the middle of the field shaking hands and laughing after the victory. So there’s exhibit A as to why your beloved QB is a punk right there.

    And you idiots still referring to the Jets as a “clown college” and “bigger joke then the Jags” clearly can’t do simple math and add up wins and losses. 4-3 with a rookie QB who seems to improve with each passing week and possibly the best defensive line in the NFL. Get at me punks.

  37. mj2sexay says:
    NFL Sundays isn’t hockey playoffs where they shake each and everyone’s hand after the series. Sorry to burst your bubble. There are hundreds of people that pour onto the field right as the clock expires.
    Typically, not always, the opposing QBs shake as do the opposing coaches…that’s all the cameras catch anyways….most of the time it’s just players catching up and chit chatting with friends/people they like on the other team.

  38. Screw all you Patriots fans and Screw you Tom Brady …..It sucks to lose to you Pats in the last 10 seconds of the game where you O-Line was bear hugging Junior Gallette and it was not called . Suck on that loss you bunch of cry babies !!!! The Saints got screwed many times in that game and especially at the end . Now go lick your wounds crybabies ……………

  39. HA! Brady a “Class act?!!” Are you kidding me?? This cheater along with Bill Belicheat are going to end up in the HOF and absolutely do NOT deserve it.

    Everything they have done and will ever do in the NFL comes with an asterisk!!!

    This whole team will be considered scum until the two biggest cheaters retire!

    Real class and real professionals don’t cheat!

  40. Over the years, PFT has been inundated with comments from fans who are a) of the logical kilt, to those that just react without any objectiveness to their analysis. Of course there is a broad spectrum of commenters that are extremely objective. Bottom line the comment section is not what it used to be.

  41. @Sanitytrek

    Don Shula and the Dolphins left the Orange Bowl field uncovered during heavy rains in the days leading up to the ’82 AFC Championship game to slow down the Jets. Teams have been doing everything they can to get an advantage since the league’s been around and will continue to do so, it’s part of the game. They just shouldn’t complain when it blows up in their faces.

  42. The Jets stole one yesterday. What a joke. And they call the Patriots cheaters. How pathetic. Jets pulled the same crap, shoving someone into the Patriots line on the game tying field goal. I wonder why that wasn’t called. I guess the refs had money on the Jets. Interestingly, it appears that Rex Ryan’s brother in New Orleans, Rob Ryan, tipped him off to tell the refs to screw over the Patriots with that bogus call. Jets can’t win legally, they have to cheat.

  43. In reading through these posted comments, one universal truth seems to ring true. Jets fans have become so jaded at the overwhelming loses their team suffers that they have lost all ability to show ANY class even when winning.

    As for the griping that “the Patriots never get flagged”, review the tape of yesterdays game. The Pats were flagged twice as often and for nearly three times as many yards as the Jets.

    Pull up your big girl panties, celebrate the deserved win, and show some class. And remember, since the Brady/BB era: Pats 5 trips to the Big Show with 3 rings. Jets…nada.

  44. I don’t feel bad after this loss, the jets defense is for real. I’d say that Revis trade which landed them Sheldon Richardson was a win seeing how Revis has come back.
    The Pats are still legit contenders. If they have a healthy Talib Gronk and Brady in the Playoffs they are more than capable of playing the “keep Peyton on the sideline” game and even win the Super Bowl against whoever the NFC team is.
    Losing Wilfork and Mayo may be too much to overcome tho, but Talib is the difference maker. Once he went out of the AFCCG last year they fell apart. He will be the reason they go anywhere this year just hope he heals back up.

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