Could Blackmon be traded by Tuesday?


With the Jaguars under Shad Khan now 2-21 during his tenure as owner (that’s a 9.5 percent success rate), the time to flip current players for future prospects has arrived.

And the best prospect they currently have on the roster is receiver Justin Blackmon.

On Tuesday night’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, former Chiefs G.M. and Patriots V.P. of player personnel Scott Pioli flagged Blackmon as a player who could be moved, given that he was acquired with the fifth overall pick in the draft by former G.M. Gene Smith.

Obvious candidates for his services include the Colts and Falcons.  Indy needs a replacement for Reggie Wayne, and Atlanta could use a replacement for Julio Jones.

The problem with Blackmon is that he was suspended four games to start the year under the league’s substance-abuse policy.  If he’s now in Stage Three, he faces up to 10 test per month.  A single violation would result in a banishment, with the ability to apply for reinstatement after a year.

It’s a risk that either the Colts or the Falcons could be willing to take, given that they have clear needs at the position.  Given that he has 384 receiving yards in three games played this season, he could help either team.

And so we’ll continue to squat on Jim Irsay’s Twitter page, waiting for word that a BLOCKBUSTER deal is coming.  Or song lyrics.

53 responses to “Could Blackmon be traded by Tuesday?

  1. Would love to see him as a Redskin, however we don’t have the picks to give as we need them, and we don’t really have that many “Young” prospects what would be equivalent.

  2. Call me short-sighted but the Falcons will still have Julio Jones and Roddy White next year. I fail to understand how the Falcons are candidates to trade for him. The Colts make some sense as Wayne is getting up there in years.

  3. Caldwell worked for Atlanta. Given the Falcons rough start, the Jags could end up with a middle 1st rounder for Blackmon if the Falcons do well. If the Falcons continue to play poorly after a Blackmon trade, the Jags could get a high 1st rounder. I say do it if they offer their first round pick for him.

  4. Speculation on the Jags Trading Blackmon? Really? Sounds like a specious argument being made here.

    Doubt the Colts have the ammo to make that deal happen in terms of picks. The Falcons would be insane to mortgage their future AGAIN for a WR (the Julio trade is part of why they are where they are).

    This Blackmon piece just reeks of “trolling”. Coaches have raved about his effort & focus as well as production. He’s one of hte young building blocks moving forward. He’s voided most of his guaranteed money with his off-field incidents, so they can cut bait o trade whenever they like, but so far he has given them no reason to WANT to move on from him.

    This is just an absurd assertion all around.

  5. why exactly would they trade a player under 25? What would you get back if it wasn’t a 1st and a 2nd then its a bad trade. No team is going to give that much up so its to costly to trade the player for the jags.
    But you seem to hate the jags and think all players are worth nothing so what maybe a 4th in 2020 for him?

  6. I’d bet the house on ‘no’. Trading young, proven talent for an extra selection in the guessing game that is the NFL draft is not the way to build a franchise. The Browns’ traded TRich because they didn’t like the fit and he frankly doesn’t look very good. Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon are the 2 best second year wide receivers in the league, neither of them will be getting traded, especially when offers coming in will be lower than fair value due to the off the field concerns and possible suspensions.

  7. the jags are horrible and Gene Smith was God Awful but Blackmon is the only good pick he ever had sure he may be an idiot but the guy can play and whomever they draft next year at QB will walk in with a decent WR core and I dont think they take that away for anything less than a #1 and a conditional pick in rounds 4 0r 5

  8. Why would the Jags consider moving the only young true talent they have? 384 yards in 3 games is even more impressive when you consider who his QBs are.

    It’s not as if he’s a talented veteran wasting his prime, he’s a building block.

    No wonder Scott Pioli has “former” before the title GM.

  9. Not going to happen. Blackmon is the only bright spot on this team. And someone said a 3rd rounder?? Keep dreaming. If Blackmon is this productive with Henne, imagine what he would be like with an NFL Quarterback.

    Bridgewater to Blackmon will be the new Culpepper\Moss tandem. That all being said, this is the Jags. Probably trade him for a 4th round pick and a punter.

