Texans vets disappointed rookies left them in a bind


While no one’s talking about the specific reason the Texans cut three young players Monday, their former teammates still can’t believe it got to that point.

Texans coach Gary Kubiak waived running back Cierre Wood, outside linebacker Willie Jefferson and defensive end Sam Montgomery after they reportedly broke team rules at the team hotel, and they were sent home and deactivated for the game against the Chiefs.

From a practical standpoint, Montgomery was a draft bust (this year’s third-rounder) and Jefferson a project, but they had an immediate need for Wood last week after running backs Arian Foster and Ben Tate were injured.

“Yes, we could have [used Wood],” offensive tackle Duane Brown said, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “It’s very frustrating to have that happen knowing we had a back that was capable of carrying the load for us. It was a big missed opportunity on his part. . . .

“You have to put the team first. It’s very shocking to have that happen. You’re getting ready to play a huge game on the road, and to have [players] sent home is very disappointing and frustrating. Something had to happen. It’s a wake-up call for them and anybody else. You have to be unselfish in this league.”

Kubiak said he wouldn’t discuss the specific rules broken, leaving that to be discovered by any team that wants to put in a claim or give a chance to one of them.

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  1. These guys were smoking dope in their hotel room and got busted by the coaches. That’s what happened.

  2. I would imagine that Kubiak and Schaub won’t be too far behind. With all the talent on this team, they are last years KC Chiefs; Pro Bowl everywhere but where it counts. Surely someone like Gruden or Cowher would love to take over a team that has Foster, Johnson, Hopkins, Watt and the other talented players that Kubiak has found a way to lose with.

  3. I saw a quick note that said that they players in question got caught smoking some wacky weed. I believe it was ESPN that had that on the fantasy scroll bar.

  4. Montgomery is considered a bust because last December, he was viewed as a top 15 pick. Character issues slid him down to the 3rd round. Now he’s caught smoking weed and is currently out of the league. That’s a free fall.

  5. “How can you declare someone a draft bust after 6 games?”

    When they get cut and are no longer on the team?

  6. People can say it was because they were smoking weed all they want. But the fact is that if the Texans coaches valued these guys at all on the field, they would still be on the team.

    Do you think NFL coaches don’t know that at least half their roster smokes weed? Don’t be naive.

    They needed an excuse to cover up a mistake on their part (drafting someone in the 3rd round who couldn’t play). Jefferson and Wood were just collateral damage.

  7. I’d rather have my players smoking weed than drinking.

    The worst thing the guy smoking weed is going to do is fall asleep, wake up the next morning ready to go. The guy drinking, who knows what he going to do and possibly waking up with a hangover.

    Marijuana is better than alcohol in every aspect, but because the government tells us it’s illegal we frown upon it.

  8. Cierre Wood is an alright player, but he is THE most conceited guy ever. That’s hard to do in football.

  9. It’s interesting that these guys were rookies. They must have thought they were back in the dorm at college. That must have been their regular pre-game ritual. Probably didn’t think any smoke would get into the hall where anyone walking by would smell it. Shoulda been cut just for being that stupid.

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