Report: Texans rookies were cut for smoking pot

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In a development that will surprise no one, the Texans players who were unceremoniously cut by the team in the wake of Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs had been caught doing something that plenty of players do.

According to Tania Ganguli of, the rules violation committed by Sam Montgomery, Cierre Wood, and Willie Jefferson consisted of the three men smoking marijuana.

Ganguli cites three unnamed sources in support of the report.

“I don’t understand why they did it,” linebacker Brooks Reed said.  (It’s unclear whether he was corroborating the report of pot smoking or referring generally to them being cut.)  “They had the opportunity of their lives and they just kind of threw it away.  I don’t have too much to say about it.  It’s really unfortunate.  We lost a lot of depth for that game.  They were great players and they had a lot of potential.  We’re just going to find more guys that are more dedicated to the cause.”

Agent Chad Cannon, who represents Jefferson, said that the men were smoking a cigar.  Presumably containing tobacco.

“We’re discussing the possibility of filing a grievance,” Cannon said.  “I need to be in touch with them and really figure if that’s the best route to take.”

It may not be the best route because fighting the decision to cut the players could make it harder for them to get jobs with other NFL teams.  And it could prompt the Texans to release evidence contradicting the claim that it was a cigar.  Presumably containing tobacco.

Montgomery was a third-round pick.  Jefferson and Wood were undrafted.  All three reportedly were unclaimed through the waivers process.

Which could make it harder for them to buy more cigars.  Presumably containing tobacco.

126 responses to “Report: Texans rookies were cut for smoking pot

  1. For those who don’t know: The practice is to hollow the tobacco out of the center of a cigar and replace it with weed. They call that a “blunt”.

  2. Funny how they probably had other players doing the same thing in the past but when you’re losing you have to find the scapegoat cuz management can’t blame themselves

  3. Oh the hypocrisy, Broncos front office gets drunk and hits squad car and its boys being boys, slap on the wrist. Players get DUI and its a shirt suspension, slap on the wrist. But if a guy wants to smoke a joint and eat some Cheetos everyone loses their minds. Firing these men for such an infraction is a travesty.

  4. These guys were probably on the bubble already and this is a convenient excuse for the team to cut them. If they had any shot of contributing, they wouldn’t have been cut.

  5. So, no career because they can’t follow rules.

    However, if you use HGH, steroids, stimulants and meth, you’ll get another chance.
    Because those substances are used to enhance performance rather than unwind and relax as with cannabis.

    Yet, out of all those banned substances, only one has never caused physical damage or it’s use EVER resulted in death.

    Guess which one.

  6. It will be strange when marihuana is legal in a state with an NFl team and a player on that team gets cut or suspended for a legal substance that you don’t need a prescription for.

  7. I support legalization, but if this is tru, these guys are morons. U are living the dream as an NFL player. On top of that, YOU GET TESTED!!

    What were they thinking?

  8. Oh my Goodness!! They were smoking that evil herb POT?? Wow! NFL is right, they should persuade them all to drink Vodka and beer cause obviously, those are not drugs, dont affect judgement, people dont get killed, is great for health, and it does not make people act like idiots and create violence like that killer of a drug marijuana!


  9. Legalize it, man.

    The anti-drug warriors like to ignore the fact that alcohol is a drug one that has proven quite dangerous at that. Oh and lest we forget caffeine is a drug too, and most of you are chemically dependent on it as you need your “morning Joe” to function. Wonder why you get headaches when you miss your caffeine dose? That’s withdrawal, and it’s because you’re not getting your fix. Basic stuff here.

  10. It’s to bad like he said they had an opportunity of a lifetime people would kill just to make it to the NFL but these kids along with most people these days need to put the pot down and just simply get a life

  11. The gateway drug theory was invented because the myths the DEA and company were trying to pass about marijuana proved blantantly false. They’re essentially admitting it’s a benign drug themselves, but they have to justify its legal status because it “leads to deadly drugs.”

    Nonsense. Furthermore, alcohol would be the king of gateway drugs. It’s legal and readily available to anyone who wants it. Part of the reason alcohol was legalized was due to the poor state of the economy and Uncle Sam wanting to tax us (oh, and prohibition didn’t work).

