PFT Live: Marvin Jones


The Bengals are the only team in the AFC North with a winning record and their 5-2 mark has them a couple of games clear of their nearest competitors in the division.

One of the players who has had a hand in their success this season is wide receiver Marvin Jones, who has scored touchdowns in each of the last two games and has started receiving more balls his way in recent weeks as a complement to A.J. Green. That’s something the Bengals have been missing in the last couple of years and Mike Florio will talk to Jones about how he sees his role developing over the remainder of the season.

Florio will also have all the news you need to know from around the league on Tuesday, including updates on injured players and any new trade rumors that have popped up a week ahead of the trade deadline.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

4 responses to “PFT Live: Marvin Jones

  1. 5th rd steal with top end speed…He reminds me of a young Chad Johnson but without all the diva attitude… Hopefully he continues to develop and we will have exactly what we need as a number 2…Keep in mind Sanu takes some of his plays and the return of Andrew Hawkins is right around the corner….. WHO DEY!

  2. Gimme a break.

    Marvin Jones has only once totaled more than 66 yards.

    This guy has had the dropsies and couldn’t get separation until Week 6 of his second NFL season.

    Sorry if I expect my #2 wr to be capable of totaling over 100 yards and getting open consistently.

    Honestly… in the big scheme of things… Marvin Jones is a #3 on a REAL HIGH QUALITY OFFENSE.

    Please cheap, crappy Bengals owner mike brown…. sign a QUALITY #2 wide receiver.

  3. yes my steelers are having a down year but we beat the ratbirds and i wont take the bungles or brownies seriously until they can show me they can win when it counts. andy dalton is the second best qb in the afc north ahead of flucco and behind ben, but i do not see him becoming a guy that will win in the playoffs

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