Jermichael Finley out of ICU

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Packers tight end Jermichael Finley took to Twitter on Monday night for the first time since suffering a neck injury in Sunday’s victory over the Browns and he sent some encouraging news about his condition.

Finley thanked fans and well-wishers for their support and said that he had been released from the intensive care unit after spending Monday there while getting tests on his neck. He also reported that he has full feeling in his arms and legs and that he was able to walk to and from a shower that was much-needed since he hadn’t had one since Sunday’s game.

On Monday, word was that it will be some time before there’s a clear idea of what Finley’s football future holds. Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Finley has been diagnosed with a bruised spinal cord and that doctors are continuing to evaluate the best way to proceed in treating the injury.

Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain made his 2013 debut against the Steelers on Sunday after bruising his spinal cord near the end of last season. The timeline may be completely different for Finley, but it seems safe to say that it is going to be a while before anyone’s talking about a return to the football field.

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  1. If I was running the team, I think I would place him on IR immidiately. Let him rehab and come back next year (if he chooses). I certainly wouldnt want to be the guy that allowed him to play when “next time” happens. Because next time is generally worse than the first time…

  2. As a Vikings fan- I wish him the best in his recovery and in life. With his recent speaking to the media, I could see him retire (if he is even physically able to come back from this) and spend more time with family after both his recent injuries.

  3. Yikes! I hope he makes a full recovery. I also hope he can return to football in proper time.

  4. Good to hear. For the record, there was no helmet contact on the play Finley got hurt. Nor was he down – he was still making a football move after the reception. Official made a mistake calling a penalty on the play. There will be no fine.

  5. Good news, football doesn’t really matter right now. Good to see that young man able to walk and have feeling in his extremities. Very nasty hit, but unlike a lot of plays we’ve seen, no one did anything wrong..not Finley, and not the defender. Just unfortunate circumstances.

    Hope he recovers fully and can live a productive, normal life and if he chooses to play football, I wish him well.

  6. I hope Finley fully recovers. It immediately made me think of him mentioning his son didn’t want him playing several weeks back when he got hurt — hope everything works out for him and his family.

  7. Glad to hear, that’s great news! All the best to you on your road to recovery Jermichael !

    From a Vikings fan.

  8. He’ll be back. Better and stronger than ever. You know why? Cuz he’s a Warrior.

  9. wryly1 says:

    Good to hear. For the record, there was no helmet contact on the play Finley got hurt. Nor was he down – he was still making a football move after the reception. Official made a mistake calling a penalty on the play. There will be no fine.
    Who cares about penalties/fines in this case?

  10. onlythebest36 says: Oct 22, 2013 9:05 AM

    Glad to hear he’s doing better. Must have sucked not being able to take a shower especially after playing a game.


    Right. Cause taking a shower was his biggest concern while laying in the hospital bed. Smh.

  11. It was definitely a scary situation – I’m glad to hear he’s doing better. Hopefully he doesn’t, but I wouldn’t blame him one bit if he decides to retire after this.

    On a side note, those throwback uni’s are still horrible, but I think they actually look better with the yellow helmets vs. the brown/maroon ones they’ve used with them before. It may not be as historically accurate, but it’s easier on the eye.

  12. I won’t be surprised to see Finely retire after this injury. It’s too bad this happened after he finally decided to put the right dedication level into football. I wish the best to him and his family no matter what his decision.

  13. Don’t be surprised if he retires after the season… or possibly immediately. I love money as much as the next guy but if one of my children asked me not to play the game and this happened shortly after, there’s no thought left to the decision, it’s made.

  14. @wryly Incorrect. Defenders are not allowed to lunge their shoulder/head at a reciever like that. It doesn’t matter whether he used his helmet or not because he lunged his shoulder instead. Nearly every official has already stated that it was an illegal hit, just going around saying it was legal doesn’t change that.

  15. Best wishes, Jermichael. Whether you retire or not, do what you’re most comfortable with.

  16. Bruised spinal cord? Wow, that is nothing to mess with. Take the rest of the season off at a minimum. See where things are next year. Packers probably were going to lose in the first or second rounds of the playoffs even with him.

  17. I had a bruised spinal cord years ago in a snowboarding accident and was paralyzed for a few minutes. It’s absolutely terrifying. Once you get it, you’re more susceptible to repeat paralysis with potential for more serious conditions. I ended my snowboarding career on the spot and stopped playing lacrosse. Not worth it. I hope Finley makes the best decision for him and his family.

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