    The sorry state of the economy actually works in marijuana’s favor. It’s going to be hard for the government to resist legalization when it can be taxed to hell. And you know they want to tax you to hell.

  12. Still, these guys are morons. Don’t crap where you eat. Cigars, LOL good one. Sell that story somewhere else. My over 90 grandmother could tell you the average cigar and marijuana smell distinctly different.

  13. What if they were caught with prostitutes? Is that ok?

    The only argument against this is that it’s against the law. Other then that it’s no different than catching them having some drinks.

    I’d much rather catch guys smoking some and relaxing over drinking and going out.

  14. Man, these guys have to be the stupidest rookies ever. They couldn’t even wait until they were back at their own place, but yet decided to blaze a blunt in the team hotel. I toke myself, but only responsibly in the appropriate time and place. Smh a blunt that lost them millions, what team or coach would want players who do this? I feel bad for JJ, great player thats in a mess in Houston this year.

  15. If only they got blacked out drunk they would still have a job. It’s because of the pot the Texans are having a bad season. #scapegoat

  16. This isn’t about just smoking a blunt at home, the linked article says they were smoking a ‘cigar’ in the team hotel!

    If you are on a business trip, you don’t smoke weed in a public place while representing your employer. If you do and get caught, you get fired. Doesn’t seem any different here.

    The only remaining question is if they really got cut for smoking pot or because they were so incredibly blatant and stupid. I think probably both…

  17. 6 figure income or fatty? Hmmm That fatty looks too good to pass up. Anyone can get a six figure job. Pass the fatty (Presumably containing tobacco…right) SMH These three clowns are about to have a severe case of reality sit right down on their heads.

  18. ‘Cause smoking in a hotel room, even just a cigar (please), will never draw the attention of everyone sharing their floor and the next floor above & below them.

    Let me guess; the turned on the bathroom fam and sprayed some cheap cologne around the room.

  19. Mickey Mouse move cutting a few promising kids because the nucleus of the team and qb are underperforming.

  20. If their agents/ PR team are so insistent that it was a “cigar”, then surely their client will gladly offer to take a drug test at a neutral lab, right? It shouldn’t be that hard to prove/disprove.

  21. Von Miller laughs in their general direction.

    I guess they never heard of the old fabric softener sheets in the paper towel tube trick. “No coach, I was just doing laundry…”

  22. steelersaregodsteam says:
    Oct 22, 2013 10:31 PM
    Things like this simply don’t happen in Steeltown.
    Mike Adams, Bam Morris (1996), Santonio Holmes .. i guess ur dumb.

  23. Wood really screwed himself on this, with the injuries to Foster and Tate. Good job blowing a starting spot there.

    Montgomery is a fat, lazy sack of excrement who’s been on the border for a while now, and should have never been drafted.

  24. If they were really great this would’ve been looked!!! Stop it people they do way worse things than smoke reefer and get away with it…. If you’re good!!! #hghnotest

  25. holdsteady76 says:
    Oct 22, 2013 10:33 PM
    Oh the hypocrisy, Broncos front office gets drunk and hits squad car and its boys being boys, slap on the wrist. Players get DUI and its a shirt suspension, slap on the wrist. But if a guy wants to smoke a joint and eat some Cheetos everyone loses their minds. Firing these men for such an infraction is a travesty.
    Totally agree with the alcohol vs. weed thing. However, I think the guy said it best above. When you are on business, smoking weed in the hotel room while representing your employer is typically grounds for termination. That’s just common sense. And especially when the team is losing and management is looking for an excuse to set an example… got to be smarter than that. Seriously just go walk down the block. Shame these guys may have blown their careers.

  26. I just don’t believe it.. even as a pot head.. who would risk getting caught smoking a joint on the road at the team hotel with coaches and players around? Who provided the weed? How they get it in K.C.? did they travel with it? A dummy! not that Dumb! Could have been a Cigar.. Gary just mad he got down to zero healthy backs and had to use a FB in the game when he benched Woods for smoking a “Cigar”.. Everyone was wondering why he only dressed two backs.. We see now.. He lost the game by 1 and he looks like a idiot so he had to take it out on somebody for jeopardizing his job!