  10. Rebuild by drafting a top QB in this year’s draft, but don’t over-reach like you did with Gabbert. I don’t believe getting rid of your young stud WR who puts up great numbers in the worst offense with terrible QBs is going to help your next young QB develop. Unless you’re getting a top 5 pick for Blockman, you keep him.

  11. Why would the Jags do this? When they draft Teddy Bridgewater, Hundley, or whichever top QB they get, it’d be real nice to have Blackmon and Cecil Shorts for them to work with. I don’t see why they would trade him unless they get Atlantas 1st and 2nd round pick or more.

  12. No way we deal Blackmon for draft picks…. we have so MANY other players to trade away before even getting close to Blackmon. Coach Bradley and Blackmon have formed a strong relationship throughout this whole mess of a season and I don’t see why they would mess with that. We have 2 solid WR’s who are a QB away to start winning. I really don’t see the necessity to move Blackmon. Marcedes Lewis, MJD, Andre Branch are way before him on the trading block.

  13. First off, its doubtful all together that Blackmon will be traded since he is 60% of the offense, but if someone offers a low first or high second round pick for him the offer will definitely be explored and considered.

    Secondly, why would he be traded to the Colts? So the Jags can face him and Luck for the next deacde twice a year? I think not.

    Third, the Falcons have two all pro receivers, but are just having a down year due to injuries. Trading Blackmon there just doesnt make any sense.

  14. As someone who does not make millions a year playing football, seems like it would be easy to not put anything into your body that would jeopardize those millions. But hey, what do I know?

  15. The Jags are losing by double digits each and every week….they need A LOT of help.

    Although it seems ludicrous to trade a young WR when they will clearly be drafting a young QB to grow with him, Blackmon has a lot baggage. And it’s easy to pile up yardage when teams are leading by 20-30+ points and playing prevent defense half way through the 3rd quarter.

    If they can get multiple picks for him I’d do it in a heart beat.

  16. The Falcons idea makes no sense to me. If the Falcons are a trade target then why aren’t the Eagles? Jones > Maclin, Douglas > Cooper, and the Eagles have a better record. Injuries stink, I get it… but you can’t afford to pay ($ and picks) for 3 big time receivers.

    The Colts idea makes a little more sense since Wayne is on the way out but I would think the Jags would want more than a first rounder considering they have no other assets. The Colts would probably have to give their 2015 1st rounder and 2014 2nd rounder.

  17. chargers need a WR desperately. floyd is done for the year and i dont trust danario alexander and his injury problems. our best WR is a rookie in keenan allen and that’s just sad.

  18. aoc57 says: Oct 23, 2013 11:22 AM

    Cousins, Fred Davis and a 2 for Blackmon

    If I were the Jags, I would be all over that like syrup on a pancake. Blackmon is great, but you could run a team with Cousins as your starting QB.

    But its never going to happen. RG3 is an injury waiting to happen (again).

  19. This doesn’t make any sense. The Jags need to get some up-and-coming prospects for the future by… trading an up-and-coming prospect currently on their roster?

  20. I can’t see anyone offering a first rd pick for next year but maybe a conditional first rd pick depending on production or something with the possibility of him failing a drug test and being gone for a year

  21. If I were them, I’d call up St. Louis. I know they lost Bradford, but is that really a big loss anyway? I know they were high on him in that draft and so you could circle back around to see if they’re still interested. You could also begin getting weapons to surround the next QB because I think even the biggest Ram homer can admit that Bradford isn’t the answer.

  22. Isn’t MJD the better trade “prosper”? Might as well get something for him since he’ll be gone next year.

  23. Colts and 49ers are the only realistic destinations because you have to consider beyond the win now scenario when trading for these young guns. Both teams will still have a need next year whether it due to aging or contracts. I don’t see Blackmon, Gordon, orNicks going anywhere though and Blackmon is the least likely to be moved

  24. Carolina should make a play for him, I feel like they’d be a possible playoff contender with another legit WR alongside Steve Smith. They need a new #1 very soon because he won’t be around much longer and this will do wonders for Cam’s development.

