Wilf indicates he’s not thinking about changes


While being one of the worst teams in the league and losing to one of your peers invites scrutiny, it doesn’t appear to be time for change in Minnesota.

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, a New Jersey resident and once zealous Giants fan, gave a somewhat vague statement of support for his staff after last night’s loss to the Giants.

Asked if he planned to make any immediate changes, Wilf replied: “I’m sticking with my team. That’s our team. We’re going to stick with it.”

“Tough loss,” he also said, via Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “I thought we would come back here and pick up a win. But every loss is a tough loss.”

Wilf has been willing to make changes in midstream before. That’s how current coach Leslie Frazier got his job, replacing Brad Childress in 2010 after a 3-7 start. Of course, there are layers of dysfunction beyond Frazier, and some degree of change is inevitable, beyond their embarrassing quarterback-of-the-week situation.

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  1. Humble pie with a side of crow should keep the loudmouths full for a while. Lesson learned: Shoot your mouths and throw your insults AFTER your team has accomplished something, not before. Reputations are made on what you do, not on what you say you’re going to do.

    I think this is the earliest I have ever seen the “Maybe Next Year” t-shirts pulled from the Viking fan closets.

  2. I’m glad they are not changing. This is fun to watch. Jerry of the north. The best part is people actually think Rick is good at what he does too. LMFAO.

  3. Wow, and I thought we had it bad here in Houston with the bozo’s running this organization. Frazier makes Kubiak look like the second coming of Lombardi.

    Frazier should have been fired before getting on the plane last night, and the GM should be fired for drafting Ponder if he’s that bad.

    Good luck with Wilf, Vikings fans.

  4. The Vikings look horrible. Can’t imagine sticking with Freeman for next week’s game vs Green Bay. Speaking of which, regardless of record, Minnesota always plays Green Bay hard every year. It’s pretty much their version of a Super Bowl.

  5. I like Frazier the human being, but his words are wind.

    We were told Ponder was progressing in practice this offseason. They all said that they had every reason to believe he would take the next step.

    They said they would find a way to get Patterson more involved, five weeks later nothing.

    They said that Josh was ready, it sounded too crazy to believe. If the vikes started Cassel or Ponder in that game they would have had a real chance

    The vikes need someone who can put words into action. Someone needs to be responsible for the terrible decisions this year.

  6. I have a theory, anyone see that Eddie Murphy stock market movie where the bosses hire a bum off the street (Freeman in this case) because they know he will suck or something but in this case the vikes (o hope, unless the owners and coaches are dumb) want a first pick overall to get a good qb, which is why they hired this moron Freeman so they can keep losing

  7. Trade AP….
    Your team is going no where in the next 3 seasons, trade AP and start building and presenting a winning product.

  8. Wow imagine being a Vikings fan, that’s why I love being a patriots fan, besides the Welker mess, the smartest organization on the field since 2000…the worst ones are Oakland, NY Jets, Jacksonville, Dallas, Buffalo, and now Vikings

  9. This just keeps getting better!

    It’s official, the vikqueens were on the losing end of what is being dubbed by some in the media as the worst game in MNF history.

    The league should have a trophy fashioned for this embarrassing honor. At least the lavender Larry toads would then have a trophy of some historical significance to view when they visit Winter Park.

  10. Bring ponder back in and see what he has after being benched, oh wait you know what he has =\ oh well I don’t know how much you’re paying Freeman but you may as well ride him to a top draft pick so they can select someone like ponder. Errr

  11. who would he put in to make the change… no one deserves to be head coach they should remove the title from frazier and give him the interm head coaching title this whole coaching staff is horrible musgrave needs to be the first to go

  12. taskforcefreddy says:
    Oct 22, 2013 6:51 AM
    The Vikings look horrible. Can’t imagine sticking with Freeman for next week’s game vs Green Bay. Speaking of which, regardless of record, Minnesota always plays Green Bay hard every year. It’s pretty much their version of a Super Bowl.


    They also use the GB games as tryouts for next years roster.

  13. I actually think Frazier is a decent coach but he just doesn’t have the players which is the GM’s fault. The Vikings still have not won on American soil this year.

