Percy Harvin to practice Tuesday with Seahawks


For the first time since early June, Percy Harvin will be on the practice field with the Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday.

The Seahawks announced Monday that Harvin has officially returned to practice from the physically unable to perform list. Seattle didn’t have a practice on Monday but the team’s website noted that Harvin and quarterback Russell Wilson did workouts together at the team facility.

Harvin has been sidelined for Seattle since OTAs with a hip injury that ultimately required surgery on August 1. He was placed on the reserve/PUP list in August and was Seattle will have 21 days for Harvin to practice with the team before they have to make a decision to activate him to the 53-man roster.

Harvin could make his Seattle debut next Monday night against the St. Louis Rams. However, his limited amount of practice time even before the injury could elongate the process for him to be ready to get on the field for the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have seemingly been cautious with their injuries this season electing to make sure a player was ready to go before putting them on the field. Head coach Pete Carroll said they would make sure Harvin was not only ready to play before putting him on the field, but ready to withstand the remainder of the schedule as well.

When exactly Harvin plays for Seattle is still in question but Tuesday’s return to practice will be a pivotal step towards seeing their biggest offseason acquisition get back on the field.

23 responses to “Percy Harvin to practice Tuesday with Seahawks

  1. Defenses will have to know where he is at all times on the field. Between Harvin, Rice, Tate, Baldwin and Zach Miller someone will be open at all times, bank on it!

  2. William Percival III will be the most hyped free agent to step on the field for the hawks since…ever? I think the pre-season injury and subsequent weeks of PUP just adds onto the loaded anticipation of eager seahawk fans. Here’s to staying healthy. May the force be with you Percy!!!

  3. Rams game? Jeez. Why expose him to injury? I am a niner fan, I shouldn’t be writing this, but the entire Rams game is going to be like 4th quarter garbage time. Rest your starters.

  4. I would imagine they have a few plays for him, just to knock the rust off, and get game speed plays ran. Probably won’t see anything special they will do with him, because they won’t need it. Bradford going down really hurt the watch ability of this game. Clemons, or Quinn if he makes it will be no match for the Legion of Boom.

  5. SO EXCITED! Even as a Bears fan I loved to watch him play for Minnesota because he is so electric when healthy. I wish him the best and hope that he finds a way to stay healthy for the remainder of the season.

  6. Harvin had a partially torn labrum in hip, he was still able to run almost full speed and I he team doc said he could play but might risk injury, they said seek a second opinion.

    He then got a different option, got surgery, he was not ever going to miss the whole season, and unlike many dumb analysts he isn’t facing a career ending or changing injury. If he was able to almost play before why would you expect anything less than an early projected return.

    Excited to see him play. GO HAWKS

  7. It’s crazy to think how good this team is right now with all the injuries, and how much better they’ll be at the end of the year. Seahawk fans have every right to expect a NFC Championship game appearance at the minimum. I’m glad my team doesn’t have to play them this year haha

  8. Rams, Bucks, Falcons and Vikings… Seahawks next 4 games, leading into the bye week.
    10-1 in the bye weeK?

    NFC #1 – The Seahawks have the yellowbrick road this year.

    Percy doesn’t need to play until after the bye week, ready for N.O. and SFO.


  9. 1. Kansas City Chiefs
    2. Seattle Seahawks
    3. The other 30 teams.

    Andy and Pete have built dynasty teams that face off in multiple Super Bowls over the next decade.

    The series could even go as far as KC-Seattle VIII

    In 3 years, all other teams will be attempting to model their franchises after the “Seahawks Way” Or “Chiefs Way”

    Filthadelphia fans are crying, wishing they had Andy back, and being stuck with a Gimmick coach, whose gimmicks have already been solved at the big boy level.

    FortyWHiner fans are crying , wishing head WHinebaugh kept Alex instead of the tattooed, immature, ME-First freakshow

  10. otis52gsh:

    Oh, other teams will be getting headaches all right. Especially defensive coordinators.

    I figure they’ll give him two weeks to practice and unleash him against the Bucs, in front of the home crowd.

  11. Smarterthanyou says:
    Oct 22, 2013 7:45 AM
    1. Kansas City Chiefs
    2. Seattle Seahawks
    3. The other 30 teams.

    Andy and Pete have built dynasty teams that face off in multiple Super Bowls over the next decade.
    For this season at least… you should add Indy to the top of that list.
    In no particular order,
    Indy, Seattle, KC, and Denver.

    Indy has played and won against both Seattle and Denver.

  12. Right now there are 4-5 starters out for Seahawks and they’re 6-1. Russell Okung, Breno Giacomini, McQuistan at LG is playing LT, Bobby Wagner, Percy Harvin. All those guy will be coming back sooner except Okung will be back later this year. Scary thought of having this team at full strength once the playoffs start!

  13. I don’t see any need in rushing him back this week, or next… We should be able to handle the Rams, and Bucs without him!!! If he is healthy enough bring him back in 3 weeks against the Falcons. Gives him extra time to heal, get into football shape, learn the playbook a bit more, and establish a rythem with Wilson, even if it’s just in practice. Be smart PC/JS, don’t rush it!!! We need to be healthy for a SB run.

  14. I agree with that 100% hawks have made it this far with out him wait a couple more games so he is back to 100% but for putting him back out there I can’t wait to see him play but want him to be at full ability when he does start go hawks ur #1

  15. jshawaii22 says:
    Oct 22, 2013 7:44 AM

    Percy doesn’t need to play until after the bye week, ready for N.O. and SFO.
    He’ll suit up against the Vikings. Percy probably circles that date on every calendar he sees…

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