Adrian Peterson knows he has to do more


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is only 1,989 yards short of his goal for the season, with 10 games left to play.

But while averaging nearly 200 a game isn’t likely, some degree of improvement is necessary after an anemic performance last night.

Peterson had just 28 yards on 13 carries last night against the Giants, and said the team as a whole has to get back to what was working last year.

“The one thing I’m going to stress is just being more physical as an offensive unit,” Peterson said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “We were more physical last year. And that’s one thing that stands out this year.”

While personal tragedy has been in the headlines (he skipped last Wednesday’s practice to attend the funeral of his 2-year-old son in South Dakota, Peterson said he “came in focused.”

“It was definitely tough sledding,” Peterson said of the game. “We were just kind of out of whack. Those guys were bringing some stunts, doing a lot of movement up front. Nothing we haven’t seen before, but it kind of put us in an uncomfortable position and we struggled with that all night.”

The pressing concern, as it applies to football, is the hamstring tightness that kept him out of practice last Friday. If he’s not well, the Vikings essentially have no shot, as the weekly quarterback change has taken away any possibility of cohesiveness in the passing game.

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  1. Screw the motivation and cliches. Fire everyone and go for the best draft pick possible.

  2. What were you saying about “12” now Greg? Yeah, you’re totally right – you “made” Favre and Rodgers.

    That’s why Rodgers is 4-2 and making a star out of Jarret Boykin (whom the Jaguars released) and you’re season is over by week 7.

  3. Rest up, AD. This season is over. You need to save yourself for next year. Who knows, maybe Vikes get lucky in the draft and get an Andrew Luck type. Of course, there are so many QBs to pick from, hard to imagine that the Viking’s management would pick the right one. But, you never know….

  4. Leslie Frazier and the entire coaching staff should be banned from the NFL for the travesty they put on the field last night.

    Going into half it was 10-7
    Going into the 4th it was 17-7

    They were never out of this game and they gave the best player in the NFL 13 carries!!!! What on earth is that?! When you have a QB starting that has only been the 10 days and throw it 53 times and give the best player in the league only 13 carries!?!?


  5. When all it takes is to just say “I’m a Packer fan” and make your pain go away, why wouldn’t you just do that? I just want to understand.

  6. Peterson was not the problem with the abysmal offense last night, the problem started and ended with Josh Freeman and his horribly inaccurate passing. Contrary to the accouncers, the accuracy issues are something that isn’t going to be fixed by more time with the team.

  7. So it’s official right? Josh Freeman sucks? I just really want to put that to bed.

    Once AP gets passed this off field issue he’ll be ok. That’s a tough position to be in and people are judging him like a boss.

    He didn’t know his son and it’s kind of hard to have the emotional connection that would keep you off the field. Especially since you have children that you do know to provide for….that said he’s human and it’s obviously bothering him.

  8. If guys would just shut their traps and play football I’d have a lot more respect for them. 2,500 yards… give me a break. How about you plod your way to 1,600 on your crappy team and just be happy with that?

    Will they even have a 2,500 yard passer this year?

  9. Adrian Peterson knows he has to do more? Huh? How about a quarterback simply doing his job. This Josh Freeman experiment has me laughing so hard at the total incompetence of the Crykings. It’s just so hilarious. Leslie Frazier is the worst coach in the league, bar none.

  10. The best thing going for the Vikings (and I am a Vikes fan), is that there are multiple good QB’s in this years draft and they are positioned right now to get one of the better ones if they keep this pace.

    I feel bad for wasting AP the way Detroit did Barry Sanders though…

  11. AP as we all know is the best RB in the game. There’s no way though that he can do more than he is with that horrible line and the defensive sticking 9 guys in the box. Wish he was on a better team.

  12. Has to do more? Are we talking about football or being a father to his 6 other kids? While he does have talent he is a piece of crap only rivaled now by Cromartie, yet people should feel sorry for him? Once he started talking about ridiculous individual goals rather than team goals the writing was on the wall.

  13. (Vikes fan)All this talk of trading AP is crazy. The changes from last year to this year are not that big. If we pick up a quality QB in the off-season and a couple of DB’s that can cover someone, we are right back in contention. The offensive line hasn’t changed, they just need to play better. Think about it… Jennings, patterson, Simpson, rudolph. Thats a pretty good receiver core. Williams, allen, robison. great D line. Henderson, Greenway, bishop. pretty good LB’s. give us a QB who can throw the ball, and add a couple corners who can cover out there with Smith, and all of a sudden we are a playoff caliber team again. oh and someone who can call some better plays, that would also be nice..