  14. Everybody is piling on Frazier, but Leslie did not want Freeman on this team. Freeman is not the answer, there was no point in bringing him in for $2M.

    Rick Spielman, you need to explain yourself.

  15. Who ever made the decision to go with Josh Freeman at QB last evening should be fired today.

    It was painfully obvious that the decision to go with (and stay with) Freeman was done because the Vikings wanted Freeman on the field, not because he gave them the best chance to win. Ponder and Cassel aren’t very good, but either of them would have given the Vikings a better chance of winning than Freeman.

    When a coaching staff and the front office decide to mail in the season five games into the season, its time for changes to be made. The Vikings look like idiots for paying Freeman two million dollars. His performance last evening showed that either Tampa Bay was justified in cutting him loose, or that he simply wasn’t ready to run the offense.

    Either way, this decision as a sign that the Vikings have thrown in the towel on 2013.

  16. Seems like just yesterday that AP said 100 yard rushing games were easy….The memories!

    Icing on the cake is GB is a far superior rushing team than MN this year.

  17. With guys like Jared and his one handed sack last night and Adrian always playing his heart out, they really deserve better and should be traded to a team that gives them a chance to win a championship.

  18. the problems I see with the Vikings come down to pay calling. I did not watch every small, but I did watch most of the game, and I didn’t see them run consecutively at all. if they passed on first, they ran on 2nd, and the opposite. since it ess usually an incomplete pass, they just devoured ap. systematic failure. he’d be right in firing someone.

  19. You have to have a brain in order to think Wilf. Stop with the QB of the day. How many have you had since you own the team?

  20. The only silver lining here for Viking fans is that there is nothing left Packer trolls can say to us that will hurt as much as the Vikings have hurt to watch the past two weeks. I’ve seen some pretty terrible seasons — the final year of Denny Green when they were 5-11 and 3-13 with Frazier come to mind. After the last two weeks, I’m not sure this team will win 3 games this season. I’m jealous of Packer fans and their real QB. Also, as done as I am with ponder, I can’t help but think he probably would have made the game at least competitive.

  21. stellarperformance says:
    Oct 22, 2013 6:20 AM
    Humble pie with a side of crow should keep the loudmouths full for a while. Lesson learned: Shoot your mouths and throw your insults AFTER your team has accomplished something, not before. Reputations are made on what you do, not on what you say you’re going to do.
    Listen Lombardi Loser….All REAL fans should believe in their teams and shoot off about the season to come. That is part of the fun. You Lombardi losers are happy,I get it. Until you win the SB this season you are no better than us. Only one winner son. The rest are all losers. And I guarantee you will not be in it.

    Clean coaches out, draft good. Hope for the future. That is the ebb and flow of the NFL. Vikings will be back!!!

  22. if he’s not thinking about changing, he’s not thinking at all. Period. This team needs to hit the reset button, fast.

  23. He’s not thinking about changes because he is too busy thinking about who he is going to defraud next.

    Karma is just showing up on his balance sheet and in the fortunes of his football team at the same time.

    I think the PSL’s just went up in price.

  24. zygmunt, you need to change a few things here buddy….

    Ok, either Frazier needs to go, or spielman, or both!

    You have 3 first round picks… 2 are on the field. Either spielman blew it on Patterson, or frazier and company are blowing it on personnel on the field. Which is it? If Patterson is such a baller, why isn’t he on the field more? Coaches adjust their system to get their playmakers on the field! you don’t leave guys who are supposed to be game changers sitting on the bench because your offensive coordinator doesn’t have a “scheme” that entails having 3-4 wr’s out on the field.

    Someone drafted ponder in the first round, which was such a reach that go go gadget arms wouldn’t even have reached out for that.

    Someone has a man crush on marcus sherels… I’ve said for years I don’t think he’s an NFL caliber player. He has had trouble with punts in the past. Well, last night on defense, he had a pick 6 bounce out of his hands, and fumbled a punt. gave up the game right there..

    What’s with defensive linemen, and te’s thinking they should return kicks? When there’s a pooch kick, you coaches should have coached these guys up to understand they need to just get down and cover up the ball! Your not gonna take it to pay dirt boys! That’s pattersons job! If it’s not kicked to him, get down and secure the ball and let the offense on the field!

