Arians: Fitzgerald played at 80-percent against Seahawks


Larry Fitzgerald hasn’t really been completely healthy yet this season.

He’s been dealing with strains to both of his hamstrings and has continued to play through despite the ailments. However, it has appeared to limit him at times in recent weeks.

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians joined Alex Marvez and Bill Polian on Sirius XM NFL Radio Tuesday night and said Fitzgerald played last Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks despite being hampered by the injury.

“Larry probably played that game at 80-percent,” Arians said. “It has bothered him. He re-injured it a couple Fridays ago and he continues to try and gut it out and play.”

Fitzgerald caught just two passes for 17 yards against Seattle after having his most productive game of the season against the San Francisco 49ers five days earlier. With the Thursday night game, Fitzgerald was able to get some additional days off and Arians believes it’s helped Fitzgerald’s recovery.

“This rest has really helped him,” Arians said. “I’m hoping that Thursday, we may give him off again tomorrow. I want to see the thing healed up 100-percent.”

3 responses to “Arians: Fitzgerald played at 80-percent against Seahawks

  1. …gotta love those Thursday Night Games…

    I’m with the players on this one – Opening Game/Season Night is one thing, but Thursday Night Football isn’t worth it…

    And the way MNF schedule has been, well, I just as soon have all games played on the weekend…

    Sure the administration would prefer games all week to distract the populace from the fact they’re unemployed and the country’s economy is in the crapper…

  2. Dude, get over it… I’m sick of hearing about how TNF is “BAD” for the game… Fans who agree with that notion clearly aren’t real fans of the game! Why would you want all 16 games (or how ever many are on that week, due to byes) piled into 3 time slots on a Sunday where you can’t pay attention to an individual game as closely because there are 10 games on all at once, etc. That’s just retarded!!! I for one, enjoy being able to look forward to at least one game multiple times a week this time of year… But then again, I’m a true fan of the game, LOL. Not too mention, it’s good for ratings. As for the players… They choose this profession, and if they have to play two games in four days once a year, oh well. That’s what they make millions for. That being said… It’s good to know Arians is trying to make an excuse for Fitz having a lousy game against the best D in football, HAHA. Too bad his injury wasn’t a new development last week. He was played hurt the week before against SF, yet still managed to put up good numbers. The Hawks simply shut him down, end of story… No pathetic excuses needed!!!

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