Martellus Bennett calls Brandon Meriweather a “scumbag”

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In the opinion of Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, a two-game suspension isn’t good enough for Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather.  For Meriweather’s illegal hits to the head of Bears receiver Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey, Bennett wants to return the favor.

“He’s a scumbag,” Bennett told The Boers and Bernstein Show on WSCR in Chicago.  “I still want to punch him in the face.”

Bennett’s concern goes beyond protecting his own teammates.  He believes all players should be protecting other players.

“What it comes down to, at the end of the day, the players have got to look out for the players,” Bennett said.  “There’s a way to go out there and be a beast when you hit people, and have nobody want to come across the middle.  But then there’s a way not to do it, where you’re deliberately hitting guys [high] or after the game you’re saying, ‘Oh, I’ve got to pay,’ because you know what you did was wrong when you were doing it.  Then it just becomes wrong.”

Meriweather joked about the financial consequences of his hits after the game.

“Anybody else want to chip in on my dinner?  I can’t afford it right now,” Meriweather said with a smile, via Joseph White of the Associated Press.

That attitude will make it even harder for Meriweather to overcome his suspension on appeal.  Even if the suspension sticks, that still won’t be good enough for Bennett.

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  1. I think he would have to find his place in line, because there are a lot of guys in the NFL, including many ex-teammates, who feel the same way.

  2. Bennett is absolutely correct. There’s a huge difference between hitting hard and hurting people. Those hits hurt the team, the players, the league, and the fans.

    I’m sure all of his fellow DBs enjoy the new ‘strike zone’ rules and how easily fines are handed out now because of idiots like him.

  3. Want to make the game safer? Remove pieces of dung like Merriweather from the NFL and those that go out of their way to deliberately head shot players regardless of how many times they’re disciplined.

    Scumbag is too nice of a word for this waste of sperm.

  4. Guys like him won’t learn till they get season long suspensions for repeat offenders like him .

  5. A punch on or off the field can get you kicked off the field. Still don’t see how Bennett is going to obtain resolution. He should focus on trying to use winning as a substitute for satisfaction.

  6. Honestly I think Meriweather is just dumb. You know he’s been told over and over how to hit , been fined, knocked himself and teammates out, etc and he just won’t change his ways. And his other “skills” aren’t worth keeping him on the roster unless he has improved dramatically from when he was a Patriot.

    Also I thought Haslett would have known better by now than to obtain a former Pats safety after he traded a draft pick to them to get Tebucky Jones 10 years ago and was dumbfounded that the guy had no ball skills.

  7. “He believes all players should be protecting other players.”

    Yeah, and everybody should have access to affordable health care.

    You’re living in a dream world Martellus…

  8. Bennett is absolutely right. Let us also not forget the infamous FIU – UM brawl he was apart of in college, when he stomped on another players head. Guy is classless and a dirty player.

  9. Defense used to be about intimidation and making WRs think twice about making the highlight catch. The wussification of the NFL has warped fans’ minds of what is “cheap”. BM did nothing that more than what 2,000 other defenders before him did before Goodell ruined football. Blame him, not the defender trying to do the job that football’s forefathers bestowed on him.

  10. When you have a growing number of NFL players angry because of your reckless and dangerous play, that kinda says something. Im guessing Meriweather might want to tone down his bravado and change his behavior. I know he’s a tough guy but I think some of these other players are pretty tough too.

  11. I am a redskins fan. As a fan, I want to root for my team and actually like them. There is no deffense for his headhunting and it has to stop. Unless and until the coaches are sure he has learned to play correctly, I do not want him on my team, even if he improves the team. I would rather root for a 2 and 14 team I like than a 12 and 4 team I cannot respect.

  12. He is a scumbag, I’m a Jets fan and I remember how I used to watch him play for the pats and think to myself a) this guy plays dirty and b) why does he keep doing the same thing over and over after all the flags? I remember one hit where it was obvious he could have gone lower but made an effort to hit the defenseless player in the head. I really don’t like this guy, and that has nothing to do with my teams rivalry with the patriots. He plays dirty and I think 2 games should be more like 4 or 6 at this point for this guy.

