Bears willing to stick with just two active quarterbacks

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There was a moment Sunday when Bears coach Marc Trestman was dangerously close to having to use wide receiver Earl Bennett as his quarterback.

But he said he intended to continue to go with just two of them on his roster, after losing starter Jay Cutler for a month with a torn groin muscle.

Not long after backup Josh McCown replaced Cutler against the Redskins, McCown had to get in the air to avoid a shot at his knees, which could have easily left the Bears without one.

“On the sideline, yeah, guys are like, ‘Hey!’ and you see them talking to Earl and kind of getting him ready,” McCown said, via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune. “I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, there’s nobody else.’ It’s hard to manage that when you’re running, to think about Earl and that there’s nobody else. But it was a good reminder for me, and [I] tried to slide the rest of the time.  It’s an interesting way to play, thinking I’ve got to stay healthy.”

The Bears signed Jordan Palmer to be McCown’s backup for the next few weeks, and Trestman said he was willing to gamble that would be enough.

“We’ll play the analytics there and go that route again to try to free up another player that can help us in some phase of our football,” Trestman said. “We were getting him [Bennett] ready. But Matt [Cavanaugh, quarterbacks coach] spends a little bit of time getting him ready each week. We’ve got to make sure we’ve got enough going for ourselves to be able to get through it. But that would’ve been a darn shame when Josh went out on the sideline early on.

“You’re asking yourself the question, ‘Could this be the day?’ You’re hoping it isn’t.”

While it’s debatable that one of the many fine quarterbacks on the street would be an upgrade over Bennett in the short-term, the Bears are still rolling the dice, and holding their breath.

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  1. None of the “fine QBs on the street” can win games in Chicago. If you buy the QBR ratings (I’m sort of on the fence), Josh McCown had the SEVENTH most effective game of this season by a QB, scored 41, and Chicago still lost.

    By not signing another QB, the only thing Chicago is rolling the dice on is which shade of ugly they want to wear while losing games should two more QBs get injured

  2. Maybe if the bears cut that bum Conte#47 they wouldn have beat washington. .he’s never where he’s supposed to be..always late on the deep ball, can’t hit..I’m sorry tackle!! He’s soft!! He’s not a starter in this league ..second/third teamer at best. ..special teamer!!! Can you say Adrian Wilson??

  3. While I have a high level of distaste for Chris Conte, I do have to give him the benefit of the doubt. The defense is set up to get pressure to the quarterback-with out pressure, the safteys are left hung out to dry.

    I think this team will still be able to put points up on the board (knocks on wood). The defense is what is losing these games. Run, pass, etc..the interceptions are nice, but those only go so far. you must consistently produce on all levels.

    I hope Mel Tucker gets his/the defenses sh*t together. If not, i could see him being a one and done just like the majority of the OC’s of the past few years.

  4. Doesn’t matter what the outcome is. The Bears are in rebuilding mode. Chicago Bears have finally joined the offensive based NFL. Be patient and wait…..Devin Hester is the Greatest Kick Returner ever. No matter what, I bleed Orange and Blue. Bears Rule!

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