David Baas headed for MRI on knee


The Giants got a win over the Vikings on Monday night, but things didn’t otherwise look too different from the rest of their 2013 season outside of the better result.

Similar struggles to the first six weeks were on display in all phases of the game and the team also watched another starting player leave a game with an injury. Center David Baas left with a knee injury early in the game and is headed for an MRI on Tuesday without a great deal of optimism about what doctors will find.

“We think we have an idea what it is,” Baas said, via Dan Graziano of ESPN.com. “Hopefully it’s not what we think, but we’ll see. Obviously it’s frustrating, because you feel like you can’t catch a break. But it is what it is.”

If Baas, who had missed the previous three games with a neck injury, has suffered a torn ligament, as he seems to be suggesting, it will bring his season to a close and return Jim Cordle to the starting lineup. That would make two starting offensive linemen lost for the season for the Giants, who likely feel just as frustrated as Baas about their injury problems this season.

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  1. ENOUGH WITH BAAS!!!! Awful Reese signing here. Even when he’s healthy he’s a subpar center. And his backup (Cordle) shouldn’t even be in the NFL. Guy gets pushed around like a rag doll out there. Need to move Boothe to center, Brewer to left guard.

  2. I hope he doesn’t end up being one of those CTE guys. Good GOD that thing on his forehead is ominous.

    But yeah, he’s got to go, even though Cordle is even worse.

  3. According to an ESPN graphic during the game last night, Baas is the fifth highest paid Giant this year. He was a terrible signing, and has been average at best even when completely healthy… Which is almost never. Not hard to see why we have no depth at several positions when you’re paying an unproven center that kind of money. That line hasn’t been the same since Ohara retired. Cordle’s arms look like an out of shape truck driver. Geeeez- you’re on an NFL team, get in the weight room! Don’t need “professional athletes” on the team if they aren’t at least working hard in the gym. Guy gets pushed all over the place. Reese deserved a lot of credit for the rings… But needs to up his game after putting together the current version. Time to let go of some aging, overpaid vets that are no longer producing at the same level. One nice, high position draft for the first time in a decade along with some freed up $$ to sign a couple QUALITY free agents. Not some bargain hunting long shot cast-offs or over-the-hill veterans. Give the young guys some experience the rest of the way. Let’s get it right this year, and we’ll be right back in the mix next season!

  4. Baas

    Cut those guys at the end of the year, Giants have about 30 million in cap space to fix the glaring needs they have on the Oline and LBs. As much as I love 4 out of 5 of these guys, their time is up. They just aren’t what they used to be.

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