Rams adding Austin Davis and Brady Quinn at quarterback


Rams coach Jeff Fisher said there was a chance that the Rams would sign a pair of quarterbacks in response to the season-ending knee injury suffered by Sam Bradford.

Fisher must know somebody in management because that’s just what the Rams are doing. Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the team has signed Austin Davis and agreed to terms with Brady Quinn to fill out a depth chart currently fronted by Kellen Clemens.

Davis spent 2012 as the third quarterback in St. Louis and spent this summer with the Rams as well before being cut after Clemens won the battle for the backup spot. Quinn was cut by the Jets on Monday when they activated David Garrard, which turned out to be pretty good timing for the journeyman given Bradford’s injury.

Clemens hasn’t started a game since 2011 and has never been particularly impressive in his limited previous experiences in the top job with the Jets and Rams. It’s not clear how Davis and Quinn will stack up behind him, but whoever is No. 2 may get a shot should Clemens’ past history repeat itself.

Thomas reports that the Rams released guard Brandon Washington. They’d need to make another roster move to open up enough space for both the new quarterbacks.

43 responses to “Rams adding Austin Davis and Brady Quinn at quarterback

  1. If Jeff Garcia wants to come back can we bring back Kurt Warner? Seriously, I’d bet he’s better than Quinn, Davis, or Clemens.

  2. I was positive that the Rams would sign Quinn. He’ll finish the season for the team as he is marginally better than Clemens and Davis.

    Brady Quinn religiously overthrows his receivers. …But with Tavon Austin on the team maybe you have someone who can run underneath those throws.

  3. Not to beat the drum but Tebow doesn’t a sniff? For the Rams backup?

    These can’t be pure football decisions, you can’t tell me that Brady Quinn is that much more desirable than Tebow.

  4. Davis will be starting shortly. I thought he did a better job with the offense than Clemens last year and the preseason this year.

  5. Uh oh. Now Quinn will spill all the secrets he learned about the Seahawk O to the Rams, in the week before the teams play.

    Meaning they may lose by only two TDs instead of three.

  6. People forget that 11 year veteran Jeff Garcia totaled more touchdowns, more yards per game, and lower interception % than Russell Wilson in the era BEFORE the NFL took away the defense’s power and instituted the pro-quarterback Brady rules.

  7. doctorrustbelt says: Oct 22, 2013 5:58 PM

    People forget that 11 year veteran Jeff Garcia totaled more touchdowns, more yards per game, and lower interception % than Russell Wilson in the era BEFORE the NFL took away the defense’s power and instituted the pro-quarterback Brady rules.


    Jeff, is that you? I don’t think the Browns or Rams brass or reading this thread.

  8. As a Ram’s fan looking at this collection I’m almost wishing they would re-sign A.J Feely. SMH.

  9. Quinn pass to Austin. Touchdown!
    Quinn handoff to Stacy. Touchdown!

    This guy is so smart. He just never had the right coaches behind him.

    Look what happened to Kurt Warner…

    The NEW “Greatest Show on Earth”

    GO RAMS!

  10. I’m not suggesting 43 year old Jeff Garcia is better than Russell Wilson.

    I was talking about young Jeff Garcia.

    That said…. I’m sure Jeff Garcia is still better than Mr. 53% completions Akili Quinn.

  11. Why does this kid keep getting chances in the NFL? Is it because “Brady” is part of his name? Or maybe they think his good looks will sell tickets? If I were a Rams fan, I’d rather have seen them sign Jeff Garcia, or even Tebow.

  12. I think Akili Quinn has one of those MIB memory eraser pens.

    How could general managers and coaches not remember in 2012…. Quinn threw 2 td and 8 int in his eight starts?!?

  13. Yeah, these guys sure inspire a lotof confidence. For the love of football, please just sign Tim Tebow or Vince Young, if only just to put a slightly watchable football product on the field.

    The other thing is that this allows the Rams to draft a decent college QB that slips through the cracks into the 3rd or 4th round, play him while Bradford is healing, create a QB controversy, leading to Bradford’s obscene record-high rookie contract getting dumped.

  14. Quinn is going to end up with the most former teammates in the history of the league…he should be a stock broker.

  15. Braddus Quinn. See’s the field with the vision of a bat. Has the touch of a blacksmith. Has an arm so strong he can throw the ball from St. Louis to Montana. Has such poor accuracy that the ball would land in Texas.

    Yes Quinn Botts of the world unite. Braddus is in St. Louie!

  16. Please move this Forsaken team to LA. St Louis is the worst football town that isn’t named Jacksonville

  17. Brady Quinn.


    The only logical reason behind his seemingly endless string of opportunities, even though he has little to no NFL caliber QB talent whatsoever, has to be a box full of pictures of NFL officials caught in ‘delicate’ situations.

  18. What a great selection of QB’s. Brady Quinn has played for everyone, or at least plenty of teams.
    Too bad the Rams have got to this. Don’t the Rams have anyone on the roster??? Jake Long might wish he never left the Dolphins!!!

  19. Brady Quinn must have a yellow pages ad or something.

    “Starter on IR? Nobody on your practice squad can throw more than 10 yards? Call 1-800-BAK-UPQB and ask for Brady, the QB to call when you have no other options.”

  20. logicalvoicesays says:
    Oct 22, 2013 5:38 PM
    Bet you wish RGIII now huh. #ThanksforgivingustheGreatestQBsinceElway


    Dude, that’s the kind of smack talk you lay down after Griffin has hoisted a Lombardi Trophy into the air…which he never could hoist because his knees would give out

  21. Brady Quinn is awful. In 2009 he was someehow the opening day Qb . That lasted 2.5 games into the season. He was so bad that they pulled him at halftime in his 3rd start for an equally awful Derek Anderson. and we’ll he’s been even more horrible since then. That just shows how bad Tim Tebow is at QB .He can’t get a job over Quinn.

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