  14. Well there are running back skills that Peterson does not have as evidenced by his always being on the sideline for 3rd down.

    Pass receiving, blocking, blitz recognition and pick up.

    A guy who has been in the league this long should have learned those things by now. It is also probably the reason that he does not have the trade value viking customers think he does.

    With all the QB troubles the vikings have, a running back that could catch the ball would help the team. Zero catches last night shows he is not a complete NFL back.

  15. All this crying about AD talking about personal goals is just stupid. Are you telling me that running for 2500 yards wouldn’t help this team? What else would he do to help the team? Get more interceptions? Getting rushing yards and td’s is his role. I don’t see him screaming for more carries or being a detriment to his team about it. What’s else is the guy asked to do?

  16. What is wrong with Kalil? He is horrible along with the rest of the line. Every pass play is a jail break. I did think Freeman handled the pressure in the pocket better than any of his counterparts. He did take a sack he can’t let happen in the red zone, but for the most part he side stepped, stepped up in the pocket and generally avoided the rush fairly well. Of course none of that matters when you miss your target by 10 yards.

    What a mess, worst situation I’ve seen the Vikings in since their inception in 1961 and that includes the Les Steckel year.

  17. I guess Jennings didn’t have it that bad in GB. 3 qb’s in 6 games? Yikes…..rebuilding here we come. I’m sure Jared and KW cannot wait to get out of town. If I were the Vikings I would turn into the Browns and start getting players for guys that are going to leave after the season.

  18. Do more? With 9-10 players in the box ready for you? With a non existing pass game? That’s death for a NFL RB career. He’s lucky if he gets 1000 yards. Best bet for AD is to bolt from Minnesota when his contract is up..or maybe he gets lucky and is traded for a few #1 picks to a team with a QB and no running back.

  19. Puzzling how failed offensive coordinators like Bill Musgrave keep getting chances to destroy offenses. How do you go out and fling the ball around with Josh Freeman, who’s not that good to begin with, but is only at a bigger disadvantage because he’s been in the offense 2 weeks? Mind blowing logic.

  20. It’s a coaching failure. Play calling Preparation. Adjustments. It’s a joke. We spent 3mil on a QB and he didn’t have any more of a chance than the first two. Cassel and ponder maybe a QB for our team. Seems they are candidates for trades someone must want them. A coach that will coach can make them both viable options. A coach that is ok with losing is not going to coach up a project like Ponder. It’s starts with the coaches. The online blocked for a 2000yd rusher last year. This year it’s a train wreck. Defense couldn’t stop a pop warner team. It’s preparation and schemes and the current Vikes staff has none. Send a dear John letter to all coaches that they are done effective the minute the last game is over. Bring in a whole new crew.

  21. A great running back, on a dysfunctional team right now.

    I guess the talk of A.P. ‘easily’ passing Emmitt’s all-time record is cooling right about now.

  22. It doesn’t matter what Adrian does. This team is going nowhere as long as Spielman is at the helm.

    For the love of Pete, do not let Spielman be the guy who picks the QB of the future for this team.

  23. Rick Spielman is a Mortician says:
    Oct 22, 2013 9:20 AM
    Peyton Hillis was better than Adrian Peterson last night.



    We’ve been worried about you.

  24. I find it funny that AP is setting rushing goals for himself this season. Presumably he doesn’t care about winning any football games. How pathetic.

  25. I don’t understand why anyone feels that Peterson deserves to be on a better team. He has made the playoffs 50% of the seasons he has played, and the 1 nfc championship game he played in he fumbled 3 times. Not to mention he signed a contract worth a lot of money to stay a Viking!! I can’t feel bad for him at all when it comes to football issues.

  26. “The one thing I’m going to stress is just being more physical as an offensive unit,” Peterson said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “We were more physical last year. And that’s one thing that stands out this year.”

    Translation: The offensive line is absolutely horrible this year and can’t block anyone.

  27. Give Peterson the ball 25 to 30 times. Usually his first 10 to 12 are mediocre… But the coach’s need to stick with him, there’s people who say the NFL is not a running league anymore and that the Vikings need to pass more, clearly didn’t see Peterson last season!! When ever Adrian Peterson gets over 20 carries he get’s his 100 yds and at least a TD. Peterson didn’t almost break the single season rushing record with 10 carries a game and Ponder definetly didn’t throw the ball anywhere close to 53 times a game. And this same team that is 1-5 this year was 10-6 in the playoffs last year just saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” 2013 Vikings need fixed that’s for sure there’s one way to do it All Day! Skol Vikings

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