Vontae Davis says the Colts prepared really hard for “Tom Brady”

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While sitting at the Football Night in America desk with Tony Dungy, waiting for our post-game segment moderated by Bob Costas, Tony and I were watching and listening to Michele Tafoya interviews of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, Colts linebacker Robert Mathis, and ultimately Colts cornerback Vontae Davis.

“Well, we had a good week of practice,” Davis said.  “We prepared really hard for Tom Brady.”

Tony and I looked at each other and I said to him, or he said to me, “Did he just say Tom Brady?”

As Bob Costas pointed out after the interview ended, indeed Davis did.

Davis, who scored plenty of points in these parts when he was traded suddenly and abruptly before the cameras on Hard Knocks and responded by saying that he needed to call his grandma, surely misspoke.  But it was fitting for Davis to refer to Peyton Manning as, of all people, Tom Brady for the final punctuation to an evening that started out great for Peyton but quickly went downhill for the man who was making his homecoming to Indianapolis.

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  1. Yeah, my daughter and I were watching that as well, and had the same reaction. I am pretty sure it was an accident, but on this I will agree with you, it was a fitting one.

    Oh, and tell Coach we still miss him around here.

  2. Probably practiced for “Tom Brady” to rid any emotion connected to Peyton. It is probably the defense’s way of trying to prep for this game like any other game…except against one of the best qb’s ever…so they pretend he is a different qb great.

  3. I’m buying what Vontae Davis is selling. This was a weird weekend for me, but I’m quickly jumping on the bandwagon for both the Colts and the Jets, they both hit big home runs for respect this week! Those 2 teams got my attention the most, and an honorable mention to PIT for keeping their season alive. A loss to BAL would have nearly killed them off at this point, but now they still have a fighting chance to hopefully make things more interesting.

  4. Wow. Even when the Pats don’t play a team we’re still in their heads!

    Wahhh the Pats taped our signals (in plain view to everyone), wahhh their coach is grumpy. Fact is, the Pats have a wake of carnage over the past 12 years that have crushed dreams over fans and players alike. 5-2 and in first place…and the beat goes on.

  5. dgarrisonb says:Oct 21, 2013 8:54 AM

    And, that is why Miami traded you for a third round pick and a case of Gatorade. Anything to get rid of this brain surgeon…

    he got thrown at 8xs and gave up 4 yards. i don’t care who he thinks was throwing the ball, he’s a shutdown corner. thanks miami.

  6. “dgarrisonb says: Oct 21, 2013 8:54 AM

    And, that is why Miami traded you for a third round pick and a case of Gatorade. Anything to get rid of this brain surgeon…”

    Vontae Davis’ coverage Sunday night:

    -8 passes attempted
    -2 completions
    -4 yards

    That’s 0.5 YPA against Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Peyton Manning. I don’t care if Vontae can count to 10 as long as he’s playing like that.

  7. The strategy of the game was illegal. The refs finally had enough of the tugging, grabbing, rubbing and just plain holding the receivers past 5 yards in the 4th quarter, which allowed the Broncos to actually run their offense. Once the Broncos send in their greivances to the NFL I doubt the Colts or anyother team will use this kind of method again. Its a method that all teams use to beat Manning about once a season, Colts jumped the gun and probably should have waited like all teams to use it in the playoffs. If the NFL would just follow its own rules which is illegal contact past 5 yards, it be a different score WITH the 4 turnovers.

    It is what it is. Broncos gave up 4 turnovers and all Colts scoring drives came inside Broncos territory, Broncos have missing players on the offensive line, moving parts. So its glaring why they weren’t dominant. Its also less encouraging for Irsay’s Colts on why they won, it was more or less given to them to take more then them winning it themselves.

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