  13. NFL this has been Brandon Meriweather from his time in NE/Chi and now Was. He was a head hunter that gave up huge plays but always went for the kill shot.

    I am all for hard hitting football but you have to have technique. Didn’t this guy just get a big fine this year? A few games later nothing changes for him. 2 game suspensions is a disgrace to your player safety model.

  14. He is a scumbag. Using your helmet as a weapon to get someone else’s head repeatedly should ban you from the league.

    He might as well be banned, he’s a terrible player.

  15. Brandon Marshall should have held onto the ball! He knew his head was going to be taken off, and it was, so he might as well catch the TD pass.
    SOMEBODY CALL THE WHAMBULANCE! Waaaahhhh Wahhhhhh Wahhhh.
    This is football baby! Raiders style. Hahaha.
    Up next after Merriweather WINS HIS APPEAL: Demarious Thomas and Erik Decker!

  16. people just realize this guy is a bad seed? him stomping on college players heads didnt open your eyes before he was even drafted?

  17. Take out the Helmets and the Pads and incidences like this will not occur. You can’t hit somebody Skull on Skull with no helemet, it hurts. haha Or lead with your head, Rugby players know how to tackle and there are a lot less injuries. YOU LEAD WITH YOUR SHOULDER!!!

  18. I went over the middle 1000 times in my life and my body still hurts from it. Touch Tackle Leagues and NO head to head contact.

    You CAN hit the crap out of someone and intimidate them WITHOUT using your head or theirs.

  19. There is a difference between going out and playing hard football, making big hits, and being physical and being a head hunter.

    Merriweather constantly puts himself and other players in danger and is hurting his team by picking up senseless penalties. If he was less worried about blowing someone up and paid attention to keeping his facemask up, wrapping his arms around the ball carrier and driving through the waist he’d achieve the desired goal of being a feared defender because he actually tackles you. He isn’t breaking up passes, he isn’t causing fumbles, he isn’t generating interceptions. He is knocking himself out of the game and costing them 15 yards on plays that would have been stops.

  20. Combining a few articles here…. As a Redskins fan (which apparently makes me a racist), I hope they manage to trade Fred Davis for a halfway decent safety and then cut Meriweather. Watching him clearly shoot for heads and knock 2 different players out of the game (if only momentarily) was cause to be embarrassed for my loyalty to my team.

    He does not deserve to wear the burgundy and gold.

  21. He plays this way to cover up his HORRBLE play. He’s a bottom 5 safety, and that’s being nice!

    Next time it happens, I hope shannarat and haslett cut him to send a message… probably not though!

  22. I was able to read between the lines and determine that Bennett does not like Meriweather.

  23. Start blowing knees out, and you’ll be alright, no fines, no suspensions, no nothing, start ending seasons or even possibly careers. Merriwether could have easily went low on both hits and took out knees, and if he would have went low on Brandon Marshall we would have seen a Marcus Lattimore type of injury….

  24. Let DBs grab and get rid of the ridiculous “defenseless receiver” rule and less QBs will be inclined to lead their WRs into harms way. With the rules how they are, there’s no down side to throwing over the middle anymore.

    Doesn’t anyone find it strange that there seems to be more concussions now then there were 20 years ago before Goodell fixed what wasn’t broke?

  25. He won’t learn until its too late he is reckless and will end up breaking his or someones neck launching into people like he does i cringe whenever he goes to tackle, Sean Taylor was a big hitter but most were clean and he was feared and respected for it.I hope my Skins get rid of him ASAP!!!

  26. HA what a bunch of babies. Same people last year where complaining how soft the league is getting. But get beat by the Redskins, ( Yeah, I said it – REDSKINS ) and all the tears come streaming out.

