Jerry Jones rules out trades, sort of

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Over the weekend, a report emerged suggesting that the Cowboys could trade for a running back.  Multiple other reports promptly refuted it.

Now, owner Jerry Jones has refuted it.  Sort of.

“If you do not get a call, you’re going to have a tough time to make a trade,” Jones told New School with Shan & RJ of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.  “This sitting around saying, ‘What if? . . .  What if? . . .  I’ll give my 2017 three for his tackle sitting over there’.  You really are wasting a lot of time.”

That statement could be interpreted as an invitation by Jones for someone to call.

But it’s clear that the Cowboys aren’t inclined to trade away any players with bonus money that would accelerate into the 2013 salary cap.

“There are a lot of teams — we’re one of them — that really can’t afford to go out there and bring a lot of bonus [money] forward into 2013.”

Still, Jones wouldn’t rule out anything.

“I don’t want to say never, but certainly I’m not spending a lot of time trying to trade into a defensive lineman,” Jone said.

In other words, anything and everything technically is on the table.  Which is the smart move, since no team ever knows when the phone will ring.

18 responses to “Jerry Jones rules out trades, sort of

  1. This is Jerry Jones, so don’t rule out Hershel Walker 2.0 with Peterson going to the Cowboys this time!

  2. Peterson to Dallas would be a blockbuster move that due to the salary cap will never happen. Unless All Day decided that he was willing to take half his pay in order to play for a contender then there is no way you fit him and Romo under the cap along with Dez Bryant and still be able to field a team.

    If they had a GM that was capable of evaluating talent and could find a value player at the running back position, they would be far better off. Unfortunately, Jerrah kind find a running back unless they attended Arkansas.

  3. 49ers might take offers for LaMichael James. He is not going to go beastmode on anyone but he could be a Darryl Sproles type player.

  4. steelerben says:
    Oct 22, 2013 3:03 PM
    Peterson to Dallas would be a blockbuster move that due to the salary cap will never happen. Unless All Day decided that he was willing to take half his pay in order to play for a contender then …
    … then he wouldn’t end up in Dallas. If he wanted to be with a contender in the NFC, he’d wind up a Seahawk, Saint, 49er, or Packer. The Cowboys may very well back into the playoffs this year with a record between 9-7 and 7-9 given that they play in the weakest division in football, but they are far from contenders.

  5. Talk of a trade was a rumor to begin with and didn’t come from Jerry.

    Rookie Joseph Randle did a nice job filling in for Murray on Sunday. Many of the names out there aren’t a lot more reliable than Murray and will come with a big price tag which Jerry will not do.

    They may add a RB for depth who is not on a roster currently and comes cheap.

  6. Fred Jackson will retire in Buffalo . They gave him a chance out of arena football and then made him a millonare . He is the heart and soul of the bills We need both him and CJ . CJ can not take the beating of a 3 down back . Now we would send you Rasad Choice for a 2nd round pick . Jackson will be Mayor of Buffalo 2 days after he retires as a Bill .

  7. @thegenoatkinsdiet – Andy Dalton and AJ Green’s rookie deals end at the same time. You’ll know plenty about salary cap problems soon enough.

    @cowpiesnotcowboys – As hard as it is to accept, with a solid running game the Dallas Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender. They are very talented across the board and are starting to see coaching that is getting the most out of it. Even with all of the injuries on both sides of the ball they remain consistantly competitive and are looking like they can compete with anyone in the league.

    I’m not fan of “Dem Cowboys” but don’t let your homer alligences get in the way of actual team evaluations when looking at player fits. Seahawks have Lynch, 49ers have Gore (and James, and Lattimore), Saints have Sproles (who fits their scheme), and the Packers have Lacey (and if you think Minnesota trades AP within their own division you’re nuts).

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