Barring setback, Vick will be back on Sunday


Eagles coach Chip Kelly remains coy about the availability of quarterback Mike Vick for Sunday.  As we understand it, though, Vick is ready to go.

All along, we’ve been under the impression that Vick would miss two games after injuring his upper hamstring against the Giants on October 6.  With the Giants coming to town on October 27, a source with knowledge of the situation says Vick will play.

But there’s a caveat.  The source points out that Vick could suffer a setback, especially as he tries to put the pedal to the metal.  Kelly told reporters on Wednesday that Vick has yet to sprint.  When Vick does, the hamstring could be strained, again.

The Eagles currently need Vick.  Nick Foles suffered a concussion on Sunday against the Cowboys, and he has yet to be cleared to practice.  The leaves Matt Barkley as the only alternative, and Barkley threw three interceptions in his NFL debut.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer already has reported that Vick will start Sunday’s game.  Still, it’s important to account for the possibility that the hamstring could be aggravated as Vick pushes harder in preparation for a return to the field.

It’s also important for the Eagles to beat the 1-6 Giants — especially since the Eagles are trying to break an 0-9 streak at home.

19 responses to “Barring setback, Vick will be back on Sunday

  1. It’s stupid to not see what Barkley can do.

    You don’t use a 4th rd pick, let alone trade up for a 4th rd pick, to use on a guy meant to be your…… 3rd string QB. This isn’t how you acquire 3rd string quarterbacks.

    Idiotic drafting and get Roseman out of here if they don’t play Barkley. If you’re not gonna play him then why did you draft him the way you did??? Idiots.

    So you’re gonna use how many picks to move up for a qb in the draft now, when you didn’t bother to find out if you have the answer right in front of you and could have built the defense with those picks???

    Then why did they do this? Why did they jump up for a guy they refuse to give a chance to just to get a 3rd string qb??? You obviously, unless you really are that stupid Roseman, didn’t move up for him because you had a dire need for a 3rd string qb. You get your 3rd qb off the street. So play him!

    Unless you really do believe you have a shot at winning the Super Bowl this year. Wait a minute…. that probably is in fact why they’re making this bizarre decision.

  2. 23rdusernameused says:
    Oct 23, 2013 11:14 AM

    0-9 streak at home
    sad… that’s like Jaguar sad right there!

    Nah, not even the Giants season is Jaguar sad. That’s a hard level to hit.

  3. If he starts, the Giants will definitely try to force him to run. I’m betting Barkley is in by half time.

  4. If Foles hadn’t had a concussion, and was healthy enough to play this week, I’ll bet Michael would’ve declared himself out again, like he did last week.

  5. I think if Barkley had a full week of practice with the starters and wasn’t thrown into a situation where he was trying to erase a 2 touchdown deficit he’d be a lot better. I wouldn’t mind seeing what he could do either.

    Having said that, I’m sure Vick will be ready to go. The point is, the Eagles are very much in the hunt for the division, so you play whoever gives you the best chance to win.

  6. I hope Vick plays the whole game. We’ve had a historical habit of letting backups shred the hell out of us. Google Kurt kittner and giants and that’s all you’ll need to know.

  7. Barkley can’t play in the NFL and you people already know that. We all saw he does not have the tools. This is Foles all over. After going 1-6 last year people wanted to see more. A NFL career is about three years so you either come in a baller or you won’t last. As soon as I saw him run out there with the wedding ring on I knew he was a joke.

  8. I don’t need to see anything more to evaluate Matt Barkley. He’s terrible. Barkley has shown less than nothing so far. He had a bad pre-season, and could not have played worse when he came in against the Cowboys. He is not a pro QB. The only reason to play Barkley is to tank the season to get a higher pick.

    Anyone who thinks they should play him because they used a 4th round pick on him needs to google “sunk cost fallacy”.

  9. Keep starting a career disappointment Philly.
    Alltime NFL rank – #819 – 2 below Daunte Culpepper & next to Ken O’Brien.

    Vick has 164 conbined TD’s – both rushing & passing.
    Between fumbles & ints, the total is 174.

    His career record as an Eagle is 20-19.
    His career playoff record is 2-3.
    His Eagle playoff record is 0-1

    The guy is one of the most over rated players in NFL history. He has NEVER produced in big games.

    Does it really make a difference Eagle fans if you go 8-8, make the playoffs & go one & done as you almost certainly would with Vick. Or is it better to split the rest of the starts with Foles & Barkley & go 6-10 or 7-9 & get the lower pick but you will have a much better idea of what you have with the kids. History & past performance already shows us how incompetent Vick is. The above stats really do show how riiidiculous the Vick supporters are. Face it, the guy will always be a also-ran, a second place guy, a career failure, someone that will never deliver when the money is on the line. The one thing you can count on MV7 for is that inopportune turnover, just like against GB in his only Eagle playoff appearance.

  10. 4ever85 (aka Butch DeadLift) says: Oct 23, 2013 2:08 PM

    0-9 streak at home…that’s what fans get when they boo Santa.

    Dude…How about a reference from THIS CENTURY!

  11. vickspreadherpes give it up!!! One day you will understand that people who pay money wants to be entertained. Vick is the best player on the team and it not even close.

  12. Shady is the best player. And if you don’t know that, you should start watching Eagle games. Vick is a liability as he has shown over & over in his Eagle career, especially in his only playoff appearance.

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