    Simpson dropped a momentum changing td that should have been caught. Your in the NFL son.. Anytime a ball hits your hands it should be caught. Otherwise you need to spend time on the JUGGS machine. Patterson takes the ball from 9.5 yards deep and returns it 69 yards, and then simpson drops a would be td on the next play or play after? Serious? come on! you wanna win, make that catch!

    Has frazier said 1 word during a game? Maybe he needs to get a little tougher and get in the ear of some of his players. He might be a great guy, and someone great to play for, gosh, i’d love to play for him. I screw up and he won’t chew me out!

    Toughen up practices you pansy’s! Offensive line needs to go back to hitting day in and day out to toughen up a bit! They are getting blown off the ball and the line of scrimmage is always moving into the backfield! No wonder there’s no time for any qb or Peterson.

    Can’t blame that on freeman last night. Tough to go out there a week and a half after signing and you have 16 overthrows and a good 8-10 dropped passes.

    Defense needs to learn to wrap up and tackle. You can’t just hit guys with your shoulder and expect them to go down. Your not playing against a high school team boys… Toughen up! Play sound fundamental football! Don’t think your always going to make espn highlight reels! Besides, would you rather make the highlight reel once, or be talked about all offseason as a good team?

    I’m pretty sure frazier has lost this team. Ponder, Cassel, now freeman. Ponder is being asked about a trade in the media, freeman was rushed, and now where do you turn?

    Get a GM and coaching staff that can win… Start looking now Zygmunt, because you will be picking top 3 in the draft!

  25. Wilf replied: “I’m sticking with my team. That’s our team. We’re going to stick with it.”

    Someone is getting fired.

  26. Finally we realized, Running Backs are not the core of a franchise, a QB with decent coaching is the way to go. This coaching staff can’t figure out how to spread out a defense is beyond me. For the past few years we’ve seen 8/9 men in the box. Time to clan house, and bring in a coach that can restore integrity. Somebody like Bill Cowher.

  27. thepvyharvin says:
    Oct 22, 2013 8:56 AM

    “Clean coaches out, draft good. Hope for the future. ”


    That’s a three-step program. Problem is, I do not even see step one being implemented.

    This has the makings of a long winter in the twin cities.

  28. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Oct 21, 2013 10:41 PM
    Marcus Sherels giveth.

    Marcus Sherels taketh away.

    tokyosandblaster says:
    Oct 21, 2013 10:42 PM
    Marcus Sherels giveth, and Marcus Sherels giveth away.
    LOL – On the Vikings article ‘Marcus Sherels…’ Did you forget what screen name you were using? Same post by 2 ‘different people’? Gigs up!

  29. Leslie Frazier was the coach that consistently went for head coaching interviews for various teams but was constantly passed over.

    Perhaps the teams who chose someone else understood why he would never make a good head coach.

  30. Even at 1-5, look at the attention and effort Packer fans give this team. Tripping over the hubcaps in their living rooms to mash their sausage fingers against the keyboard at the first opportunity..

    I’m a lifelong Vikings fan. I’m used to this team’s special brand of mediocrity and the lunacy of Packer Nation that is borderline-obsessed. None of this is nothing new, Pft readers.

  31. Zygi needs to march right onto the practice field, punch Fraser in the face and then stick a pink slip on his forehead!
    Down goes Fraser!
    Down goes Fraser!

  32. conormacleod says:
    Oct 22, 2013 8:51 AM
    Well, at least we don’t live in Green Bay…

    Well at least you don’t have to spend money to see The Viking’s Lombardi trophy’s

    In the Words of Fran the man Tarkenton
    If Josh Freeman is the savior then you ar going to hell

  33. Any business that puts out a crummy product and tells its disappointed remaining customers, “That’s our product and we are sticking with it,”
    can only be in business if it is a monopoly.

    The NFL may abuse the people of Minnesota with broadcast television but with today’s technology people can watch whatever team they choose all season long.

    Which is part of the reason 40% of all Minnesota football fans are Packers fans.

  34. garyman1 says: Oct 22, 2013 7:59 AM

    I actually think Frazier is a decent coach but he just doesn’t have the players which is the GM’s fault. The Vikings still have not won on American soil this year.