  25. lol at anybody thinking the jags would get a 1st round pick out of a under achieving potential bust on stage 3 of the substance abuse policy. They might get a 4th or 5th rounder if they are lucky

  26. It’s an IF, I realize. But if the Jags’ pick a QB that is a legitimate 1st rounder, they are 1 FA Offensive Linemen away from having decent offense.

    I can see trading MJD because of age. But Blackman was excellent at the end of last year and seems to be showing it wasn’t just a 1 year thing.

    Obviously there is risk because of the substance issue, but by next year he could be in the top 7 or 8 WRs in the league.

  27. I wouldn’t mind the Ravens getting him, if the price is right… they really need a true No. 1 receiver. He’d be the third quality Jag to head to Baltimore this year… there can’t be too many left.

  28. I highly doubt the Colts will pull the trigger. Aside from the Jags being a division rival, and the lack of 2014 picks to trade – is he really that much of an improvement over Brazill to make it worthwhile? Not to mention the Colts only have a little over a $1M left in cap space.

    I don’t see it happening.

  29. janvanflac says: Oct 23, 2013 12:01 PM

    And while they’re at it, can the Jags please go back to their old uniforms? These are an eyesore.

    The uniforms are ok, its the helmet that is goofy. Pick a color, don’t care. The way the Jags play, all we ever see is the gold side of the helmet anyway. Either their faces are in the ground or they are running to catch up to someone.

  30. I understand wanting to get what they can for MJD, but Blackmon was just recently drafted. How are they going to get anywhere by trading their young guys? Who’s Teddy going to throw to?

  31. Blackmon is a beast they aren’t trading him unless they get a ridiculous offer. MJD may be traded but not Blackmon. C’mon people use your head

  32. Could any commentators or the mods answer this question? How many positive tests are needed to get to stage 3? I’d assume there are some that are not reported, a warning per se. Including those, how many do you need to be banned for a year?

  33. Trading him sounds like a crazy idea. Surely they’re going to look for a top QB in the draft, and then if you’ve just traded your best receiver, you’re immediately going to hamstring said new QB, and have to start looking for that piece all over again.

    Once they get a new QB, having a great receiver to throw to is going to be priority #1. That box is already checked off. Not a team that needs any more boxes unchecked.

  34. Yeah this makes no sense.. because of the violations and suspension risk, Blackmon isn’t worth large draft capital, and presuming the Jags draft a QB high, you want to put him in the best position to succeed. If Blackmon was in the last year of his rookie deal, then yeah, dump him, but it isn’t worth it in his current situation.

  35. I hear some talk of the niners going after Blackmon, Gordon, or Hicks. I think the problem with that is there isn’t enough room under the cap to keep whoever they get AND Crabtree who is entering into contract negotiations at the end of the season. And that Kaepernick contract is going to need to be redone soon also. frisco is worried about a possible Crabtree defection to Seattle as well. Although, I do see frisco making a run at Golden Tate in the offseason to either bring him in, or drive up his market value to the Hawks. Then again, frisco might save some cap space by cutting ties with Aldon Smith who is doing his best Pacman Jones imitation.

  36. Well kudos to Scott Pioli if this happens cause it would surprise me. I thought it was quite bizarre the way he set up and talked about this trade. It might be a possible trade, but it doesn’t seem to be one of the juicier trades to analyze. We don’t care what JAX parts with, they have nothing going on and naturally should sell off anything interesting they have to sell. I’m not sure if Blackmon can make my top 250 list of players that are fascinating to analyze trading, so I thought it was a really weird moment on TV when Pioli brought this name out.

  37. You lost me when you said Pioli, no wonder he is now an Ex.., anyhow doubt if they will ever trade Blackmon too talented. It will be akin to taking one step forward and 300 steps back. Richardson is garbage and the Colts got fleeced and that is that.

  38. Crabtree to Seattle? Bahahahaha and just where exactly are they gonna get that 10+ mil after paying Harvin. You act like they won’t have players to sign as well. IE Wilson, Sherman, Thomas… If Crabtree defects it would more likely be to Dallas to play with his boy Dez. Likely on a hometown discount.

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