  27. It’s interesting to me that they showed little to no fear of a drug screen. As if they were either easy to pass or easy to pass off.

    Sometimes it’s hard for some of these young men to get out of their own way.

    Mr V. Miller, I await your response.

    And lastly, any union that would stand up for them shouldn’t exist. There is right and there is wrong.

  28. When Coach Kubiak sat the three teammates down and said ” boys where did yall learn this ?” …sam Montgomery looked at coach Kubiak and said ” I learned it by watching you OK !!! “….

  29. In today’s society? Might as well cut them for watching cartoons or having a bowl of Oreo cereal. Wait til the NFL finds out that Marijuana use combats the symptoms of concussions. Team finds out player is using Roids, Team hides use. Team finds out player is using Adderall, Team levies fine or suspension*. Team finds Players smoking a Blunt, Team cuts said players for egregious act.

    *Except Seattle, which demotes player to Legion of Plume

  30. Seems like a doc in a legal state c/should have just written them a legal Rx? Seems like it would be easy enough to justify the need get one for dealing with chronic pain & muscle trauma …

  31. “Great” players? The most overused and misapplied adjective used by one professional athlete to describe another.

    They weren’t even mediocre, let alone “great.”

  32. Typical rookie mistake. If only a vet had showed them how they do it in the NFL. No one peacefully sits in the room puffing on a blunt to unwind. You get stone cold drunk and wreak havoc across town, preferrebly while driving. Hopefully their next team has better leadership.

  33. I remember Ciere Wood would left Notre Dame in order take care of his family and his young daughter.

    Time to work on your degree again

  34. I’m guessing they were fired more because they weren’t being discreet and somebody from the hotel probably busted them and complained. Plenty of players keep their jobs after being caught with marijuana or failing a drug test, but if you’re stupid enough to make an ass out of the team while on the road, you kind of have it coming.

  35. I don’t understand the ‘getting caught’ part?

    I mean how hard is it ‘not to get caught’ smoking weed??

    Dummies deserve to be cut just for the getting caught part!!!

  36. Someone should have told em about taking one-hitters and blowing it through a dryer sheet. Sheesh, rooks.

  37. mackcarrington says:
    Oct 22, 2013 10:12 PM
    For those who don’t know: The practice is to hollow the tobacco out of the center of a cigar and replace it with weed. They call that a “blunt”.


    We also would have accepted “spliff”…

  38. I’m fully behind a National Legalization amendment of cannabis. For those saying you live in a state where it is legal, well it isn’t technically. It’s still a schedule 1 drug federally so a DEA agent could arrest you for it. Also, even if they legalize from a federal level the teams/NFL could still prohibit its’ use.

  39. “It may not be the best route because fighting the decision to cut the players could make it harder for them to get jobs with other NFL teams.”

    Well there’s a flawless system…

  40. and just because someone is for it, doesn’t mean they are potheads. its means they r not ignorant. Go ahead name a problem it would cause if it was legal. Im waiting. the only problem is getting arrested, other than that you can still do everything you could without it. if not you cant handle yourself at all. even if you think its the devil, let other people make their own decisions about it, don’t throw them in jail over it, and see how much the country improves

  41. If the Honey Badger can parlay his experience into motivational speaking, he could transform into a very safe occupation! The archaic hooch laws are soon to be changing, it should be treated and used as alcohol is. Age requirements, location restrictions since the smoke cannot be controlled, and taxed like other consumables.

  42. Whether or not weed should be legal is immaterial. It is CURRENTLY against the law and CURRENTLY against team/league rules. These guys were on the bubble anyways, so why they didn’t act like angels and working their arses off on/off the field is just baffling.

  43. I don’t have a job where I make millions – or even 6 figures – a year. I still enjoy my job and it pays pretty well – and – I’m ALSO not allowed to do drugs.
    Funny thing is – I care more about my “low paying” job than these folks in the NFL – I follow rules set by my employer.
    It’s really simple – if you can’t follow rules set by your employer – find work ELSEWHERE.

  44. so these guys get pulverized on a daily basis, concussed, torn, bruised, and broken…yet, they can drink and take pain killers to battle the effects of the job…BUT NO POT…….?

    I dont smoke pot, but seriously, this seems a little silly.

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