    I don’t agree on the players point…maybe thin but there’s some talent. I do blame most of it on Spielman being responsible for this mess in the coaching staff…these guys are terrible, and Frazier is nowhere near HC caliber in this league. Nice guy or not….he is a deer in headlights. I actually felt for AP last night watching that. He had that look like “what the F am I doing here?” at the end when they kept zooming in on him.

    Vikes will still bring their A game next week against a beat up GB team, but if Josh Freeman is in there and playing like that, they won’t beat Mankato State. That was the most hideous NFL offense I’ve maybe seen in 10 or more years.

    Why on earth would you put a new QB in that barely knows the guys or the playbook and have him throwing the ball 50+ times in his first start? and then with the #1 RB in the game standing behind him? I don’t get it….it was like they were trying reverse psychology on the Giants. It literally looked like Musgrave, Frazier and whoever else had a mic on the offensive side were up in the booth rolling dice for play calls.

    I can only imagine the Twitter feeds coming off of Jennings’ sister’s account this morning. Has to be hysterical. You start to wonder if this isn’t the NFL version of the movie Major League…and the owners want to lose in order to move the team elsewhere. Sore subject, but makes you think.

  35. I have a friend in Mpls that loves the Vikqueens to the point that she would bleed purple is you cut her. I send her an insult email after each Queen loss. I am running out of insults. If the Vikings want to turn their season around they could being in yet another QB. I understand that Tim Tebow is still available.

  36. Well, until the end of the season when he fires Spielman and Frazier and lets all of the bad QBs that they’ve collected walk. Oh yeah, and let all the bad DBs that they’ve drafted walk, too.

  37. Wilf said the same thing a couple weeks before Childress got the boot.

    Here’s hoping history repeats itself.

  38. This guy in the #4 jersey the Wilfs are posing with … did he just get the word that he’ll be starting at QB this week against the Pack?

    If you follow Rick ‘the Magician’ Spielman’s career from Miami to Minnesota … the one thing that has always dogged him … quarterback controversies.

    He’s never had stability at that position, anytime in his managerial career.

    Best thing for the Vikes … take your lumps this season – draft a decent QB … maybe the Louisville kid – and build from there.

    Might as well trade Peterson for a big bag of draft picks if you can get it … he’s going to win in Minnesota the same way Barry Sanders won in Detroit – not very much. Such a waste!

    It’s gonna take longer to put this team on the right track than it will to build this glass stadium with no parking lot.

    With all the open prairies in the state of Minnesota … these dudes have to build a stadium in a location where there’s not much land available. Nice …

  39. What a disaster, if the Vikings were trying to win that game. Which they easily could of as much as I hate to see it circle back Ponder should have been put in the game. Organization is a disaster, I don’t blame the players. Management and coaching are overmatched. Players play just like they are coached. Slow, punch less with absolutely zero direction. I didn’t think it was possible to loose a locker room at this point in a season.
    We’ve reached a new low point as a franchise.
    Congrats to Spielman and Frazier with their respected staffs. You have accomplished the amazing turn around of playoffs to layoffs!!

  40. Folks, this is what happens when you swing and miss on a 1st Round QB. Especially a miss that bad. Ponder turned out almost exactly like his scouting reports described him. Someone in the draft room wasn’t doing enough Googles.

  41. I think Freeman could be a good QB once he actually learns the offense… although it seems quite crazy to throw him into the fire like this and certainly isn’t the impression you want to first give the fans. I think it’s going to be a very difficult October/November for Minnesota, but hopefully they start seeing some promise for the future after he gets familiar with the system.

  42. Peterson is injured. The pass that went for 22 yards where he stepped out of bounds would have been an easy TD if he could have run better because there were no Giants within 20 yards.

    That being said, that’s why you have Gerhart. He should have been in there taking short passes to loosen the Giants pass rush just like Hillis was doing.

    The Vikings OLine is so, so bad it’s not even funny. The secondary is trying to take the title for worst cb’s ever to play in the NFL.

