Broncos confirm Peyton Manning will practice on Thursday

Getty Images

After news broke that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning missed practice Wednesday with an ankle injury, we reported that Manning would practice Thursday and play Sunday.

After practice, coach John Fox said the same thing.  About Thursday, at least.

“He’ll practice tomorrow,” Fox told reporters.  “This is a little rest time that we thought was well-needed, along with [Wes] Welker, Eric Decker, and a few guys.”

Fox didn’t know when the injury happened, and he declined to say which ankle is injured.

“I don’t have to tell you that,” Fox said, laughing.

Manning also was laughing when he declined to talk about the injury.

“I know the government is shut down right now but I still firmly believe in HIPAA and so I will refer all questions to the injury report,” Manning told reporters.  (Peyton likely knows the government isn’t shut down, the same way Vontae Davis knows he wasn’t preparing for Tom Brady last week.)

Manning also said he’ll practice Thursday, but he stopped short of declaring that he’ll play.

Assuming he’ll play, there’s likely little concern the injury will affect him, given Fox’s take on whether the injury impaired Peyton against the Colts.

“He threw for 350 [yards], high 90 quarterback rating,” Fox said.  “So I guess my answer to that would be no.”

And that’s the point that continues to get lost in the aftermath of Sunday night’s game.  Even with the Colts holding down the Broncos, Denver still scored 33 points — and Peyton Manning still had a strong night.