Andrew Luck takes home AFC offensive player of the week


The focus during the days before the Broncos traveled to Indianapolis to face the Colts was on Peyton Manning’s return to his old stomping grounds, but the night wound up belonging to the guy who replaced him in the Colts lineup.

Andrew Luck led the Colts to a 39-33 victory and was named the AFC offensive player of the week for his efforts.

Luck completed 21-of-38 passes for 228 yards and three touchdowns and ran for another score without turning the ball over in a game that saw the Colts hand the Broncos their first loss of the 2013 season. Luck threw those touchdowns to three different receivers and hooked up with seven different targets over the course of the contest, a spread that he’ll likely have to keep up in the coming weeks with Reggie Wayne lost for the season to a torn ACL.

The Colts have a fairly strong grip on first place in the AFC South through the first seven weeks of the season. Should they keep up that level of play with Wayne out of the lineup, Luck could wind up as a candidate for more honors when the season comes to an end.

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  1. He sure was terrific on Monday night against the Chargers.

    Att Comp YDS % comp TD INT Rating
    18 30 202 60.0 0 1 66.3

    POTW Stats aren’t very demanding are they?

    I know he also played and beat Broncs but c’mon man!

  2. Dalton went 24 of 34 (70.6%) for 372 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs on the road this week. How was Luck’s performance (at home) better than that? I get that Dalton won last week, but he was even better this week. I guess the big name trumps the big numbers.

  3. oh logical, u have got to be kidding me, go sit in the corner, u guys wont beat denver, give it up, luck is great, IRG3 is fraud

  4. @boltdaddy….Wow still living on that win huh. I get that was your season against the Colts but as bad as Luck/Offense played, still had a chance. Colts fans don’t worry about moral regular season victories like Chargers fans, we worry about the playoffs and beyond. Something you guys haven’t seen in awhile…and who ya gonna root for when the Chargers move to LA? Sorry ass Chargers fans couldn’t even sell out your MNF. ESPN had to bail you you guys out on 9,000 unsold tickets…

  5. He was really hoping to take home The scream like a jackwagon mouthbreather award and The largest gain in turd cutter circumfrence from much obliged refs. All for the sake of the team of course….

  6. whenever a QB is mentioned in these pages, why is it that a very defensive “logicalvoicesays” always tries to interject that RGIII is the best QB EVER. Pretty pitiful but maybe he will eventually actually convince himself this is true

  7. .

    Do any Colts fans remember the 2-14 season that allowed them to acquire Luck, who looks to be a top tier QB?… Didn’t think so.


  8. 6ball says: Oct 23, 2013 2:48 PM


    Do any Colts fans remember the 2-14 season that allowed them to acquire Luck, who looks to be a top tier QB?… Didn’t think so.
    ——————————————————Colts fan here, man I sure remember it and that was just 2 years ago, hard to believe isn’t.

  9. Look, Irsay is a twitt, but this is exactly what he was rambling about. The Colts still have a first class quarterback (albeit, not as good as Manning), but now has salary cap money still left to buy a surrounding cast to help win games-NOT STATS. Luck was good on MNF, but without that defense, the Broncos are still undefeated.

  10. 6ball says: Oct 23, 2013 2:48 PM

    Do any Colts fans remember the 2-14 season that allowed them to acquire Luck, who looks to be a top tier QB?… Didn’t think so.


    I try my best not to. Some days I’m more successful than others.

    Can’t watch Giants games anymore, every time I see a shot of Curtis Painter on the sideline I get PTSD flashbacks. God forbid Eli Manning gets hurt, I’ll have to just start avoiding ESPN altogether.

  11. @ufanforreal Oh yes we do. Personally, I’d like it if we gave Painter/Kerry Collins a standing ovation(not as long as Peyton’s but something like 10 seconds) for sucking as bad as one can. Anyone know what teams the play for now?

    Anyway, wherever you are Collins and Painter, I thank you.

  12. 6ball says:
    Oct 23, 2013 2:48 PM

    Do any Colts fans remember the 2-14 season that allowed them to acquire Luck, who looks to be a top tier QB?… Didn’t think so.


    Definitely remember….I still remember the 1-15 season from 1991. I still sported my Starter jacket, even if it meant getting stuffed into a locker at the time.

  13. Luck is the most overrated QB. Dalton was better. This is all marketing. Paltry output against a horrible defense.

  14. Luck had an OK game, but come on, POTW? Especially against the weakest pass defense in the league? This makes the POTW award look like a joke, especially considering that Andy Dalton (24/34, 372 yards, 0 INTs, 135.9 rating, win on the road at Detroit against a tougher pass defense) played a much better game. And that’s not even to mention that Luck completely laid an egg in the second half of the game, going 5/14 for 29 yards against the worst pass defense in the league, and in the process almost costed his team the victory if not for the Colts D/ST making some huge plays.

  15. I’m thinking those that actually think Luck is better than RG3 or Wilson might have certain issues.

    Wilson outplayed Luck at Lucas Oil. Special teams and refs won that game.

    RG3 is starting to return to form. Patience is not a common trait of fools.

  16. full of.bitter folks on here..keep.trying, we (colts fans(‘ what.yal think.of Luck,.hes.our QB.and.we.ride.with.him!!!

  17. .

    @kepdogg, warhawk, ufan

    If Luck stays healthy, the Colts should be competitive for a decade or so. You’ll forget 2-14 over time.


  18. “Andrew Luck takes home AFC offensive player of the week”

    So who took road AFC offensive player of the week?

  19. northstarnic says: Oct 23, 2013 1:51 PM

    Best young QB in the league. By a wide margin.

    Really?! Stats – actual game stats say otherwise:

    Luck -91.3 passer rating, 10 TD 3INT, 225 ypg average, 60.7% completion percentage

    Wilson – 97.2 passer rating, 11 TD 4 INT, 213 ypg average, 61.5% completion percentage

    Seems that Luck is hardly the best young QB in the league by a wide margin…numbers say he is not up to par with Wilson.

  20. @hawkitup…before you throw out all these stats…look at the overall team. I remember the Seahawks making the playoffs, having a great D and top running game the year before they drafted Wilson. What did the Colts have? Nothing….Luck still pulled out 11 wins and a playoff berth. Seahawks probably would’ve won SB with Luck, Colts might have won 7 games with Wilson. I actually like Wilson but look at the overall teams they came in to. They are both good and going to be great. It is funny how you rarely see Luck or Wilson(I know he has a few) on commercials or self made half hour specials…ie RGme..and look who is winning..Luck and Wilson

  21. @Indy 420
    Colt vs. Bolts since 2005
    1-6 including OT playoff loss in 2009
    Wish we had you twice a year punk show you how it’s done on a regular basis.

  22. Indy420, first off, I think Luck is tremendous – don’t get the wrong idea of what I am saying. You use words like ‘probably’ and ‘might have’ – these words discount your point as they are speculation only. With that, I am not too sure – and let’s stay on point, this is 2013 and we are discussing this year only – that Luck would flourish on the Hawks team. RW has been elusive to D’s all year out of necessity and although Luck is a good runner, he is not the same as Wilson in that regard. Wilson has willed his team to win games this year. Hawks have a tremendous D but their offense is and has been suspect – no O-line, decent receivers but not like Luck has in Indy (sad to to Wayne go down). Lastly, you say stats mean less than the team – true in a sense, but they are what they are. To the original comment that the margin was so wide is ridiculous and that is what I took to task and proved to be a comment from a homer not being aware of other talent. At this point, the margin is minimal at best.

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