Ben Roethlisberger not fond of Steelers running Wildcat

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The Steelers had their best running game of the season last Sunday against the Ravens, rolling up 141 yards on 29 carries on their way to a 19-16 victory.

Four of those carries came out of the Wildcat as the Steelers installed that wrinkle to their offense against Baltimore. The plays, which featured running back Le’Veon Bell taking a shotgun snap and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger split wide, gained 18 yards but their relative success didn’t make Roethlisberger a proponent of using them more in the future.

“I don’t like to go over and just be split out wide and take a chance that a [defensive back] is going to come up,” Roethlisberger said on 93.7 The Fan, via “I don’t think we’ll see a lot of it.”

It’s rare to see a team with a quarterback at Roethlisberger’s resume take him away from the quarterback spot, which one could see as a source of continued strain between Roethlisberger and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. There’s no sense of that from Roethlisberger, however, and he praised Haley for another new addition to last week’s playbook.

Roethlisberger was fond of the shovel pass that the team installed as it resulted in their only touchdown of the day when Roethlisberger hit Heath Miller near the Baltimore end zone. Whether or not Roethlisberger loves everything that Haley puts into the gameplan each week, the significant thing is that the Steelers didn’t stand pat with what they were doing while losing their first four games of the season.

It gives the team more options to attack defenses at the same time as giving defenses more to think about when preparing for the Steelers, two things that can be leveraged to Pittsburgh’s advantage over the rest of the season. That might not be enough to climb out of the 0-4 hole they dug for themselves, but it stands a better chance than just doing the same old thing.

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  1. I think if Ben wants to be the leader of the team he needs to shut up and keep that type of comment in house. It seems more and more like the Ben bashers are on to something in their suggestion that Ben needs to go. He really needs to learn to filter his comments more carefully lest he appears to be self centered and self serving.

  2. doctorrustbelt Murdered 3 people last night!!!

    You’re guilty! I accused you of murder, and you know you only get accused of something if you did it! YOU’RE the scum of the Earth.

    You can believe whatever you want about the man, he’s a winner. I’m not a fan of his babysitting talents, as long as he continues to play like Ben, then I don’t care what he does off the field unless he is CONVICTED (meaning found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, I think you needed an explanation as you obviously think that being CHARGED with something means you are GUILTY of it).

    Go back under your bridge troll.

  3. A team player would have said the opposite. Sounds like someone is getting a little territorial.
    There used to be a Steeler like that but now dons a Dolphin uniform.

  4. He’s gotta stop talking outside the team. I clicked through to the article (I know that was point) and he implied Le’Veon won’t be able to handle the shotgun snap. Only he can. I can’t tell if this is Ben trying to polarize people to get Haley fired or if he just isn’t being smart.

  5. What I don’t get is even though it worked on Sunday for modest gains, Ben lining up wide fools nobody.

  6. Show me a 6-5, 250 lb QB with a cannon that does like to get split out as WR, and I’ll show you a gimmick QB that sucks. Brother was just speaking the truth, and given his accomplishments, he’s probably not too worried about what the masses think. Refreshing if you ask me.

  7. If Ben makes a public proclamation that he doesn’t want a DB is going to come up — what do you think opposing DBs who heard that comment to do if faced with Ben lined up wide in the Wildcat?

    How moronic it was for Ben to air that publicly? He may have contributed directly to his own fears coming to fruition. No upside to saying that to the world – plenty of downside.


  8. Your team was 0-4 and now 2-4 on a winning streak in a weak AFC where 9-7 might get you a wild card you just beat your rival team and you’re complaining about the wildcat. No wonder former and some current Steelers have questioned your leadership

  9. It caught the Ravens off guard and it worked, helped them get their only TD of the game.

    Without that wildcat drive I think the Steelers lose, so Haley actually deserves some credit for that and that shovel pass call.

  10. What is the point of even leaving the QB on the field when they run wildcat? If you’re going to line him up wide why not just put in a WR who can block instead?

  11. Big Ben is fond of the “slap your girl friend” offense and is well versed in all of its phases including hurry up, no huddle, and my way or the highway versions. I think it would be a great touch to this pink crap that the NFL is deploying in October.

  12. This is just dumb. You have Big Ben, you know what he’s good at, so lets install a short passing game and the wildcat?! Stupid, stupid. As a Bear fan, I’m painfully aware what it feels like not to have a true franchise QB. So the Steelers have one and waste him?!

  13. I think some of you misconstrued the comment about a cornerback coming up as Ben being afraid of being hit instead of what is really meant. He is implying in most situations, a CB will not play him close to the line, which is what the Steelers want, but instead would play off of him so he can focus more on the wildcat since Ben is not a perceived threat of a actually being thrown to. Now if they throw it to him as a lateral and he throws it down field, I’m sure that will change.

  14. Any quarterback who has more turnovers (9) than TD passes (7) during a 2-4 season, that quarterback really needs to give up his radio gig…

    Secondly, don’t think for a second that Roethlisberger is not a receiving threat. He played wide receiver in high school, which would make him a definite threat, albeit an unlikely threat, but a threat nonetheless.

    Back when the Steelers actually had an offense, pre-2008, Ken Whisenhunt was never afraid to keep defenses off balance with a trick play or two.
    Of course, that was long before Roethlisberger was manipulating coaches…

  15. Back when the Steelers actually had an offense, pre-2008, Ken Whisenhunt was never afraid to keep defenses off balance with a trick play or two.
    Of course, that was long before Roethlisberger was manipulating coaches…

    So by your logic Ben is responsible for parting the Red Sea also….who would have known…only the big prune that’s who.

  16. @bobzilla. you are aware that the steelers went to the super bowl in 2008 and again in 2010? so your pre 2008 whisenhunt days would prove to be false. like all of your comments. deb what say you? chime in lady. the floor is yours…oughta be stunning!

  17. When Kansas State was the only team running the wildcat, it was an innovation. Five+ years later, it is old and predictable because everyone ran it, mostly ineffectively. There is no need for the Steelers to waste a play on that predictable nonsense.

  18. @bigbenownsthenfl …

    Cute name change. It appears bobzilla and I now own you.

    What say I? Well, I agree with Ben, though I’d prefer he kept his comments in house. Can’t recall the last time Tom Brady or Peyton Manning went on the radio and criticized play-calling. But those who read my comments on college ball know I prefer my quarterbacks play quarterback, not running back or wide receiver. A little trickery livens the game, but it’s been a while since Whis was seriously spicing up the offense (and that would be pre-2008 when we ran the much more complex offense bobzilla was referencing–have you ever actually watched a Steelers game?).

  19. @realitycheck …

    Most fans tend to identify their favorite team. Why hide yours? Ashamed of them? Or are they ashamed of you? 🙂

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