Brandon Carr excited to cover “best receiver in the league,” Megatron

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Dez Bryant may think he can do everything Calvin Johnson does, but Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr says that if he’s going to get a chance to cover the best receiver in the NFL, that chance will come not at practice but on Sunday in Detroit.

Carr told Charean Williams of the Star-Telegram that after facing Denver receiver Demaryius Thomas, Washington receiver Pierre Garcon and Philadelphia receiver DeSean Jackson the past three weeks, taking on Johnson will be a unique challenge.

This one is more special,” Carr said. “He is the best receiver in the league. For my coaches to have confidence to allow me to go out there and challenge him for 60 minutes, it gives me confidence. Now, it’s time to go play and time to have fun.”

Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher said he thinks it’s Johnson who should be concerned about getting ready to face Carr.

“It should be the other way around in my book: How difficult Megatron’s job is going to be,” Hatcher said. “That’s what I think, because Brandon is playing lights out. It’s going to be a battle, and I’m looking forward to it. I really appreciate what those guys do, but I’m pretty sure Megatron’s on tape right now thinking about Brandon Carr, because he is playing unbelievable. There’s not a corner playing like him right now.”

And there’s no bigger challenge for a cornerback than Calvin Johnson.

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  1. If Dallas keeps their corners in man coverage, they will make it tougher on Megatron, that’s what their corners are best at. But of course Megatron will have his catches and a TD or 2. That’s expected from the best WR in the league. The key for the Dallas D will be how they handle Bush and Pettigrew.

  2. Megatron looks to be fully healthy now. Carr is gonna have help from safetys on the outside and help from the lbs in the middle and watch, Calvin will still go for 100+ with a TD. He’s just to hard to contain

  3. Megatron is my fantasy WR1 and my first pick. I’m not concerned. He’s going to help me keep winning.

  4. Looking at this past Sundays game on the site where they showed a series of still pictures, DeSean Jackson owned this guy. Of course the philly QB never got the ball to an open Jackson.

  5. Carr has shut Down Three of the premier Wr’s over the past three weeks only thing Calvin has over Carr is his Height I think Carr is big enough 6’1 and half weighs 210 for a corner now if he can keep up with Deshaun Jackson like he did all game last week to me he is the fastest Wr in the League then I think If he can Jam him at the line he will have a good game against Johnson!!!

  6. Johnson ought to bring a few loaves of bread with him to the game so he can make plenty of “toast”.

  7. Jasom Hatcher – 6 sacks 1 forces fumble 3 pass deflections. That’s who he is.

    Its gonna be tough on Carr but don’t act like Desean beat him with still frames buddy. That’s what qbs use to read the defense.

  8. just checked last time Johnson matched up against Carr he had 3 Recs and 29yds although he did have 2TD’s they came against the opposite corner Brandon Flowers while in KC so I think Carr Will be fine, Not and Opinion those stats are Facts!!!

  9. Carr has shut down three good WR’s – but they didn’t have great QB’s throwing the ball…

    Stafford will throw to CJ regardless of who is covering him. Stafford has a cannon for an arm and an OC that likes to chuck the ball.

    Carr is good, but nobody can cover a great WR on every play for an entire game – it just isn’t humanly possible.

    CJ will get his, but that doesn’t take away from Carr’s ability as a DB – the rules today are just stacked against him.

  10. Wow, Cowboys are delusional. Seriously, Carr is a good cover corner, but there is no one like Megatron. I don’t think anyone could make an argument, that Calvin Johnson is not a top 3 receiver, and maybe the best pass catching receiver in the game today. Also, the most difficult receiver to man up on.

    No disrespect, but Brandon Carr is not a top 3 defensive back. If he plays man with no safety help all game, Megatron will have a HUGE game.

  11. my corners in cincy covered him good all last sunday and he still made them look stupid, good luck carr you’re gonna need it, he’s the best receiver in the game for a reason.

  12. And you think Stafford is great, right? Come on, man. RG3 even has a winning record as a starter with no Megatron to throw to.

    Cue the music for “Lowered Expectations”.

  13. Sorry Carr, but your going up against a top 5 QB and the best reciever in the league with a banged up Dallas defense. I’m sure you have talent, but your help is also gonna have to keep up with Bush, Durham and Pettigrew. Good luck

  14. Oh wow, Jason Hatcher has six sacks in a 4-3. Well, first I’m not sure why you are pointing out he’s in a 4-3. DT in a 4-3 have a MUCH greater chance of getting sacks than those in a 3-4, as the nose tackle mostly anchors the line in a 3-4. I’ve watched the Cowboys play all year and have seen nothing spectacular from Jason Hatcher. His 6 sacks were mostly breakdowns on the offensive line and a product of pressure from Ware. But hey, I guess everybody needs a hero.

  15. What is up with this Cowboys team talking so much smack. Us Lions fans are upset we are 4-3 because we feel we let two slip away, and the other we were missing Megatron.

    The Cowboys on the other hand seem pretty happy to be 4-3, as though they are playing great ball this year. This combo usually means the Lions will be 5-3 with a chip going into their bye, while the Cowboys will be 4-4 happy they still have a shot at a playoff birth with the weak division they are in.

    Don’t worry Cowboy fans we plan to beat Philly, and the Giants too when we face them. That will help you out some.

  16. Won’t matter, Stafford will be on the ground most of the day…5-6 sacks Sunday ( cowboys win ) mark it down!

  17. Watch the tape of Johnson catching a touchdown pass with three Cincinnati defenders all around him. He just kind of transformed around him. He is Megatron. Good luck Carr. You will need it.

  18. Watch the tape of Johnson catching a touchdown pass with three Cincinnati defenders all around him. He just kind of transformed around them. He is Megatron. Good luck Carr. You will need it.

  19. He may be excited, but after he gets beat constantly then that excitment will go away. Besides that point love his attitude!

  20. I love my Cowboys but this is Megatron, not Riley Cooper. The key for the defense will be man cover with safety help and stopping the run. The main person that could give the defense a headache will be Bush as a receiver.

  21. CJ could get 20 catches for 300 yards but if the Lions can’t win, what good is it?

    Lions have been AWFUL since they drafted him. Stafford is 21-31 as a starter. Seems that many people think that they’re both “great”. Why? Great players win.

    “Lowered expectations”.

  22. Wow. You mean a much taller receiver caught a jump ball over a bunch of much shorter DBs? Gosh! What an incredible WR?

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