Geno Smith denies that he stares down his receivers

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When a reporter suggested to Jets quarterback Geno Smith on Monday that he has been staring down his receivers on his interceptions, Smith bristled at the suggestion.

“No, I don’t think so,” Smith said. “My coaches haven’t said anything about that. I don’t understand what specific instances you’re talking about. That’s something you have to look at the receiver to see if he is open. I don’t think I have that problem.”

Smith did make a very bad decision on a first-quarter interception on Sunday, throwing a bad pass that New England’s Logan Ryan had a clear path to return 79 yards for a touchdown. But Smith said it was easy to move on from that mistake.

“I mean for one, it wasn’t the end of the game and it’s not the end the world,” Smith said. “Those things happen. I think the best [test] of the type of player you are is the way you move on from those mistakes and the way you respond. I’m always the type of guy that, I don’t want to make any mistakes but if I ever do I try to come back, respond and be better. That’s just the mentality I take every time.”

Whether Smith stared down a receiver on that interception or not, he didn’t throw any more interceptions the rest of the game. Smith still has a long way to go as a quarterback, but the Jets have to be pleased with his progress.

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  1. Wow!!! Eli can throw 99 ints and the media covers by blaming the receiver for running the wrong route, dropping the ball or whatever. Though Geno is clearly the better QB in NY, he catches it from every quarter.

    I like that he stated that his coaches hadn’t mentioned it. Perfect, now shut up and go ask Eli why he throws with his eyes closed?

  2. Geno out played Tom Brady on sunday and is improving game to game. Once he gets some consistency he will take the next step.

    One thing is for sure he NEVER says the wrong thing to the press who are always reaching for a story.

  3. Qdog. The receivers have told the media that they ran the wrong route, or read the coverage wrong in multiple instances of Eli’s picks. If youre going to reference the media, get your facts straight. Geno is playing well right now, but saying he’s better than Eli just shows you’re a little emotional about your big win.

  4. His issues have been throwing into tight coverage (decision making) & inconsistent accuracy & ball placement on the interceptions. I haven’t noticed him having a problem with starring down receivers. He checks down pretty good. That reporter doesn’t have a clue… Must be Mehta!

    As for Geno the guy has turned out to be an immaculate professional & budding leader not to mention playmaking ability… Just the opposite of all the bad press he was getting… Where are the retractions(que cricket sound)??

  5. Smith is one of those gym rat types, so I’m sure he will continue getting better. He’s already far exceeded expectations that many had for him. People point out “all” those interceptions but he had the bulk of them in that rainy game against the Patriots. That’s the one week that I felt he put his team behind the 8 ball. Otherwise, he’s given them a chance to win every week with his play.

  6. I’m a Pats fan, but I like Geno. His most impressive quality might be his ability to move on from errors and not let them stay in his head. You can’t coach that and all good QBs have to have that.

  7. Geno Smith’s age is higher than Eli’s QBR this year, and this is the type of treatment he gets. Bias will be bias.

  8. Oh and he’s top 5 in the NFL for long distance ( >15 Yards) completion percentage, but who cares about that right?

  9. Maybe the reporters should ask the defense if he stares down receivers or doesn’t look away long enough. Geno may think he’s not staring them down, but the defense, whether opponents or teammates, would be better be able to tell.

  10. Geno is overrated and the Jets were handed two games because of penalties

    7- games pass attempts 223 Completions 130 completion %: 58.3 (horrible)
    1,723 8 TDs 11 picks 15 fumbles……speaks for itself….plus he’s a meat head….

  11. He definitely stares down receivers. But overall it sure looks like he is a keeper at QB.

    On a side note– the Jets have the ugliest uniforms in the league. The green looks all faded and the unis look like hand me downs from a richer college who changed to better unis.

  12. kingcasper says:
    Oct 22, 2013 11:34 AM
    Geno is overrated and the Jets were handed two games because of penalties

    7- games pass attempts 223 Completions 130 completion %: 58.3 (horrible)
    1,723 8 TDs 11 picks 15 fumbles……speaks for itself….plus he’s a meat head….


    Get over it! Both penalties were completely the right call and would not have mattered if Geno didn’t put them into position to get the calls.

    Over-rated? How’s four game winning or leading drives in the fourth quarter or OT sound? Cause that’s what he has already in his first four wins. And a nearly 60% completion percentage is not horrible, it’s average. And he’s doing it with NO talent at WR and TE.

    He’s already the best quarterback in his town this year (and notice I said this year), and as he grows and gets better at minimizing his turnovers and mistakes, he’ll be a top 12 QB in the league. Get use to it, Geno is here to stay.

  13. geno looked at nelson too long on the pick 6, tho ‘staring him down’ might be a little strong. rex made a good point in postgame that nelson needs to get between the defender and the qb. a good receiver will get that done.

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