  27. dcfan999 says: Oct 22, 2013 2:03 PM

    With today’s rules players like Ronnie Lott Jen Houston Sean Taylor would end up fined all the time


    I think these comments miss the point. While many of the hardhitting players of yesteryear were physical and intimidating, they played within the rules of the game as it was back then. They would have adapted if the rules were different just like 95% of today’s players have done successfully. Those guys weren’t tougher than today’s players, they just played under a different set of rules and as we’ve learned from MRI’s of their 50 year old brains, those rules were misguided and unnecessarily dangerous.

  28. I like the way Meriweather curls his arms close to his body when he launches himself, as if to use his head to protect his hands from injury… or does he do that to reduce drag?

  29. Do these idiots wake up each morning, look in the mirror and say “what can I do and/or say TODAY that will make me look dumber than YESTERDAY?
    Can’t cure stupid!

  30. Bennett is absolutely correct……however…..I wonder how many of the Bear fans who are supporting Bennett on this are the same one’s who applauded Plank and Fencik when they were doing the EXACT SAME THING?

  31. Im a Skins fan… but Im a football fan first…. You make a bigger hit using your shoulder… Yes you are supposed to make WRs think twice. Yes I grew up in the era of dislodge ball from man. But he’s not holding the ball in his mouth…Shoulder to chest/waist/shoulder will make anyone think twice. That dummy crouched down and uncoiled… That’s not skill.

  32. I’m not siding with the idea of HEADSHOTS in the game, HOWEVER, quite a few of these “dirty hits” are the product of the offensive player lowering his head. That said Merriweather needs to target lower. Lacy was down low, Marshall was lowering his head. As a player, from pee wee to Pop Warner to HS and college defensive coaches preach. LOWEST MAN WINS. Not all helmet to helmet hits fall on the D. As Marshall is pulling the ball in, IN THE END ZONE, should Merriweather GIVE him a TD or lay a hit on him like he is paid to? This is the NFL, a mans game! Quit changing the rules to make the game SAFER? It’s NOT a safe game. It’s a game of collisions and EVERY fan loves the big hit!

  33. MUCH more disgusted by Andrew Lucks FLOP in the end zone as a d lineman WALKED into him as the play developed on the sideline. Or maybe that’s also an egregious foul on the D that needs fines and suspensions…Lol SAD!
    To quote the great St Vince. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE?

  34. Agreed that these hits are classless, dangerous and malicious, and must be taken out of the game.

    But we’ve got to put in rules that don’t completely take the defense out of the game. We have every rule protecting QB’s, WR’s, etc. How about taking away the stiff arm to the face that is legal for RB’s to do, and the ball at the 1 yard line if there’s pass interference in the end zone.

  35. I think a guy named Ronnie Lott made the Hall of Fame for the National Football League with years of play like that ( coincidently available on licensed NFL video formats).

    I’m glad Marcy Bennett doesn’t care to play boxing or MMA.

    Is Roger Goodell an attorney or something?

    The irony of a monopolistic league built on violence trying to regulate what made it great and popular.

    What else is politically correct this week……..violence in sports, Redskins name…….maybe young underweight lightly clothed cheerleaders should go, and beer at stadiums (a real danger), $10 hotdogs, turf that shreds health from players, on and on and on.

  36. Imagine a Steeler fan condemn Meriweather after all those years James Harrison lowerd his helmet to hit opposing players,Funny thing it was ok for Harrison to do it!

  37. Just watch the video of Meriweather in college viciously swinging his helmet at opposing players during a brawl…and then ask yourself whether this kid is a scumbag or not. His lack of character was made apparent to me long before he stepped onto an NFL field.

  38. The helmet swing withstanding there was a point in time where Meriweather was a talented up and coming safety and I really thought he’d be something. Now all he’s good for is cheap shotting people. I just don’t get it.

  39. The ironic thing to me is Merriweather is an Ex-Bear. Inbetween the Pats & the Skins, he played for Chicago in 2011. When Merriweather was a Bear, he sucked. Really sucked.

    I’d like to think that Lovie Smith’s such a classy guy and held the guy back from playing dirty (i.e. impactful), but the simpler answer is that Merriweather had a bad year with the Bears.