    The real caviat is Musgrave. His play calling is pedestrian and predictable. You can’t blame Freeman for not knowing enough plays because you called the same play over and over and over. Musgrave should be held responsible for this failure. He should have been fired after the Wild Card game when Webb was doing well with the run option which is his strength and the Musgrave switched him to playing out of the pocket which everyone knew after the Bears game the previous year that Webb can’t pass from the pocket. But no, Mustake didn’t care because players were wide open. So what if they are open if you can’t pass the ball accurate enough.

    Musgrave has to be fired.

    Mike Tice for all his faults would have that O-line fixed and playing at a high caliber in 2 weeks. It all comes down to coaching.

    Make Musgrave the goat and see how the team responds.

    Either way the whole coaching staff needs to go right after the final game this year if they keep putting up such an abysmal performance as yesterday.

  43. I don’t see much point in changing. Mid-season personnel changes only disrupt things more, and typically make the fans even more likely to revolt. It’s not like the Vikings don’t have good players on the squad, they’re just lacking energy [for whatever reason]. They lose one more game, and they will be out of the essentially out of the playoff picture (baring any shocks down the road from the West or GB and Detroit), so when does playing for a good draft pick start to look good? The QB is obviously an issue, and finishing the season with a great draft pick would be one way to deal with it.

  44. Where are the Freeman supporters who claim this guy is the next NFL superstar QB?

    Actually, its not far to judge him too soon after one game. Let’s see how he does with one more week of practice and prep. However, from what I saw, he missed wide open stationary receivers and that can’t be good for anyone but the other team.

    BTW, I am sure the NY Giants thanks the Vikings for their generosity in signing and playing Freeman for their recent game.

  45. One thing I’m sure of is Leslie and Musgrave can’t figure out how to beat 9 men in the box. For some teams that would be a gift but for the Vikings it’s a death sentence. My dog could D coordinate against the Vikings.

    Frazier is like a Jedi night,,,,,,,,he never opens his mouth and he controls his team with his thoughts. The problem is the force is not strong in him. Next game Zygi should just get a cardboard cut out and set him at the 50 with a stern half mad look on his face.

    Vomit is the only word I can come up with from last night.

  46. Also looking like a genius after that game along with Greg Schiano? Percy Harvin. Completely understandable why he scratched and clawed to get out of Minnesota and he is on a much better team for it

  47. gb4mn0 says: Oct 22, 2013 7:28 AM

    This just keeps getting better!

    It’s official, the vikqueens were on the losing end of what is being dubbed by some in the media as the worst game in MNF history.

    The league should have a trophy fashioned for this embarrassing honor. At least the lavender Larry toads would then have a trophy of some historical significance to view when they visit Winter Park.

    duece5 says:

    Yes, Mr. Frazier has our team in supreme underperform mode, but be careful of the snarky comments, lest you WANT JARED ALLEN TO END Rodgas season.

    Be careful, it could happen…..karma sucks man!!!!

  48. Wilfs still licking their wounds from the humiliating NJ fraud verdict against him. They can’t exactly lecture about responsibility and track records just now.

  49. I don’t blame Freeman at all for this loss. Dropped passes, dropped interceptions, no OL blocking, sloppy tackling, and the DB play is atrocious.
    Yes, he over-threw some passes and had a stupid interception. Be realistic; he had about two days with the first teamers before he was thrown into a live game. Seriously? And he’s supposed to win? I think not.

    Williams and Musgrave are complete flops.

  50. The vikings seem to remind me of the days when the Detroit Lions used to have a great running back by the name of Barry Sanders. The rest of the team and coaching staff sucked. Finally Barry got sick of it and left. I wonder what AP is thinking?

  51. duece5 says: Oct 22, 2013 12:21 PM
    Be careful, it could happen…..karma sucks man!!!!


    FYI, what determines a successful season for me is how badly the vikqueens fail. I’ve slugged it out with PA via email for years. He and I are of the same mind. It’s our hatred for each others respective team that drives our fandom more than our desire to see our team win. So “karma” is never Pondered. LOL

  52. The Vikings need an all new Coaching Staff, Frazier isnt a “head coach” coordinator at best, Bill musgrave shouldn’t even be called a NFL coordinator his offense is horrendous and hard to watch as a Vikings fan. Alan Williams defense is historically bad, this corp of coaches will be unemployed by feb 7th. “Rick spielman can stay this man can draft”

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