Chudzinski: I don’t think Josh Gordon was disengaged against Packers

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Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has been the subject of trade rumors over the last couple of weeks and a recent report from Adam Schefter of ESPN all but guarantees that the possibility of a deal will remain in the forefront until next week’s deadline if he isn’t traded before that point.

On Sunday against the Packers, Gordon couldn’t beat cornerback Davon House for a fourth-down pass in the fourth quarter with the Browns trailing 17-6. That failure led some to question his effort and whether Gordon’s mind might be on the trade talk rather than the task at hand. Gordon said that wasn’t the case and coach Rob Chudzinski didn’t feel that Gordon, who also had a drop on Sunday, was disengaged during the game even if he thinks the wideout should have come down with the pass.

“I don’t think it was an effort thing,” Chudzinski said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Josh wants to be an elite receiver in this league and those are the types of plays that you have to find a way to make. He went up for it and he tried to body catch it mores than high-pointing it, so there’s some technique things that we can work with him on. I’ve seen him make some great catches before and he’s going to make more from here on out.”

For now, the Browns are reportedly balking at the offers made by other teams for Gordon. That could change at any moment, which means the next great catch Gordon makes could come in a different uniform while the Browns continue to turn their attention toward the future.

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  1. “Josh Freeman is a great quarterback, great leader, and will do your team a lot of good” – Tampa management

    “Josh Gordon is a great receiver, great leader, and will do your team a lot of good” – Cleveland management

  2. Or, you know, it could be the fact that Davon House is finally healthy and has been playing at a high level this season. And when Sam Shields was matched up against Gordon (probably the two fasted guys on the field), he didn’t get beat deep. Also helps that the QB was trowing up wounded ducks for most of the game.

  3. This trade talk is ridiculous. Unless someone blows the Browns away, with something like a 2014 #1 and #2, it ain’t gonna happen. Yeah, let’s go get our franchise qb in the 2014 draft and then instead of having him throw to Josh Gordon, he’s gonna throw to the likes of Travis Benjamin, Greg Little, and some 7th round pick from N. Boise Community College. And then, “oh, this stud qb we supposedly “tanked” for now has no one to throw to. If only we still had Josh Gordon.”

  4. Can we stop with this? An underachieving RB is a lot different than an overachieving wide receiver. The wide receiver position is more important to a rebuilding team than a 3.meh yards per carry RB

  5. Would it kill someone to maybe admit that Devon House played that good? He handled AJ Green, Torrey Smith and Josh Gordon. The sky won’t fall if it’s said the problem on their side is not that Gordon was disengaged, but that House was playing awesome

  6. Gordon was clearly disengaged the past two weeks. Or he is hurt and the Browns aren’t saying anything.

    Can you picture Lombardi, Chud and Banner checking twitter every a.m. during the off season to see if Gordon got busted.

    As a Browns fan i think they pull the trigger and get another draft pick and player.

  7. Having seen this game from the stands, in my opinion the bigger problem rests with the quarterback.

    The majority of Weeden’s passes were way way off the mark. He settled down a bit later in the game, but early on he wasn’t even close on any of this throws. He either over-threw or under-threw his receivers … not by a few feet – but by yards.

    If the Browns trade Gordon – it’s not because of his on the field performances – it’s probably because of things he’s doing off the field and late at night. Talent wise, this guy might be their best receiver.

  8. While it would be something solid to do for Gordon to send him to a competitive team, it would be much more of a solid thing to do to make the team he is on more able to compete.

    The talk about trading Gonzales or Petersen is the same type deal. On the one hand you don’t want to waste their careers but on the other, the point of having them on the team is giving you a chance to win.

    If the Browns are dead set on another trade, they should be trying to bring in a QB to take advantage of the talent on the team rather than dumping off talent to maybe be able to get someone down the road.

  9. I mean, if nothing I do actually matters because my QB can’t find me, I’m not going to be that engaged either. The problem is Weeden, not Gordon; by the time he goes through his progressions and figures out what he’s going to do, the receivers are no longer open or he’s about to be sacked. The decision making just isn’t there.

  10. I can’t shake the feeling that Lombardi would send Gordon and one of OUR picks to the Pats for Ryan Mallett. He loves that guy.

    I’d friggin’ throw up if Banner let it happen . . .

  11. I don’t know what I think about trading Gordon for another draft pick. How many rookies can they bring in in one season and bring them all up to the NFL level. The Browns need some good veteran players to mentor these young guys as well.

  12. He will end up on the Niners & it will be next Monday or Tuesday that it will happen. AFTER KC is 8-0, which turns the Alex Smith 3rd rounder into a 2nd rounder. It’ll be LaMichael James & a 2nd rounder for Gordon. If KC wants the pot sweetened it’ll be both of those 2nd rounders to go a long with LaMichael James. That’s the best you will get from the Niners.

    Basically if you like the Niners root for KC this weekend so that the deal can happen. Niners don’t need LaMichael James. They have plenty of depth at RB with Lattimore on the way next year as well. If the Niners get Gordon they’ll be even more loaded once Crabtree & Manningham are back.

  13. I seen a few plays that you could tell he let up. How hard is it to play hard for 6 second bursts? That being said,I understand their frustration with the awful qb that’s throwing them the ball. I should say the incompetent piece of crap standing there for 5 seconds then getting sacked or under handing it to the other team

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