  40. 5 Years ago those hit would of been considered great hits game changing hits but since the NFL is a Flag football League now . Meriweather is considered a Dirty Player for Playing hard a fast the way the game should be played , Now wide out catch a pass and think they’re not suppose to get hit and if they do they cry for a Flag , Ask Ronnie Lot if Meriweather is dirty .

  41. 5 Years ago those hits would of been considered great hits game changing hits but since the NFL is a Flag football League now . Meriweather is considered a Dirty Player for Playing hard a fast the way the game should be played , Now wide out catch a pass and think they’re not suppose to get hit and if they do they cry for a Flag , Ask Ronnie Lot if Meriweather is dirty .

  42. kingpel says:
    Oct 22, 2013 2:09 PM
    I have a feeling this league is about to start policing itself if Goodell isn’t careful.
    I agree, but it should be done different than you imply.
    The union should be protecting it’s players as a whole and hand out fines, suspensions on its own. Fines could go to the victem player. Punishments determined by a panel of players.

    As for Merriweather, while he wasnt so much head hunting, he just wouldn’t listen to coaches. Always trying to freelance and consequently usually out of position on critical stops .

    After being traded to the bears, he was benched after 2/3 games for the same reason.
    Now with DC, these complaints of headhunting.
    Is this all him, or is Shanny giving him the green light?

  43. One of the few ‘protection rules’ that came out of the early football days was

    NO SPEARING.. not from offense and none from the defense..
    they players are afraid of impact..

    this is why Finely went down. ducking the head on impact.

    Merriweather should have received a 4 game suspension for his hit on Lacy..

    maybe we just need to introduce him to Legrand, or Tallifaro and let them tell him how dangerous it is to lead with the your head.

    This is no joke, an example needs to be made.

  44. “justintuckrule says: Oct 22, 2013 1:53 PM
    Defense used to be about intimidation and making WRs think twice about making the highlight catch. The wussification of the NFL has warped fans’ minds of what is “cheap”. BM did nothing that more than what 2,000 other defenders before him did before Goodell ruined football.”

    What Goodell ruined has nothing to do with headhunting and intentionally trying to hurt players in the head. Some of you people clearly don’t know the difference.

  45. The Patriots cut him because of his character and they gave an extension to a murderer. That tells you something.

  46. Man, I hate all the new rules that have taken good hard play out of the game. But, these rules are for a..holes like Merriweather. A few idiots are ruining the game, and he’s one of them.

  47. BM (fitting huh?) will stop only when he himself crushes his own vertebrae. He is virtually scrambled eggs after every hit, and down longer than the receivers.

  48. dirtydrynn27 says: Oct 22, 2013 1:46 PM

    “And Brandon Meriweather calls Martellus Bennett a sore loser!”

    Seriously? Either you’re missing the point completely, or you’re an idiot…Maybe both.

  49. pleazenufalready says: Oct 22, 2013 3:00 PM

    “Bennett is absolutely correct……however…..I wonder how many of the Bear fans who are supporting Bennett on this are the same one’s who applauded Plank and Fencik when they were doing the EXACT SAME THING?”

    Not the same thing at all…As someone else mentioned, the rules were different back then, and Fencik & Plank played within those rules. And they weren’t trying to maim guys.

  50. I’m just saying, there are more people than meriweather making these types of hits. He just gets called out for it. Also, if you actually watch the games, you can see a difference in his hits. He starts with his shoulders, but because he is turned, his head automatically goes over his shoulder.
    Maybe the issue is with the fact that he keeps being told to do it one way, but not being taught how to hit. Just because he is doing it wrong, doesn’t mean it is intentional. Now if he is taught how to do this correctly, and continues to hit high with his head, then he does not need to play. But until then, maybe we should be pointing the finger at the league for allowing these hits 5-10 years ago (WHEN HE STARTED IN THE LEAGUE!!!!) and now wanting to change it, without teaching these guys (not just telling them how to do it, but TEACHING them!!) There is a huge difference. Especially when you have muscle memory already.

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